Altar of the Gravelord


The Altar of the Gravelord is a small isolated cave that have two different functions depending on from where you access it. It doesn't contain much apart from the coffin of Gravelord Nito and is a dead end.



  • You can use the coffin as the "back door" to the boss arena:
    • If you have died while fighting Nito and wish to reclaim your lost souls and/or humanity, you may do so by entering the Altar through the Catacombs, instead of re-entering the Altar through the Tomb and consequently reengaging Nito.
    • If you have defeated Dark Spirit Paladin Leeroy, you can find his corpse containing the Paladin Set in here. With the coffin, you can get his armor even before fighting Nito.
  • Once you have defeated Gravelord Nito, you won't be able to activate his altar for the Gravelord Servant covenant anymore, although you can still access this area through the coffin.
  • If accessed via the coffin in The Catacombs, you can travel back by nesting back into the coffin that got you there.
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