Darkroot Garden
After Crest of Artorias door, in the building by the cliff, behind the Bandit of the Clan of Forest Protectors. She's sitting on the window.


Alvina is a large cat resembling a Great Feline and is capable of speech. She seems to know Sir Artorias and his compatriot Sif personally, and leads the Forest Hunter covenant to guard his grave. In the past, she guides the player to the location of Sif that has been surrounded by Humanity Phantoms behind the illusory wall in Chasm of the Abyss.



  • Be careful- if you reply "No" to her first question, she will refuse to talk to you, making you unable to join her covenant until you absolve your sins with Oswald of Carim. After absolution, she will give her initial dialogue when you talk to her again, allowing you to answer "Yes" and get the option to join her covenant.


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