Andre of Astora
Andre of Astora


A blacksmith residing in the old church building in Undead Parish. Specialized in physical path and Magic weapon enchantments using Faith


Undead Parish
Next to the main church building is a stone bridge (guarded by 2 sword-wielding and 1 crossbow-wielding Undead Soldiers) that goes out towards the forest. Halfway through the bridge, you will hear metals clanging. Follow this path to a small structure (the old church). The old church has 3 floors, the top is a ruined temple, the middle floor has a bonfire and bridge to Sen's Fortress and the lowest level is where Andre will be working. Also down a short staircase from Andre is a large room with a Prowling Demon.



Item Soul Cost Description
Titanite Shard 800 Reinforces standard weapons to +5.
- - -
Crest of Artorias x1 20,000 Opens shortcut in Darkroot Garden. See Use above
Weapon Smithbox x1 2,000 Upgrade weapons at any bonfire, still costs souls to use, no cheaper than a blacksmith
Armor Smithbox x1 2,000 Upgrade armors at any bonfire, still costs souls to use, no cheaper than a blacksmith
Repairbox x1 2,000 Repairs items at bonfire
- - -
Longsword 1,000 Also randomly drops from Undead Soldier
Broadsword 1,000 Starting equipment of Knight class
Bastard sword 3,000
Battle Axe 1,000 Also randomly drops from Armored Hollow
Warpick 800
Caestus 200
Pike 2,000
Large Leather Shield 800 Also randomly drops from Phalanx
Tower Kite Shield 1,000 Functionally the same as Caduceus Kite Shield
Caduceus Kite Shield 1,000 Functionally the same as Tower Kite Shield
- - -
Standard Arrow 10
Large Arrow 50
Wooden Arrow 3
Standard Bolt 30
Heavy Bolt 100
Wood Bolt 10


Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 1,065 1,000
NG+ 2,664 5,000
NG+6 3,330 6,250



  • If you answer "No" when he asks for any ember, he will keep asking the player the next time you start a conversation with him.
  • Beware of accidentally making him hostile; for whatever reason, he is an incredibly strong NPC capable of easily smashing your guard with his punch combos or drop kick attacks. If you do want to kill him for whatever reason, block his punches with a high-stability shield, roll his drop kick and backstab him as he gets up.
  • If you give Andre the Very Large Ember before the Large Ember you may not be able to upgrade past +5 or to any Raw weapons, this also applies for other ember types.
  • This NPC has unused dialogue lines.


All dialogue text is © From Software Inc.

Voiced by: Sean Barret

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