Anor Londo

Quick reference

Boss NPCs Enemies Notable Loot
Dragon Slayer Ornstein / Executioner Smough
Dark Sun Gwyndolin
Gargoyle (mini-bosses)
Lady of the Darkling
Solaire of Astora
Knight Lautrec of Carim
Siegmeyer of Catarina
Giant Blacksmith
Silver Knight (Sword)
Silver Knight (Lance)
Silver Knight (Greatbow)
Bat Wing Demon
Sentinel (normal)
Sentinel (royal)
Painting Guardian
Prowling Demon
Black Iron Set
Silver Knight Set
Havel's Set
Dragonslayer Greatbow
Dragon Tooth
Crystal Halberd
Silver Coin x5
Gold Coin
Hawk Ring
Demon Titanite
Titanite Chunk


Anor Londo is the legendary city of the gods. It was the throne of the Great Lord Gwyn and his brave knights. Since Gwyn linked the Fire, the deities have abandoned the city, and now only Dark Sun Gwyndolin remains, guarding his father's honorary tomb. The chosen Undead is tasked by Kingseeker Frampt to journey here, to acquire the Lordvessel.


General Notes

  • If you wish to leave Anor Londo you can go back to the start and talk to the Bat Wing Demon again. If you attack him he will fly off, but if you quit and reload your game he'll be reset.
  • If you have killed Gwynevere, daylight will vanish, casting Anor Londo into a dark night. This also removes all normal enemies and introduces special hostile enemies including the Firekeeper of the Anor Londo Bonfire and two Darkmoon Soldiers. So think about doing this before you attack, e.g. if you want the drops of the normal enemies in this area. Doing this will also make joining the Blade of the Darkmoon impossible this playthrough, as Dark Sun Gwyndolin will turn hostile towards the player.
  • Dark Anor Londo is a great place to get invaded by the Blade of the Darkmoon members who use the Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring, as you can still get invaded even if you kill both area bosses (Ornstein & Smough and Gwyndolin). It is the only location in the game to not require a boss present to continue multiplayer activity as a host.
  • On your first play through, a soul level of approximately 45-60 is ideal for finding co-op partners.

Important Tips

  • Sometimes, it's best to just run through the middle part of the level (after you defeat the second gargoyle to the second Bonfire), as the rooftops and bridges are a rather dangerous area.
  • Being a human to summon help is recommended. It's a fairly difficult level to tackle alone, so summoning NPCs or other players will reduce this difficulty. But, Anor Londo does seem to be a hotspot for various kinds of invasions, including Gravelord Servants, Blades of the Darkmoon, and obviously Darkwraiths.
  • After defeating the Gargoyles right after pushing the lever and turning the bridge, you'll come across a large staircase. On the left and right of the staircase you can see those Bat Wing Demons waiting for you. You can kill atleast 2-3 of them with a bow, when you shoot them from the bottom of the staircase, they'll turn around and walk right off the edge. Also works well for farming.
  • Also at the top of the staircase are two Sentinels. To kill them quickly all you need to do is run to the left at the top of the stairs (If you unlocked the Giant Blacksmith) or to the right through either door. You may have to back up a few steps when they attack, otherwise they can't get through and you can down them quickly.
  • When Anor Londo is at night, all deaths will put you at the very first Bonfire. However, since the keeper will be either angry at you or dead, the Bonfire will be unlit. Using a homeward bone will not help either, so you will either have to go to Sen's Fortress or further in Anor Londo. However, if you died fighting Gwyndolin, the spinning gate will be down, and you will have to go through the church again.


Giant Blacksmith


Anor Londo map

  1. Anor Londo is reached by defeating the Iron Golem at the end of Sen's Fortress. When first arriving you will be dropped off at the top of a tall stair case. Head down the stairs and you will see a Sentinel, you can fight him if you want but it is also possible to just walk past him without aggroing. If this is your first time here, ignore the two Sentinels to your left and go out the door on the right; in the room to your left after exiting, there's a Bonfire. You can then head back and kill the Sentinels (one at a time, preferably) and get the Chest they're guarding, which contains a Demon Titanite.
  2. At the Bonfire you will meet the Lady of the Darkling, who is the the Fire Keeper of this Bonfire. She can help you to upgrade your Estus Flask and has a lot of interesting information about Anor Londo and the Duke's Archives to share.
  3. Exiting the Bonfire room, to the left there's another room guarded by Sentinels with two more Chests to open. The left Chest contains Twinkling Titanite, but the right one is a Mimic. You can expose the Mimic by hitting the Chest with your weapon. The Mimic will drop a Crystal Halberd. Don't waste your time going any further yet, the Fog Gate after leads to the Duke's Archives, which you can't access yet.
  4. Directly across from the Bonfire room is an elevator which leads downward. At the bottom of the steps you will face a Gargoyle. Chopping off his tail may give you his tail axe (the Gargoyle Tail Axe). Now turn around and hop off the ledge near the stairs. The left side leads to a chest with a Demon Titanite shard in it. This Gargoyle can be easily killed by simply walking slowly into the bridge area. As soon as it begins to charge run back into the elevator room and hide just behind the circle staircase so you can see him run in. Hold up your shield. He may try to attack, but mostly will stop at the entrance and begin to walk back into his start point (he will eventually walk back either way). Ironically enough he will not attack while walking backwards to his spot. Shoot your most powerful pyromancy attack and he will be dead in about 4 hits. Do not go to far down the stairs after him or he may re-aggro.
  5. On the right side of the staircase while facing the doorway, there is a wooden-shingle ramp that can be walked across to gain access to the church. Go up and in through the window. There is a ladder nearby; prepare to fight a Painting Guardian who will fall from the rafters. These enemies use Throwing Knives, so keep your shield up or move around quickly. Once you've killed the two Painting Guardians, climb the ladder and walk across the rafters while carefully blocking more Painting Guardians. The best approach to dealing with the rafter Painting Guardians is positioning yourself just before a corner, prompting the guardian to jump off to attack you.
  6. Midway across the rafters is a chandelier. You can hit it with your weapon, which will knock it down to the floor below safely making some treasure available for pickup later on. Now, at the far left point there's a chest, third floor, to get it go down the ladder and drop down where the foots of the Gwynevere's statue are, go left and roll between the columns, go up the stairs, but be wary because a Painting Guardian is waiting you behind the corner. After him you will find the chest containing a Divine Blessing, to go back do the same, drop right and roll past the columns. Now that you are back by the ladder, go through the fog door and run down the walkway to the spiral stairs and pull the lever. The spiral stairs will move and allow you to cross the bridge with the second Gargoyle. After you kill it you can push the lever again and the tower will go down again, there's a Bonfire at the bottom here.
  7. You can also head down (or up, if you lowered the tower twice) to the ground level of the church, which is swarming with Painting Guardians. Kill them carefully and grab all the loot on the ground. If you check the giant painting on the far wall while you have the Peculiar Doll in your inventory, you will be pulled into The Painted World of Ariamis. Be aware that it's a one-way trip ie. you will need to clear Painted World of Ariamis. You will respawn at the bridge start point upon death. If you use a Homeward Bone or spell before resting at the Bonfire, you will still respawn at the bridge, not the last Bonfire you rested at.
  8. Back at the spiral tower, set it to the level which triggered the arrival of the Gargoyle, and head up the giant flight of stairs towards the castle. On the right hand side you will see three of two Bat Wing Demons. If you shoot an arrow into the right one, it will fall down. At the top of the long staircase, there are two giant knights. You can either lure them out one by one and fight them, or just run past. Despite their size, though, they can fit through the gate, so if you do you have to run past the next group too… (Gargoyle Tip - As soon as the Gargoyle arrive run to the bottom of the stairs. He will follow you. There is a column you can put between the two of you. His hits will pass though it but he can not. Keep your shield up and plow him with fire. Alternately If you stay on the stair below him most his attack will pass right over you (but keep shield up anyway), again just rail him with fire.
  9. There are three Bat Wing Demons that you can individually knock off the building; hitting one in the middle and right (care not to pull the left one) with an arrow or throwing knife, and hitting the right from where the middle was. Alternatively, the middle demon can be killed instantly by just running at him and hitting him with a sprinting attack which will knock him off the edge. The last one isn't any real problem by itself, but beware of their spear attacks, which deal lightning damage. You can also just run through, they cannot follow you once you're on the bridge, although they may throw projectiles at you if you're too close. However you dealt with them, just keep heading down. Stepping on the bridge brings you to the attention of two archers with greatbows off in the distance. Their "arrows" (= iron lances) will blow you clean off the bridge if they hit so keep moving so they can't get a bead on you.
  10. There are two more Bat Wing Demons in a tower at the bottom of the bridge, but they won't aggro till you step into the tower so stop here and heal if you need to. Once they're after you, you can head back up the way you came and the Bat Wing Demons will either fall off trying to follow you or get stuck on the bridge. Care not to distance yourself too far from the demons, which will alternatively trigger their ranged attacks, rather than trying to follow you up the bridge. Either way they're easily killed. Alternately, just run past them and up the bridge to your left to a large pillar with a ledge you can stand on. You can stop here and heal if you need to, the archers and demons can't hit you here.
  11. When you're ready, go around the pillar and take the next bridge up. This is probably the most annoying part of the area, since if you try to run at either of the archers upon approaching the top, the other one will just shoot you in the back. The easiest way to get past the two archers is to equip the Ring of Fog if you have it, it will decrease the archers' range of vision so the further one won't shoot at you.
    • Strategies for passing the spot with the archers
      • Poison Arrows - Walk about a third of the way up the narrow path towards the two bowman - their lances will be blocked by the sidewalls of the path, but you can still fire over and hit the archers. You can take aim at your leisure. Hit each Knight with three poison arrows to trigger the poison effect. You may have to trigger poison twice to finish each one off, depending on your equipment. In NG, a Black Bow of Pharis +10 (and no Hawk Ring) only required one poisoning. Bring at least twenty Poison Arrows, in case you have a tough time finding the correct range to hit them - you may want to range-find with a cheap arrow first. It takes a bit of waiting while their hp whittles away at 3 HP a second.
      • Ring of Fog + Bow - Equip the Ring of Fog, run up the first rampart (after killing the two Bat Wing Demons) towards the archers. Stop at the end and get perched on the edge. Equip a bow and at least 50 long-range arrows. Make sure you are able to simply move back to the left for cover after shooting (as the archer will fire directly at you after taking a hit, even with the Ring of Fog equipped). Zoom in and snipe the archer on the right-hand ledge. Fire off two arrows and take cover behind the pillar if he fires back. Repeat. To save massive amounts of time, refine your shots until you achieve headshots. Headshots will break his attack and you can happily spam him down. Depending on your bow/arrow, you're looking at a few dozen shots (the feather arrow with a Long Bow +1 takes about 45 arrows).
      • Pillar cover - If you don't have the Ring of Fog the best way to approach this spot is to run up to the point on the bridge just before stepping on the ledge where the archers are. At this location you are hidden by a pillar from the archer on the left. Move back and forth on the bridge to avoid the arrows from the one on the right until you no longer hear the other archer's arrows. Once you hear a pause in the archers' rhythm run to the ledge and run toward him, and either jump/run to avoid any arrows, block with your shield, or do a partial parry on the arrows. Blocking the arrows may still end up forcing you off the ledge and parrying is risky if you have low HP, so rolling is the best option here. Once you get close enough, the archer switches to his sword, you can turn around and block the remaining archer's arrows then head back the way you came. Most of the time the pursuing knight will just fall to his death. If he doesn't you can try to knock him off. Note: the archer on the left side is guarding an item, but it's probably better to head just a bit further down to the Bonfire first so you don't have to redo the whole thing again if you mess up.
      • Item-free Strategy - Which side you travel from the mid, resting point between the archers determines the position of the left archer. By walking around the right side, blocking the left archer's line of sight, causes him to move down and behind a pillar; walking around the left side causes the left archer's position to remain unchanged (right archer's position relatively remains unchanged for either direction.) After the left archer's change of position behind the pillar, it's a matter sprinting to and defeating the left archer from behind the pillar (care to conserve your stamina walking up the ramp as you're relatively safe, as long as you keep moving, until you get between them), preferably knocking him of with a backstab or even having him simply walk/jump off the structure. After defeating the left archer, it a test of endurance, micro-managing stamina or utilizing stamina regenerative items to block all of the right archer's attacks as you make your way back.
      • Cloudy with a Chance of Falling Archers - 100% block shield and light armour only; no poise — you need to move quietly so the left knight will forget you. Once you get around the column in the middle of the ramp, hold your shield up and jog up towards the castle, briefly stopping halfway up for a second or two to throw off the left archer's timing, and he'll forget you if you're moving quietly. Keeping your shield up, and continuing to jog, head up to the castle and immediately right towards the right archer, rolling under any arrows he fires at you (the left archer should have stopped firing). STOP just half pace short of the first corner in the path, make sure your stamina is full, and keep your shield up. The knight will put his bow away and take out his sword and engage you with that corner between you. As long as you can tank a couple of hits (drop your shield briefly in between to regenerate stamina), he will bash you backwards while walking forwards over the corner and fall right off the ledge. This works good even for low defense builds, just use a 100% block shield with decent stability.
      • Dash melee - Dash up to the sheltered block, and wait until the right archer stops firing. Once he's stopped, move quickly but carefully around to the right, run up the ramp to the windows, and move to melee the right archer. Positioning tight behind the corner nearest the archer can help avoid a final arrow before he draws his melee weapons. (The left archer can't fire at you from this position. Choosing to attack the left archer first guarantees your death from the right archer's arrows.)
      • Dragonslayer Greatbow - If you have one and some arrows, you can knock both knights off the ledge from a distance.
      • Force - Faith-based players with a good sense of timing can use the Force Miracle to deflect their arrows.
      • Hidden Body - Sorcery-adept could sprint until they're behind the tower and cast Hidden Body while hidden there, then just run up to the right archer and melee him without taking any more arrows from neither archer.
      • Iron Flesh - cast Iron Flesh once you reach the final ledge. Arrows will hit you, but won't knock you down. Walk against the knight with the shield up and when he uses the sword, just keep on walking and eventually he will fall down. You will take hits so drink a potion when you reach the corner where the knight will equip the sword.
      • Co-op - This spot is much easier if you play coop, since the archers will be distracted by multiple targets and it is unlikely than both archers will fire on the same person
  12. After the archers keep heading to the right, drop down onto a balcony, and enter through the fog door into a hallway. There's a Bonfire behind the first door on the left.
  13. This area is mostly filled with Silver Knights, which are basically just Black Knights with Swords, Spears, and Bows. If you've been fighting the Black Knights up to this point, you know how to deal with them. After you access the Bonfire there is another door across the hall. Inside is another Silver Knight with a Chest containing Sunlight Medal x3. Outside the Bonfire to the left you will notice a spiraling staircase. Do not go up it right away, instead go to the other side of the room and kill the Silver Knight,or he will chase you up the stairs. After you kill him there is a door to the left and right of him. The door to the right cannot be opened from that side. The door to the left is a secret passage way. To access it hit the Illusory Wall inside the fireplace, revealing a passage that leads to a basement. Down there you will find Havel's Armor Set along with Havel's Greatshield and Dragon Tooth. The only Chest that is not sitting next to another Chest is a Mimic that will drop an Occult Club.
  14. Head back up to the staircase and proceed to the next floor. There you will find two Mimics; when killed, they will drop Silver Coin x5 and a Gold coin x1 Tip: Neither of these Mimics can get through the doors. If you have trouble with them, then use that against them. There are two hallways on this floor one leading to a silver knight at the end and a door to the left and right and another hallway leading to a dead end with a door to the left and right. In the hallway with a dead end the door to the left leads to a Silver Knight (Spear) and a Soul of a Hero. Tip: You can kill the Titanite Demon below with Spells or Bow, he will not attack. The door to the right leads to an empty room filled with Dragon heads. The room to the right has stairs that lead down to Silver Knights x2, Chests and one of the previously locked doors that you can now open. It's very useful to open this door, since it's the best shortcut to get to the boss from the Bonfire, if you die.
  15. The Silver Knight at the end just leads to another dead end so you do not have to fight him. Entering the door on the left you will run into a bedroom. Nothing in it, but be careful of the next door for there is another Silver Knight waiting on your right as soon as you walk in. After he is killed you can proceed up the stairs leading to a rooftop with a Silver Knight waiting on your left and one further down waiting in front of the doorway that you will be facing when you reach the top. Stay close to the left side and try to lure the Silver Knight to the left first (shoot an arrow and he will follow you all the way down). After you kill him, head down the stairs he was guarding. When you reach the bottom, you may run into Siegmeyer of Catarina.
  16. Talk to Siegmeyer of Catarina until exhaust his dialogue. Open the door he is by, but be careful for there are Silver Knights x3. There is Silver Knight on the right as soon as you enter the room, take care of him first. Then lure each one out at a time. There is a chest with Demon Titanite. Head to the end of that room to find the door leading to the hallway with the Silver Knight (Bow) at the end. Once you have done this return to the Siegmeyer of Catarina and talk to him again. Hearing that you have defeated the knights he will reward you with a Tiny Being's Ring. Proceed back to the top of the stair case you came from and confront the other knight that was on the rooftop. After you kill him, head inside and down the spiral staircase. It can be confusing here, but there are actually two spiral staircases that are intertwined. At the bottom of this second spiral staircase, the door on the left has a Titanite Demon, and the door on the right has Silver Knights x2 (with Spears). Continuing on from the bottom of the second spiral staircase, leave the current building. There will be 2 staircases to the left, one leading up and the other one leading down. Take the one leading up to get to the Giant Blacksmith. Once you reach the top, follow the path and ignore the broken glass to the left. Once you pass the broken window. Head down the first stair case and look for a pathway to the left. Once you find it, head down to the Giant Blacksmith.
  17. Once you're done talking to him, roll into one of the barrels near him to reveal the path to a chest which contains the Hawk Ring. After looting the chest, head out the pathway that is next to him. There will be one of those Bat Wing Demon to the right and one farther down to the left. Whether you fight them or not, there is a door down to the left that if opened will lead you back to the very beginning where the two Sentinels stand on top of the stair case. This is a new shortcut. After you open the door. Return to the Giant Blacksmith and head back up. From here you can return to the right where the broken window is. Heading down it will lead you to a body containing a Dragonslayer Greatbow along with a few Dragonslayer Arrows.
  18. To escape the area where the Dragonslayer Greatbow is, head towards the Bat Wing Demons on the lower part (they sit just outside where the Giant Blacksmith is) - there should be a break in the fence from which you can drop down to the Bat Wing Demons. This area has four or five Bat Wing Demons. If you open the gate it leads directly to where the two Sentinels are (which is the area directly after the rotating bridge).
  19. If you plan to kill the two Royal Sentinels in the big entrance hall, it is better to go around and kill the Silver Knight Archer first, so he isn't firing giant arrows at you the entire fight. Be aware that the Royal Sentinels will cast a healing miracle if you back off too much. Wait for the Royal Sentinels to come up the stairs; once they reach the top, they will lose interest and turn around; you can land an entire stamina bar's worth of attacks on them while they do this and they won't even resist. Alternately you can drop off the ledge with lock and hit them mid air for high damage, try to land up hill so you can roll back, rinse and repeat. Be careful of the Wrath of the Gods Miracle the Royal Sentinels can cast, it can hit you even when you're above them on the stairs. Once they're done, head away from the fog gate and look for a lever that will open the main gate. The two Sentinels out there won't aggro unless you go out.
  20. After dealing with (or avoiding) the two Royal Sentinels, proceed up the stairs behind them to enter the area where you will fight the boss(or rather, bosses) of Anor Londo, Dragon Slayer Ornstein & Executioner Smough
  21. This is a tough fight to do alone, so it is recommended that you either summon players for help, or at least use the Solaire of Astora summon sign. It's best to wipe out the two Royal Sentinels and the Silver Knight Archer before summoning him, as he could become injured, reducing his usefulness during the boss fight. There appears to be a bug on the PS3 version, if you summon Solaire of Astora and run through the fog door, he has materialized in the world, and is following you in the previous room but hasn't caught up with you yet then sprint further into the room Solaire will not follow you into the boss area. So just give him a little time to meet you at the fog door.
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