Anor Londo

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Boss NPCs Enemies Notable Loot
Dragon Slayer Ornstein / Executioner Smough
Dark Sun Gwyndolin
Gargoyle (mini-bosses)
Lady of the Darkling
Solaire of Astora
Knight Lautrec of Carim
Siegmeyer of Catarina
Giant Blacksmith
Silver Knight (Sword)
Silver Knight (Lance)
Silver Knight (Greatbow)
Bat Wing Demon
Sentinel (normal)
Sentinel (royal)
Painting Guardian
Prowling Demon
Black Iron Set
Silver Knight Set
Havel's Set
Dragonslayer Greatbow
Dragon Tooth
Crystal Halberd
Silver Coin x5
Gold Coin
Hawk Ring
Demon Titanite
Titanite Chunk


Anor Londo is the legendary city of the gods. It was the throne of the Great Lord Gwyn and his brave knights. Since Gwyn linked the Fire, the deities have abandoned the city, and now only Dark Sun Gwyndolin remains to guard his father's honorary tomb. The Chosen Undead is tasked by Kingseeker Frampt to journey here to acquire the Lordvessel.


General Notes

  • If you wish to leave Anor Londo, you can go back to the start and talk to the Bat Wing Demon again. If you attack him, he will fly off, but if you quit and reload your game, he'll be reset.
  • If you have killed Gwynevere, daylight will vanish casting Anor Londo into the night; this also removes all regular enemies and introduces unique hostile enemies including the Firekeeper of the Anor Londo bonfire and two Darkmoon Soldiers. So think about doing this before you attack, e.g., if you want the drops of the regular enemies in this area. Absolution will remove hostility to enable you to join Blade of the Darkmoon.
  • Dark Anor Londo is a great place to get invaded by the Blade of the Darkmoon members who use the Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring, as you can still get invaded even if you kill both area bosses (Ornstein & Smough and Gwyndolin). It is the only location in the game to not require a boss present to continue multiplayer activity as a host.
  • On your first playthrough, a soul level of approximately 45-60 is ideal for finding co-op partners.

Important Tips

  • Sometimes it's best to just run through the middle part of the level (after you defeat the second gargoyle to the second bonfire), as the rooftops and bridges are a somewhat dangerous area.
  • Being a human to summon help is recommended. It's a reasonably tricky level to tackle alone, so summoning NPCs or other players will reduce this difficulty. However, Anor Londo does seem to be a hotspot for various kinds of invasions, including Gravelord Servants, Blades of the Darkmoon, and Darkwraiths.
  • After defeating the gargoyles right after pushing the lever and turning the bridge, you'll come across a massive staircase. On the left and right of the stairs, you can see those Bat Wing Demons waiting for you. You can kill at least 2-3 of them with a bow, when you shoot them from the bottom of the staircase, they'll turn around and walk right off the edge. Also works well for farming.
  • Also at the top of the staircase are two Sentinels. To kill them quickly, all you need to do is run to the left at the top of the stairs (If you unlocked the Giant Blacksmith) or to the right through either door. You may have to back up a few steps when they attack; otherwise, they can't get through, and you can down them quickly.
  • In Dark Anor Londo, all deaths will put you at the very first bonfire, unless Dark Sun Gwyndolin is defeated. Using a homeward bone will also return you to this bonfire, so if you plan to be actively doing PvP or further exploring Anor Londo, it is recommended to keep the Lady of the Darkling firekeeper alive, so you don't have to run across the entire area every time you die, as the Chamber of the Princess and Darkmoon Tomb bonfires are both warpable.
  • Make sure to upgrade and keep in your inventory a Curved Sword ascended to Normal +10 from Andre of Astora before going ahead with Anor Londo for acquiring Quelaag's Furysword without any delay once you meet the Giant Blacksmith later in the stage. Use the gargoyle behind the spot where you are dropped to go back to Sen's Fortress, and use the cage to go back to the bonfire above Andre in Undead Parish (shortcuts are valid for the return journey). The Falchion found in Blighttown is perfect for this ascension. In general, a +10 Falchion will also help dispose of the lighter enemies of this level. Quelaag's Furysword will help immensely on the first playthrough during the boss fight as new players mostly do not have access to powerful weapons at this point.
  • This tip does NOT apply any more, at least not nearly to same extent as before as the sentinels now seem to be only 1500 souls each on the first playthrough (confirmed on PtDE, PC) The following info was valid for an earlier patch version: The first bonfire is a great place for farming souls. There are 2+1 sentinels to your right and 2+1 sentinels to your left as you exit the stairs leading to the bonfire. At 4500 souls each, you can grab six kills quickly and return to the bonfire. With the Symbol of Avarice, you can increase this to 5400 souls each. You can one-shot each sentinel with a soul spear with high enough magic damage. The player who included this tip increased 10 soul levels in 20 minutes at about 50000 souls a pop.


Anor Londo map

  1. Anor Londo is reached by defeating the Iron Golem at the end of Sen's Fortress. When first arriving, you will be dropped off at the top of a tall staircase. Head down the stairs, and you will see a Sentinel; you can walk past him. Ignore the two Sentinels to your left and go out the door on the right; in the room to your left after exiting, there's a bonfire. You can then head back and kill the Sentinels to get the Demon Titanite in the chest.
  2. At the bonfire, you will meet the Lady of the Darkling, who is the Fire Keeper of this bonfire. She can upgrade your Estus Flask and has plenty of information about Anor Londo and the Duke's Archives to share.
  3. Exiting the bonfire room to the left, you will find another room guarded by Sentinels with two more chests to open. The left chest contains Twinkling Titanite, but the right one is a Mimic which will drop a Crystal Halberd. The path from here is blocked, so go back to the bonfire.
  4. Directly across from the bonfire room is an elevator which leads downward. At the bottom of the steps, you will face a gargoyle; cutting his tail gets you the Gargoyle Tail Axe. Now turn around and hop off the ledge near the stairs. The left side (facing back towards the elevator) leads to a chest containing a Demon Titanite.
  5. On the other side, there is a wooden-shingle ramp that can be walked across to gain access to the church. Go up and in through the window then kill the two Painting Guardians, one of which will fall from the platform above. Climb the ladder and walk across the rafters while carefully blocking knives from more Painting Guardians. You can position yourself just before a corner, and when they close for melee, they will jump off trying to attack.
  6. Midway across the rafters is a chandelier. You can hit the chain with your weapon to knock it down to the floor below making a Sorcery available later on. Optional: At the far end on the left there's a chest; to get it, go down the ladder and drop down to the feet of the statues, go left and (carefully) roll between the columns, go up the stairs (a Painting Guardian is waiting for you behind the corner) and you will find the chest containing a Divine Blessing. To go back, do the same; drop in front of the statues and roll past the columns on the other side. Go through the fog door and run down the walkway to the spiral stairs and pull the lever. The spiral stairs will move and allow you to cross the bridge with the second gargoyle. After you kill it, you can rotate the crank in the middle to lower the tower a second time to find a bonfire at the bottom.
  7. You can also head to the ground level of the church (head straight up from the bonfire) which is swarming with Painting Guardians. Kill them carefully and grab all the loot on the ground. If you check the giant painting on the far wall while you have the Peculiar Doll in your inventory, you will be pulled into The Painted World of Ariamis. Be aware that this is a one-way trip. Check that realm's page for more details, and if you do not feel you are ready, you can come back later.
  8. Back at the spiral tower, wind it up to the level of the gargoyles and head up the giant flight of stairs towards the castle. At the top of the long staircase, there are two Sentinels, lure them out one at a time then head right through the arch and to the top of a staircase.
  9. There are three Bat Wing Demons at the bottom of the stairs (one hidden to the left that can easily aggro you). Hit the one at the far end of the landing with an arrow or a throwing knife, and it will fall off. Edge forward until you pull the aggro of either the right one or the one on the left and deal with it, then kill the last one
  10. There are two more Bat Wing Demons in a tower at the bottom of the bridge, but they won't attack until you step into the tower so heal up beforehand if you need to. They are fast and hit hard so trying to take both at once is not recommended; instead you can turn left and run straight up the path (read the next step first), they will be unable to follow but can throw their spears so hurry. Alternatively, after getting their attention turn around and run back up the bridge to the top and a little way along towards the castle, one will often walk off the edge trying to go up the bridge leaving you with a simple fight against the remaining one.
  11. This is the most tedious part of the area since there is an archer either side of the top of the ramp firing heavy arrows that knock you back even while shielding. For the below guides, they are the left archer and the right archer respective of while you are facing the castle. There is a Soul of a Hero behind the left archer if you wish to brave it. Running around the right side of the pillar at the halfway point causes the archer on the left to walk down a little way and place himself behind a pillar leaving you free to approach the right archer, so always take this route. The right archer is unaffected either way. Once you are past them, it is a safe passage to the next bonfire.
    • Strategies for passing the archers:
      • Bow - Walk about a third of the way up the narrow path towards the two bowman - their arrows will mostly be blocked by the sidewalls of the path (test first), but you can still fire over and hit the archers. If using Poison Arrows, hit each Knight three times to trigger the poison effect. You may have to trigger poison twice to finish each one, depending on your equipment.
      • One-Two Strategy - Sprint to and defeat the left archer, protected from the right archer by the pillar; care to conserve your stamina by walking up the ramp as you're relatively safe until you get between them. Head back up and roll under (or block, though this is slower and riskier) the right archer's arrows until you can get to him and take him out. You can do this in reverse order too, and a strong running attack is bound to give you enough time to kill whichever knight you are facing. Be especially careful of not falling off the ramp fighting the left archer.
      • Ring of Fog / Hidden Body - The most straightforward way to get past the two archers is to equip the Ring of Fog or Hidden Body; it will decrease the archers' range of vision so the further one won't shoot at you. You can also stay back at the pillar halfway up the ramp and shoot the archers with a bow, although they will retaliate.
      • Dodge Roll - Requires no equipment and is relatively easy so good strategy for newbies but recommend under 50% load. Run up to the castle, turn right and walk towards the right archer while rolling under any arrows that he fires. With enough speed, you can attempt to take advantage of pathing and make one or both knights walk off the tiny ledges they stand on.
      • Stealth Approach - 100% block shield and light armor only; no poise — Once you get around the column in the middle of the ramp, hold your shield up and jog up towards the castle, briefly stopping halfway up for a second or two so he'll forget you. Go up to the right archer, rolling under any arrows he fires at you (the left archer should have stopped firing).
      • Force - Faith-based players with a good sense of timing can use the Force Miracle to deflect their arrows. Ensure both archers notice you almost simultaneously for easier timing and deflecting both arrows.
    • Strategies for killing the right archer after getting to him:
      • Standard duel by blocking or parrying his attacks and counter-attacking.
      • When you get close enough that he takes out his shield and sword, turn around and run a short distance back down the ramp. He should walk straight off the edge, though there is a small chance he will pull out his bow again. In this case, you will have to repeat and take it a bit slower when running back.
      • Stand just before the little corner between the wall and the pillar while holding your shield up and the archer will fall off after a few attacks.
      • Walk against him with your shield up and eventually he will fall.
  12. After the archers head around the corner to the right, drop down onto a balcony, and enter through the fog door into a hallway. There's a bonfire behind the first door on the left.
  13. This area is mostly filled with Silver Knights, which are just slightly faster Black Knights. After you access the bonfire, there is another door across the hall; inside is a Silver Knight with a Chest containing three Sunlight Medals. Outside the bonfire, to the left, you will notice a spiral staircase. Go around it to kill the Silver Knight, so he doesn't chase you on the stairs. After you kill him there is a door to the left and right of him, the door to the left contains a secret passage, hit the Illusory Wall inside the fireplace to reveal a passage leading Havel's Armor Set, Havel's Greatshield and Dragon Tooth. One of the chests is a Mimic that will drop an Occult Club. The other door is locked.
  14. Head back up to the staircase and proceed to the next floor. There you will find two Mimics; when killed, they will drop five Silver Coins and a Gold Coin. There are two hallways on this floor, one leading to a silver knight at the end and a door to the left and right, and another hallway leading to a dead end with a door to the left and right. In the hallway with a dead end go through the door to the left to kill the Silver Knight (Spear) and get a Soul of a Hero. Tip: You can kill the Titanite Demon below with Spells or Bow, he cannot attack.
  15. Head towards the hallway on the other side of the stairs you came up. The Silver Knight at the end is guarding an empty balcony, so you do not have to fight him. Enter the door on the left, through the next door another Silver Knight is waiting on your right as soon as you walk in. After he is killed, you can proceed up the stairs leading to a rooftop with another Silver Knight waiting on your left, kill him first and then take the archer at the other end.
  16. If you are following Siegmeyer of Catarina go down the other set of stairs in the corner to find him. Talk to him until you exhaust his dialogue then open the door he is by, but be careful for there are three Silver Knights. Lure each out one at a time; a bow is useful to pull one at the end of the room. Loot the chest for a Demon Titanite. Open the door to find yourself back in the hallway you were in before. Once you have done this return to the Siegmeyer of Catarina and talk to him again. Hearing that you have defeated the knights, he will reward you with a Tiny Being's Ring. Go back up the stairs.
  17. Proceed to the end of the rooftop (where you killed the Silver Knight at the end of step 15) and descend the staircase, you will be in a final hallway with a door on either side. The left door leads to a Titanite Demon (if you didn't kill him earlier) but ignore him for the moment. Go through the room on the right and down the stairs to find two Silver Knights. Kill the spear knight and open the door to find the first level (where the bonfire is). Kill the sword knight and loot the chests to find the Silver Knight Set then go back to the bonfire if you are low on Estus. Return to this room and go back up the stairs, you can now take the Titanite Demon if you want, and proceed up the stairs at the end of the hallway.
  18. Go left up more stairs and note the broken pane in the window. Drop through it and down to a ledge leading around the corner. Roll off the ledge over the fence and pick up the Dragonslayer Greatbow with a few Dragonslayer Arrows. Continue around the fence to find a gap you can drop through, try to perform a falling attack on the Bat Wing Demon if you can, but you can safely duel him. Next, take out the demon just across from you, then head left to the top of the stairs. Again you can shoot the farthest off the edge, then pull the two remaining demons one at a time. Get the Titanite Chunk at the end of the landing at the bottom of the stairs, open the gate leading to just outside the front door (to the two Sentinels - you don't have to fight them - then head in to see the Giant Blacksmith.
  19. Once you're done smithing and buying, walk between him and the wall to find a chest containing the Hawk Ring. Go through the passage to your right to return to the area where you jumped out the window and head down to the left and kill the Silver Knight. Note he has a bow out, but if you just run up to him, he'll miss one or two shots and then switch to his sword and shield. If you plan on killing the two Royal Sentinels make sure you only aggro one at a time. They have a large aggro radius and will start moving before you leave the stairs. Run to one end of the hall and kill one then take the other. There is a lever at one end of the room (opposite the boss fog) that opens the front door.
  20. After dealing with (or avoiding) the two Royal Sentinels, proceed up the stairs through the boss fog where you will fight Dragon Slayer Ornstein & Executioner Smough; this is a tough fight to do alone, so it is recommended that you either summon players for help, or at least use the Solaire of Astora summon sign. It's best to wipe out the two Royal Sentinels and the Silver Knight Archer before summoning him as he could become injured, reducing his usefulness during the boss fight. There appears to be a bug on the PS3 version; if you summon Solaire of Astora and run through the fog door, he will not follow you into the boss area so give him a little time to meet you at the fog door.
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