Lordran is the kingdom in which Dark Souls takes place.

Area Name Connections Bosses Mini-Bosses Notes
Northern Undead Asylum Firelink Shrine Asylum Demon (1st visit)
Stray Demon (revisited)
Black Knight (Sword) (revisited) Tutorial Level - can be revisited at any time but beware
Firelink Shrine Undead Burg
The Catacombs
New Londo Ruins
Undead Asylum
Undead Parish
Firelink Altar
None None First Hub. Anastacia of Astora in the cage below the bonfire. Petrus of Thorolund of Way of White covenant. Kingseeker Frampt will appear in the collapsed chapel once both Bells of Awakening have been rung.
Undead Burg Firelink Shrine
Undead Parish
Darkroot Basin
Taurus Demon
Capra Demon
Black Knight (Sword)
Havel the Rock
NPC Solaire of Astora located on the bridge. Bonfire and Broken altar for Warrior of Sunlight under Hellkite Dragon
Undead Parish Undead Burg
Darkroot Garden
Firelink Shrine
Sen's Fortress
Bell Gargoyles Armored Tusk
Prowling Demon
Black Knight (Greatsword)
Heavy Knight
Location of the first Bell of Awakening. Oswald of Carim is located at the entrance of the Bell Tower.
The Depths Blighttown
Undead Burg
Gaping Dragon Giant Undead Rat
Black Phantom Kirk, Knight of Thorns (1st encounter)
Blighttown Valley of Drakes
The Great Hollow
Quelaag's Domain
None Parasitic Wall Hugger
Black Phantom Maneater Mildred
Quelana of Izalith advanced pyromancy vendor. Shiva of the East Forest Keeper covenant vendor.
Quelaag's Domain Blighttown
Demon Ruins
Chaos Witch Quelaag None Location of the second Bell of Awakening. Quelaag's Sister and Eingyi for Chaos Servant covenant.
The Great Hollow Blighttown
Ash Lake
None None Hidden (and optional area) with no possibility to summon or getting summoned. Contains the most Crystal Lizards of any area in the game.
Ash Lake The Great Hollow None Hydra Hidden (and optional area) with no possibility to summon or getting summoned. Is also a dead end, contains NPC for the Path of the Dragon covenant.
Sen's Fortress Undead Parish
Anor Londo
Iron Golem Four Titanite Demons
Undead Prince Ricard
Three Giant
Anor Londo Sen's Fortress
The Duke's Archives
Painted World Of Ariamis
Dark Sun Gwyndolin
Dragon Slayer Ornstein / Executioner Smough
Painted World Of Ariamis Anor Londo Crossbreed Priscilla Undead Dragon
Black Phantom Xanthous King Jeremiah
Optional, requires Peculiar Doll to enter the painting in Anor Londo
Sanctuary Garden Darkroot Basin
Oolacile Sanctuary
Sanctuary Guardian None Additional Content
Oolacile Sanctuary Sanctuary Garden
Royal Wood
None None Additional Content
Royal Wood Oolacile Sanctuary
Oolacile Township
Knight Artorias
Black Dragon Kalameet
None Additional Content
Oolacile Township Royal Wood
Chasm of the Abyss
Battle of Stoicism
None Black Phantom Marvellous Chester Additional Content
Battle of Stoicism Oolacile Township
Battle of Stoicism Gazebo
None None Additional Content
Battle of Stoicism Gazebo Battle of Stoicism None None Additional Content
Chasm of the Abyss Oolacile Township Manus, Father of the Abyss None Additional Content
Darkroot Garden Undead Parish
Darkroot Basin
Great Grey Wolf Sif Great Feline
Darkroot Basin Darkroot Garden
Undead Burg
Valley of Drakes
Moonlight Butterfly Hydra
Black Knight (Halberd)
Location of the gate to Additional Content
Valley of Drakes Darkroot Basin
New Londo Ruins
None Undead Dragon None
New Londo Ruins Firelink Shrine
Valley of Drakes
The Abyss
None Two Mass of Souls
The Abyss New Londo Ruins
Firelink Altar
The Four Kings None
The Duke's Archives Anor Londo
Crystal Cave
Seath the Scaleless (1st encounter) Two Armored Tusk
Crystal Cave The Duke's Archives Seath the Scaleless None
The Catacombs Firelink Shrine
Tomb of the Giants
Pinwheel Black Knight (Axe)
Tomb of the Giants The Catacombs Gravelord Nito Black Knight (Halberd)
Black Phantom Paladin Leeroy
Demon Ruins Quelaag's Domain
Lost Izalith
Ceaseless Discharge
Demon Firesage
Centipede Demon
Minor Taurus Demon
Black Phantom Kirk, Knight of Thorns (2nd encounter)
Lost Izalith Demon Ruins The Bed of Chaos Daughter of Chaos
Black Phantom Kirk, Knight of Thorns (3rd/final encounter)
Firelink Altar Firelink Shrine
The Abyss
Kiln of the First Flame
None None Accessible through the "Warp" option in Kingseeker Frampt's or Darkstalker Kaathe's dialogue menu after obtaining the Lordvessel. Can also be accessed by directly dropping down the hole which Frampt is in.
Kiln of the First Flame Firelink Altar Gwyn, Lord of Cinder None Final area of the game


  • Black phantoms will only spawn if the player is in human form and the area boss has not been defeated; this means that defeating a boss before being invaded by a particular NPC black phantom will forever deny that black phantom from appearing in that area.
  • Vagrants or Drift Item enemies can rarely appear during online play, in all areas at predetermined locations.

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