adventurer's set antiquated set balder set
Adventurer's Set Antiquated Set Balder Set
bandit set big hat set black iron set
Bandit Set Big Hat's Set Black Iron Set
black knight set black set black sorcerer set
Black Knight Set Black Set Black Sorcerer Set
brass set catarina set chain set
Brass Set Catarina Set Chain Set
chester's set cleric set crimson set
Chester's Set Cleric Set Crimson Set
crystalline set dark set dingy set
Crystalline Set Dark Set Dingy Set
eastern set elite cleric set elite knight set
Eastern Set Elite Cleric Set Elite Knight Set
giant set gold-hemmed black set golem set
Giant Set Gold-Hemmed Black Set Golem Set
guardian set havel's set hawkeye gough's set
Guardian Set Havel's Set Hawkeye Gough's Set
hollow soldier set hollow thief's set hollow warrior set
Hollow Soldier Set Hollow Thief's Set Hollow Warrior Set
holy set hunter set iron & sun set
Holy Set Hunter Set Iron & Sun Set
knight set lord's blade ciaran's set mage smith set
Knight Set Lord's Blade Ciaran's Set Mage Smith Set
maiden set moonlight set ornstein's set
Maiden Set Moonlight Set Ornstein's Set
painting guardian set paladin set pyromancer set
Painting Guardian Set Paladin Set Pyromancer Set
set of artorias set of favor set of thorns
Set of Artorias Set of Favor Set of Thorns
set of the channelers set of the great lord shadow set
Set of the Channelers Set of the Great Lord Shadow Set
silver knight set smough's set sorcerer set
Silver Knight Set Smough's Set Sorcerer Set
steel set stone set thief set
Steel Set Stone Set Thief Set
wanderer set warrior set witch set
Wanderer Set Warrior Set Witch Set
xanthous set
Xanthous Set
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  • There are 56 official armor sets, five of which are only available in the additional content
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