Aural Decoy
aural decoy cast


In-Game Description

Sorcery used by playful sorcerers.
Lure enemies away by creating a
sound originating in the distance.

This spell is not the first choice for
serious sorcerers, but it has a surprising
amount of applications, some of them
extremely effective.


Sold by Griggs of Vinheim in Firelink Shrine (only to characters with an Intelligence of 10 or higher)

General Information

Fires a projectile which creates a sound wherever it collides with a surface. This attracts the attention of enemies in a way similar to Alluring Skull.
Spell Type Uses Intelligence Duration Slot Cost NPC Trainer Training Cost
Ranged, Magic 20 10 n/a 1 Attunement Slot Griggs of Vinheim 1,000 Souls


  • Though Aural Decory works on more enemy types than the Alluring Skull, it often fails to work on larger groups of enemies that are normally distract-able with it (only catching the attention of a select few). The Alluring Skull works more consistently on large groups, and is therefore recommended for the enemies that it works on.

Affected by Aural Decoy:

  • All human-sized NPCs+ (excluding invading phantoms, blacksmiths and Marvellous Chester)
  • Most enemies

Fully Immune:

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