Battle of Stoicism


Combat arena with an upper waiting area. Depending on the type of combat selected in the Battle of Stoicism Gazebo, the upper waiting area contains up to four trap doors. When the appropriate number of players become available, they are caged momentarily before being dropped into the arena to fight.


Battle of Stoicism Gazebo

Developer Messages

Messages found on the ground in the waiting area above the arena. The message nearest the bonfire describes the arena and combat type, i.e. 'Duel: Dais.'
The following messages always appear:

  • 'It is easier to find competitors on a trap with fewer red rings.'
  • 'Wait at this trap door to become a host.'
  • 'The battle is timed. At the end, the winner dons a crown.'
  • 'Cannot use healing items in the Battle of Stoicism.'
  • 'The warrior with the most kills receives a great crown. With equal kills, all warriors receive tiny crowns (a draw).'
  • 'Allies receive credit for every fallen enemy. In Deathmatch, all players except victim receive credit.'
  • 'No damage taken at start of battle or in rematch immediately after falling from trap door.'
  • 'Win streak resets to zero if player retires to the gazebo.'
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