Battle of Stoicism Gazebo


Player versus player hub containing a leader board and six bonfires that provide access to two arenas with a choice of three types of combat in each. This area can be accessed after defeating Knight Artorias. All combat takes place in the Battle of Stoicism.



  • Dais - a simple open arena with two large columns
  • Ruins - a dual level arena. Columns support the smaller upper deck. A narrow stair connects the levels.


  • Duel - one to one dueling
  • Team - two on two team combat
  • Deathmatch - four player deathmatch

Plaque of Legends

Leaderboard for Battles.
There are four tiers for each of the three types of combat. Player Soul Level determines in which tier they will compete.

  • Level 50 and below
  • Level 51-100
  • Level 101-200
  • Level 201+

Developer Messages

There are three developer messages left on the ground in this area:

  • 'Battle of Stoicism is only available online.'
  • 'There are three types of Battle of Stoicism matches:
    Duel (1 vs.1), Team (2 vs. 2) and Deathmatch (4).'
  • 'Earn consecutive wins to be etched in the Slate of Legends.'
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