Best DS1 Equipment Against Bosses (this is made for a few friends to view)

Standard Game

Asylum Demon

Gift: Black Firebombs
Class: Pyromancer

Taurus Demon

Recommended Weapon: Uchigatana
Recommended Item: Gold Pine Resin
Tip: Kill Two Archers On top Of Tower

Bell Gargoyles

Recommended Weapon: Drake Sword
Recommended Shield: Caduceus Kite Shield (Sold By Andre Of Astora)
Recommended Armor

Moonlight Butterfly

Fast Weapon Recommended:Uchigatana+5
Recommended Shield: Crest Shield (Acquire By Revisiting Northern Undead Asylum)
Recommended Pyromancy: Fire Orb

Capra Demon

Recommended Weapon: Your Choice
Recommended Shield: Your Choice
Tip: Be prepared for the two Undead Attack Dogs

Gaping Dragon

Recommended Weapon: Anything Enchantable
Tip: Watch out for the acid spit
Other Tip: Make sure you can repair your weapon
Other Other Tip: Make sure you cut its tail

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