Big Hat Logan
Big Hat Logan


Hailed as the greatest sorcerer from Vinheim Dragon School, "Big Hat" Logan left the Dragon School to Lordran in search for the legendary Regal Archives, which houses the knowledge of the Father of Sorceries.


  1. Sen's Fortress
    In a hidden area behind a sleeping Serpent Soldier. You need to adjust the boulder dispatch machine so that it will smash the wall with the Serpent Soldier leaning against it. Alternatively, that enemy can be baited into breaking the wall with some of his attacks (the thrust stab or the second hit of the normal sword sweep, for example).1 He is locked inside one of the hanging cages, and to open it you need the either the Cage Key2 or the Master Key. Once freed and spoken to, he will move to Firelink Shrine. If missed initially, he will still be located here even after killing the Iron Golem.
  2. Firelink Shrine
    He will sell you some of his spells once he arrives here, but only if your Intelligence is at least 15 (though this limitation will be dropped if you meet him later). Logan remains in Firelink Shrine until one of the following occurs:
    • After obtaining the Lordvessel, Logan will have new dialog that states "I, too, will leave soon…" when you choose the "Leave" option from his interaction menu. Once that dialog has been triggered, Logan will permanently leave Firelink if you leave or return to Firelink in a particular manner.3
    • If you avoided his "I, too, will leave soon…" dialog, he will remain in Firelink Shrine until you've arrived at the prison area of The Duke's Archives.
  3. The Duke's Archives - prison tower cage
    Once again he is trapped behind bars in the lower level of the prison area you reach after your first encounter with Seath the Scaleless, guarded by several Pisacas. You'll need to get the Archive Tower Giant Cell Key to unlock the cell, it's located behind the removable bookshelves leading to the Crystal Caves, right after the second bonfire. It's in the treasure chest closest to the lever that opens the descending staircase. Get back, unlock his cell and talk to him. He'll move to the book room.
  4. The Duke's Archives - book room
    In a small room with the chest containing a Blue Titanite Chunk. The room entrance is near the tall ladder and the shortcut lever. You do not need to meet the Intelligence requirement to purchase his spells at this location. After you have defeated Seath the Scaleless and have bought all his spells, talk to him several times, and you'll notice that he's clearly gone mad. This triggers his next location, once you go through a loading screen (by quitting and reloading, using a Homeward Bone or using the Homeward miracle).
  5. The Duke's Archives - Seath's first encounter room
    You'll find him standing around in the room half-naked, still wearing his hat. Defeat him and he'll drop the Big Hat, his Tin Crystallization Catalyst, and the White Dragon Breath spell. Also go back to the area where he was before, where he sells his spells, as there is a new chest containing the rest of his armor set, the Big Hat's set, and Logan's Catalyst. You may have to go through a loading screen for the chest to appear.


Spell Name Cost Uses INT slots Description
Great Soul Arrow 6,000 20 14 1 Fast Soul Arrow, higher damage
Heavy Soul Arrow 2,000 12 12 1 Slow Soul Arrow, higher damage than Great
Great Heavy Soul Arrow 8,000 8 16 1 Slow Soul Arrow, higher damage than Heavy
Homing Soulmass 20,000 10 18 1 Summons up to five soulmasses that fire automatically when an enemy is near
Soul Spear 40,000 4 36 1 Fires large Soul Arrow that pierces its targets
Magic Weapon 3,000 5 10 1 Must be used with catalyst in left hand, adds Magic damage to your right hand weapon
Magic Shield 3,000 5 10 1 Must be used with catalyst in right hand, temporarily increases the stability of your shield
Soul Arrow 1,000 30 10 1 Shoots a fast projectile at target, does Magic damage
Homing Crystal Soulmass 30,000 10 24 1 Stronger Homing Soulmass. Only available when you meet him at The Duke's Archives
Crystal Magic Weapon 20,000 3 25 1 Strongest version of Magic Weapon. Only available when you meet him at The Duke's Archives
Crystal Soul Spear 50,000 4 44 1 Stronger Soul Spear. Only available when you meet him at The Duke's Archives
Total 183,000


Sen's Fortress & Firelink Shrine
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 719 1,000
NG+ 1,315 3,000
NG+6 1,644 3,750
The Duke's Archives
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 710 1,000
NG+ 1,128 2,000
NG+6 1,411 2,500



Note that he only drop these items if you kill him in The Duke's Archives. Killing him immediately in Sen's Fortress or Firelink Shrine will result in no drops.


  • If you have already beaten Seath the Scaleless and haven't done anything with Big Hat Logan yet and you want to complete his quest, do the steps above, but skip the prison tower cage part in The Duke's Archives. Note that you may still need to visit the prison tower cage, even though Logan is not there, to trigger him to move from Firelink to The Duke's Archives.
  • Killing Seath the Scaleless before unlocking Logan's cell causes him to teleport to his final location.
  • If you kill him anytime before he goes crazy and attacks you in Seath's room, the chest containing the Big Hat's Set and the Logan's Catalyst will not appear.
  • To get the trophy/achievement "Wisdom of a Sage", you must follow the complete storyline in order to get all Sorceries.


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Voiced by: Ian Thompson

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