Black Dragon Kalameet

Black Dragon Kalameet


The one-eyed Black Dragon Kalameet is one of the last remaining ancient dragons, and a feared one at that. He's so mighty that even Anor Londo dare not to provoke him. To honor your services to Artorias, Gough comes out of his retirement briefly to shoot one last shot from his greatbow to incapacitate the dragon, allowing you to fight Kalameet easier. You will first catch a glimpse of him when you're about to cross the stone bridge leading to the second area of Royal Wood.

Conditions to Fight Kalameet

You can actually kill Kalameet without Gough's help, but it will be much harder. To normally fight him, you need to:

  1. Talk to Hawkeye Gough until he mentions Kalameet
  2. Get close enough to Kalameet's area to see him fly past (it's not necessary to descend the ladder or be attacked by him)
  3. Talk to Gough again. Answer "Yes" to both his questions

After the cutscene, a fog gate will appear in front of Kalameet's boss area. You can now properly fight Kalameet. Royal Wood (including Artorias's boss area) is now eligible for summoning/invading again as Kalameet is now considered a boss for the area.


Royal Wood
From Chester's spot, cross the short stone bridge, then turn left. Just go straight forward after the slope. His area is behind the third dog.

Playthrough HP Souls
First 5,400 60,000
NG+ ~8,000 120,000



  • A Titanite Slab can be obtained from the chest behind the waterfall either after Kalameet is defeated or even before, if you're fast enough.
  • A Crystal Lizard can be found over the edge of the waterfall resting on a ledge.


  • Fire
  • Magic

Attack Patterns

His black fire breath attacks cause an large drain on stamina and deal both physical and magical damage. Avoid trying to block them if possible.

  • Vertical breath blast: Flies straight up and blasts breath straight down to generate a large area of effect.
  • Forward breath blast: Blasts breath straight forward with long range.
  • Arcing breath blast: Retracts neck a bit with black flame appearing around mouth while turning to the left, blasts breath, then sweeps the flame towards the right through an arc of about sixty degrees.
  • Forward charge - Arcing breath blast: Leap forward for a moderate distance then turn around while blasting breath over last position through an arc of about sixty degrees.
  • Sit up breath blast: Sits up on back legs and then blasts breath on the ground in front of him.
  • Telekinesis: Sits up on back legs and then emits a telekinetic field in front of him, grabbing anyone caught in it and causing damage. This is indicated by the eye on his forehead glowing as well as a screeching noise. The affected character will take double damage for a short time, indicated by an eye icon floating above their head.
  • Short range head swipe: Kalameet may follow up this attack with one more swipe.
  • Lunging head swipe: This one hits harder. When you block this attack, your character will tumble backwards, even with Greatshields.
  • Diving attack: Kalameet will hover above the ground, then do a dive attack.
  • Tail pound: Character must be directly behind Kalameet. Usually after diving attack. This attack leaves Kalameet's tail exposed, use this opportunity to cut his tail.
  • 360 degrees tail swipe.
  • Left and right foot stomp: Stomps with left front leg and then right back leg or vice versa.


  • Using lock-on constantly during this fight may lead you to a number of awkward deaths. If he uses vertical breath blast, locked camera will follow him straight up and you won't be able to see the flames spreading right in front of you. I suggest you to release lock-on completely for this fight as you usually attack different low parts of the boss and camera locks on its torso which means it will be always looking up and won't let you attack his particular leg or tail.
  • if you see him flying straight up above you then he is preparing his vertical breath blast - just run in opposite direction as far as you can - that will save your life for sure.
  • forward breath blast is easily avoided by side-rolling but will almost certainly fully drain your stamina and deal heavy damage if you attempt to block it.
  • he may also perform arcing breath blast without flying off - then run straight away from him - the tip of the flame may slightly touch you but won't make any harm - this is the minimal safe distance. If you are close enough when he starts this move you can also try running in the same direction he spreads his breath arc. If you are fast enough you can outrun the flame and end up near his neck/front legs for a counter-attack. Breath arc can be blocked with a magical-resisting shield (e.g. Crest Shield), but it is recommended that you dodge if possible.
  • when he sits up for a breath blast it's a good opportunity for counter-attacking - all you need is to run close enough so you place yourself by his back legs - you can slam a few hits on him or try to cut off his tail while he keeps spreading flames straight forward.
  • his lunging head swipe is very likely to be his fastest and most unpredictable attack. Watch his head as he will retract his neck before the attack. This one can be blocked with 100% phys. shield for a nice amount of stamina but beware as there's a chance of follow-up, so after a succesful block get below him as fast as you can and you'll be rewarded with a couple of free hits. Also there's a stronger version of this move that will throw you into a backflip even if blocked but you'll stay on your feet so don't be afraid and just keep your shield up if there's no chance of getting out of his range.
  • tail pound can be easily avoided by side-rolling.
  • his spinning tail swipe is of much resemblance with Sif's jumping-off slash attack so block it or just roll back.
  • if you see him nosediving at you a couple of side-rolls will take you out of his reach.
  • foot stomp is triggered if you stay below him for too long but it's not very precise so if you stay between his front and back legs you will hardly take any damage, blocking helps only after moving a little to the side.
  • telekinetic grab can be avoided by side-rolling if predicted accurately. It starts when you are close in front of him and looks mostly like a sit up breath blast. If you are hit, a small glittering eye will appear above your head - that means you will take double damage from Kalameet's attacks. This is called "Calamity effect" (see Calamity Ring). While this effect reigns, his tail and head swipes are extremely dangerous so keep your distance and evade everything you can until the debuff is gone.

Tip: Speed is important as you'll have to run alot to approach the dragon's flanks. Fire defense equipment will help you survive his devastating breath attacks.

Tip: Poise can be a hazard in this fight, as you can get hit multiple times by lunge attacks instead of being knocked over. However, high Poise when using a Greatshield can help block multiple hits and leave you close enough to attack effectively.

Melee Strategy

Apart from what was mentioned in the Strategies section above, the following are generally the safest opportunities to score melee hits against Kalameet (they are safe because you can switch to two-handing your weapon, score hits, then still have time to get your shield back up):

  • During, or after (to be on the safe side), his foot-stomping.
  • After his sweeping breath attack. When he uses this attack, he stays on the ground (he does not move during this attack), retracts his neck a little bit while turning his head to his left. You will notice some black flame appear around his mouth. When you notice him preparing this attack, sprint towards him but keep yourself to his right (your left) since he always starts this breath attack from his left then sweep towards the right in a roughly 60-degree arc. If you are fast (not heavily encumbered) you should end up next to his neck before he finishes the breath attack. Get a few hits in. Note: Kalameet has another breath attack where he breathes a long column of flame straight forward. That one is very fast; he needs almost no preparation for it.
  • After he performs the attack where he first charges forward, then turns around while breathing fire at the same time, then sweeps the fire towards the right. If it is possible, stay on his left side before he starts charging forward, then sprint parallel with him when he runs. When he turns around and starts breathing fire (you should now be on his right side), start to close in towards his neck (sprinting all the time). Most of the time you will be able to get close to his neck before or just before he finishes the attack. Get one hit in, or two at most. If he finishes the attack before you could get within melee range, it's best to wait for the next chance.
  • After his tail-pounding attack. He uses this attack when you are directly behind him after he does his diving attack. Just take a few steps sideways to avoid his tail and get a few hits in. Hit his tail if you are attempting to cut it.
  • During his sit-up breath attack. When he sits up on his hind legs and you see black flame appear around his mouth, roll to the right twice, then run straight at him. Hit him until he finishes the attack. Two hand your weapon for harder hits, but remember to get your shield back out after you are done hacking away at him!
  • During his telekinesis attack, provided you are not hit by it. He also sits up on his hind legs, but his front legs and head move differently than when he does his sit-up breath attack, also there will be no flame around his mouth. Once the attack starts and you are already out of range, you can get close to him without waiting for him to finish the attack, since if the attack does not hit you instantly, it will not hit you when you move back in (you should still wait for a second or two before running back at him, just to be on the safe side). Get one hit in or two.

Aside from these moments, just block his attacks or dodge them by backpedaling. A few important things to keep in mind: watch your stamina reserve (raise/drop your shield at the appropriate moments for best stamina management), avoid trying to score more hits than you should (one or two hits in and that's it, you don't want to be in mid-swing when his head or tail is already on its way towards you, not to mention you always need stamina for spare to block his upcoming attack, or even just to perform a roll. You know you should never empty your stamina bar unless there's no helping it!), and be patient! His strongest attack is probably the lunging head swipe which sends you flying backward even when you block it (two consecutive head-swipes and the jumping tail-swipe also hit hard). If you can block this attack with stamina for spare, then you're all set to conquer this beast.

Recommended Equipment:

  • Best weapon choices are probably those that have the highest physical damage ratings in your possession (+15 Normal weapons, +5 Black Knight weapons, some +5 boss soul weapons, etc.) Heavy weapons seem to be obvious choices, but they weigh you down, and also have slow swings. Decide on a balanced combination of speed/weight/damage which works best for you.
  • Depending on how much of your health Kalameet can take away with one single hit, your armor setup can vary greatly. If he sends you back to the Oolacile Township bonfire (or whichever bonfire you last rested at) with one swipe of his head or front leg, then you're better off wearing light armor, or even no armor at all! Because, if you are just either blocking his attacks, or avoiding them completely, agility and good speed are actually your best protection, aside from your shield. Otherwise, if you are able to withstand a few hits now and then, medium or even heavy armor should work fine. The Mask of the Child helps a lot due to its stamina recovery boost.
  • As for rings, Havel's Ring and the Cloranthy Ring are good choices. If you are already fast without Havel's Ring, there are several other options: 1) the Red Tearstone Ring gives you a decent boost in damage, as long as you can somehow make your health drop low enough to trigger the boost, and stay alive with your remaining health until you send the dragon back to his bonfire, wherever it might be. 2) the Dark Wood Grain Ring grants you a better roll, to put it simply, as long as you don't mind using it, since some players would rather not touch this ring at all. The ring also makes the fight more amazing, even though it's likely that you wouldn't even roll a whole lot in this particular fight. 3) Ring of Steel Protection. Although if the dragon is already one-shotting you, it might not help all that much.
  • A good shield. A +5 Silver Knight Shield is ideal, being fairly light with outstanding stability. The Greatshield of Artorias (or some other greatshield) is superior in terms of stability, but it is also very heavy. Using it might mean you will need Havel's Ring, unless you don't mind being slowed down by the shield.

Ranged strategy

  • The maximum lock-on range slightly exceeds the range of Kalameet's breath attacks. This allows you to stay just out of range and fire projectiles at him while locked on.
  • Keep your equipment burden low. You will need to roll to avoid all of his attacks. Dark Wood Grain Ring is recommended. Equip any shield you like; you won't be using it.
  • Fighting from a distance eliminates most of the dragon's nastiest attacks. He will rely primarily on breath attacks, which are easily avoided from far away. Each time he uses his breath, you should be able to get one or two shots in.
  • The main threat will now be Kalameet's lunging head attack. This will hit all the way to the edge of the lock-on range and deals major damage. Learn to recognize his wind-up animation and with good timing you can dodge the attack without much difficulty.
  • This battle's arena is wide open, making it fairly easy to maintain the maximum distance from Kalameet. But beware of getting your back against a wall. If Kalameet closes the distance, you're in for a lot of hurt.
  • The fight will be long and drawn-out. Bring plenty of Estus Flasks (more than 10).
  • Do not attempt to climb the ladder to try and snipe Kalameet. He will fly up to your perch and use his fire breath to instantly kill you.

Cutting Tail

There are two attack patterns where his tail is low enough to be hit by melee weapons:

  • When you're at medium distance, Kalameet will occasionally do a diving attack, and if you are underneath his tail after he dives over you, he will do a tail pound. Just after he pounds his tail to the ground is the single easiest time to hit it. The drawback is that his diving attack is not done very often, though when he does do it he will often do it twice in a row.
    • You can avoid the dive itself by either strafing to the left, or blocking with a high stability shield. If you roll, it's difficult to position yourself correctly to provoke the tail pound. If you get hit, you'll get staggered and not be able to get in position. After either strafing or blocking, you should end up directly under his tail near his butt where he'll attempt to pound you.
    • You can avoid the pound either by blocking or stepping to the side. Stepping aside takes more practice. After avoiding the pound, take as many swipes at his tail as you can. It's recommended to lock off when attacking the tail for easier aiming, and of course switch to two handed. Equipping a ring of fog will help encourage the diving attack when you are at the right distance. A fast-swinging weapon or Pyromancy is helpful after avoiding the tail pound.
    • The tail pound can also be provoked by rolling forward through or blocking a head swipe and running to his rear, but this is difficult to pull off. In all other normal circumstances, he will circle you or jump away and not allow you to get all the way behind him.
  • Alternatively, wait for either of the two attacks where he sits up: his sit up breath blast or his telekinesis. Once he begins sitting up, run slightly to the left or right so you don't get caught in the attack - especially the telekinesis - and then run as quickly as possible to his tail and take a running swipe. The advantage is that he does his sitting attacks much more often than his dive; the drawback is that you have very little time to get to his tail and hit it. You will probably want to use a weapon with an overhead running swing if attempting this method.
    • This method can be made easier by continually following his right rear leg. He may sit up less often, but when he does you'll be in a better position to hit his tail.
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