Black Separation Crystal

In-Game Description

This black crystal, long a symbol of
farewell, is granted to banished Undead.
The crystal sends phantoms back to their
homes, or sends you back to yours.

Beware of fickle use of the item if you
intend to nurture relations.


You have it at the start of the game


  • If you're a host and have summoned phantom players to assist you, this item can return the summoned phantoms to their own worlds. Upon use, a menu pops up with the choice to send the phantoms home while displaying the number of multiplayer victories your co-op partners have.
  • If you're a phantom yourself (whether you're invading or helping), this allows you to leave the world you're visiting. Note that you will be immediately sent home without any prompt like when the host uses it.
  • Doesn't disappear upon use


Cannot be used to get rid of invaders. To escape invaders, enter a boss' fog gate.

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