Blade of the Darkmoon
Blade of the Darkmoon

The Blades of the Darkmoon, a PvP-focused covenant, are the disciples of Dark Sun Gwyndolin who hunt sinners as blue phantoms.


The Blade of the Darkmoon covenant is found within a secret passage in the Darkmoon Tomb of Anor Londo. Members of this covenant use the powers of Gwyndolin to invade the worlds of guilty or indicted players as blue phantoms known as Spirits of Vengeance. The Book of the Guilty, sold by Oswald of Carim, lists players who can be invaded by Blades of the Darkmoon. There are two methods of invasion:

A successful invasion rewards the invader with a Souvenir of Reprisal that can be used to increase one's rank within the covenant. Unlike the Darkwraith and Forest Hunter covenants, Blade of the Darkmoon members cannot be indicted for their invasions.



To become a Blade of the Darkmoon:

  1. Before accessing the covenant, the player must be able to remove an illusory statue of Lord Gwyn that blocks the path to Gwyndolin. There are two different ways to remove the statue:
  2. The covenant is located in the Darkmoon Tomb, reached by lowering the spiral tower in Anor Londo to the lowest level. Approaching the Gwyn statue with either of the two previous conditions met reveals the path.
  3. As long as Gwyndolin is alive and non-hostile, kneeling on the mat in front of the fog gate will have Gwyndolin give the choice of joining the covenant.

Covenant Rank

Offer a Souvenir of Reprisal to Gwyndolin to level up in the covenant.
Rank Offerings Reward(s)*
+0 0 Blue Eye Orb and Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring
+1 10 Darkmoon Blade and Darkmoon Talisman
+2 30 Stronger damage buff from Darkmoon Blade
+3 80 Stronger damage buff from Darkmoon Blade

*Each reward can only be granted once per character.


If the player abandons the covenant, the number of offerings made to the covenant will be halved (lowering their rank within the covenant appropriately). The Blue Eye Orb and Darkmoon Blade cannot be used until rejoining the covenant.

If the player enters Gwyndolin's fog gate, they will be expelled from the covenant (acquiring PvP sin) and receive all the consequences of abandoning the covenant as well.

Killing Gwynevere or the Lady of the Darkling while being a member of the covenant will not count as betrayal. However, killing Gwynevere makes Gwyndolin hostile and unable to be spoken with until the player receives absolution.


  • If an invaded player challenges the area boss, the invasion attempt will automatically fail and invading players will be sent back to their world
  • Dark Anor Londo is mostly populated by duel-mongers, and rarely by typical players. Most of the time the host will be prepared and waiting for invasions
  • REMASTER NOTE: With the ability to change covenants at a bonfire, please be aware that if you kill Gwyndolin, you cannot change back to this covenant at a bonfire, you will still need to continue on to the next NG cycle in order to rejoin the covenant.
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