A sudden burst of damage inflicted when the Bleed Resistance is overcome, signified by a large notice stating "Blood Loss". The damage inflicted is a percentage of the target's max HP. The percentage of health lost is 0.1 times the value indicated on the item. Most weapons and enemy attacks have a bleed rating of 300 (30% HP loss). The only exception is Crossbreed Priscilla's scythe attacks and weapons from her (Lifehunt Scythe and Priscilla's Dagger) which have 500 bleed rating (50% HP loss).



  • Consume Bloodred Moss Clump - recover from the effect of Bleeding and restore full bleed resistance


  • Equip Bleed Resistant armors
  • Equip Bloodshield (just equipping Bloodshield increases Bleed resistance by 50)


  • The bleed bar build-up per strike is not listed in the in-game weapon statistics, only the percentage of health lost when blood loss occurs. Check each weapon's page for bleed buildup information.
  • Bleed damage is capped lower for damage against bosses.
  • The skeletons are able to inflict bleed upon the player when using their Scimitars and Falchions, despite these weapons not having a bleed effect when used by the player against enemies. Similarly, the Painting Guardians cannot use their weapons to inflict bleed upon the player, though the Painting Guardian Sword does inflict bleed upon enemies when wielded by the player.
  • Enchanting bleed weapons increases the amount of bleed build-up per strike. An increase in damage past the base damage for a bleed weapon will increase the bleed buid-up by a proportional amount.
  • Chaos weapons lose scaling with stats but the additional fire damage will increase the Bleed build-up, along with further increase on the amount of humanities possessed.
  • Bleed damage is not blocked by any shields to any degree if the build-up was caused by an opponent in PvP. The same is true with Poison and Toxic.

Enemies Immune to Bleed

The following enemies are believed to be fully immune, or have a resistance that is unrealistically high to overcome in-game. NPCs that cannot be killed are not included in this list.

Regular Enemies

Note - Enemies such as the Armored Tusk, Black Knight, Chained Prisoner, Darkwraith, Man Eater Shell and Possessed Tree have a very high resistance that can be difficult to overcome under normal circumstances. Though it is possible to bleed them, it is much more likely that you will kill them well before triggering bleed.



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