A sudden burst of damage is inflicted when Bleed Resistance is overcome, signified by a large notice stating "Blood Loss". The damage inflicted is a percentage of the target's max HP. The bleed rating stat on a weapon indicates the percentage of health that the enemy will lose (0.1 times the value indicated on the item). Most weapons have a bleed rating of 300 (30% HP loss). The only exceptions are the weapons obtained from Crossbreed Priscilla (Lifehunt Scythe and Priscilla's Dagger), which have a bleed rating of 500 (50% HP loss).


The following weapons can be used to inflict bleed on other players, NPCs, and certain enemies:

Weapon Bleed Buildup Per Strike Bleed Damage
Priscilla's Dagger 20 50%
Bandit's Knife 30 30%
Jagged Ghost Blade 30 30%
Painting Guardian Sword 30 30%
Washing Pole 30 30%
Reinforced Club 30 30%
Barbed Straight Sword 33 30%
Iaito 33 30%
Morning Star 33 30%
Notched Whip 33 30%
Spiked Shield 33 30%
Uchigatana 33 30%
Claw 36 30%
Chaos Blade 36 30%
Flamberge 36 30%
Great Scythe 36 30%
Gold Tracer 40 30%
Lifehunt Scythe 50/401 50%

In addition to the various NPCs that wield weapons listed in the table above, the following enemies are other possible sources of bleed against the player:

Enemy Attack Bleed Buildup Per Strike Bleed Damage
Skeleton Scimitar & Falchion 30 17%
Undead Attack Dog Bite/ Pounce 30 17%
Giant Skeleton Sword 33 22%
Undead Assassin Bandit Knife 39 32%
Undead Merchant Uchigatana 42 42%
Serpent Mage Flamberge 45 68%
Crossbreed Priscilla Lifehunt Scythe 80 60%
Marvellous Chester Rose Daggers 100 32%


  • Consume Bloodred Moss Clump - recover from the effect of Bleeding and restore full bleed resistance


  • Equip Bleed Resistant armors
  • Equip Bloodshield (just equipping Bloodshield increases Bleed resistance by 50)


  • The bleed bar build-up per strike is not listed in the in-game weapon statistics, only the percentage of health lost when blood loss occurs.
  • Bleed damage is capped lower for damage against bosses.
  • The skeletons are able to inflict bleed upon the player when using their Scimitars and Falchions, despite these weapons not having a bleed effect when used by the player against enemies. Similarly, the Painting Guardians cannot use their weapons to inflict bleed upon the player, though the Painting Guardian Sword does inflict bleed upon enemies when wielded by the player.
  • Bleed damage is not blocked by any shields to any degree if the build-up was caused by an opponent in PvP. The same is true with Poison and Toxic.

Enemies Immune to Bleed

The following enemies are fully immune, or have a resistance that is unrealistically high to overcome in-game. NPCs that cannot be killed are not included in this list.

Regular Enemies

Note - Enemies such as the Armored Tusk, Black Knight, Chained Prisoner, Darkwraith, Man Eater Shell and Possessed Tree have a very high resistance that can be difficult to overcome under normal circumstances. Though it is possible to bleed them, it is much more likely that you will kill them well before triggering bleed.



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