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Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies
Chaos Witch Quelaag Quelana of Izalith (unlockable)
Siegmeyer of Catarina (unlockable)
Shiva of the East (unlockable)
Shadow Armor Set
Tin Banishment Catalyst
Crimson Robes Set
Wanderer Armor Set
Great Club
Plank Shield
Eagle Shield
Pyromancer Robes Set
Pyromancy: Poison Mist
Pyromancy: Power Within
Sorcery: Remedy
Fire Keeper Soul
Dragon Scale
Large Titanite Shard
Pierce Shield
Key to New Londo Ruins
Infested Barbarian (Club)
Infested Barbarian (Boulder)
Infested Ghoul (Sword)
Infested Ghoul (Spear)
Infested Ghoul (Blunt)
Flaming Attack Dog
Parasitic Wall Hugger
Giant Mosquito
Giant Leech
Blowdart Sniper (does not respawn)
Maneater Mildred (Black Phantom)


One of the rough areas due to status effects, difficult terrain, and framerate issues. The only shortcut is using the wooden elevator from the poison lake. Can be accessed early in the game if you have a Master Key.


General Notes

  • For the top part of Blighttown: keep moving! If you stay in one place too long, you will either be swarmed by enemies or become Toxic by a Blowdart Sniper. Running around and using ladders to change levels will result in many of the enemies falling to their deaths trying to chase after you.

Important Tips

  • Use Dung Pies to inflict Toxic on yourself before approaching any Blowdart Snipers. The toxic damage from Dung Pie is far less painful than the damage from the darts and the toxic effect from the Blowdart Snipers does not override the effect from Dung Pie. The Darts still deal physical damage.
  • Aside from jumping out to the Iaito, all ledges can be accessed from ladders and walkways. Unless you are familiar with the area, it's best not to try to drop down to anything below as it's easy to miss and fall to your death. Despite how it can look, there is a straightforward path through the area.
  • The following items can help make getting through Blighttown much less painful:
  • It is a good idea to bring Heal with you if you have it and can cast it. If you already have the Rite of Kindling, it is also an excellent idea to kindle the bonfire in the middle of Blighttown so you can have more Estus Flasks while going through this area. Replenishment also helps counter poison/toxic effects. These might not be as necessary on NG+ and beyond.


Blighttown Map

Video: Walkthrough

via Depths

  1. The initial three Infested Barbarians can be easily disposed of by luring them with arrows and climbing up the ladder, so you are on the small platform above them. Shoot them once more when they walk back, then hug the wall and when they run under you; they will fall off, or you can lure them by walking close to them.
  2. Next is a group of Infested Ghouls which you also should lure one by one. When done, watch out to the right where a ladder is. There in the dark is a Blowdart Sniper shooting poisonous darts, kill him and he will not respawn.
  3. Down the ladder are two more Infested Ghouls and at the end, a proud knight soul - then go back up the ladder.
  4. Follow the path until it splits. On the left you can jump onto a platform that has the Iaito sword; however, this is a reasonably tricky jump, so if you want to play it safe try it when you are coming back up from the upcoming bonfire, as you will most likely die if you miss. On the right are a few more Infested Ghouls. There is a ladder down where another Infested Ghoul is; pick up the soul lying there afterward. Note: Make sure you take the ladder down here, as simply dropping down to the lower level will result in the floor giving way and you plunging past the bonfire into a lower level full of Infested ghouls, and you'll have to work your way back up.
  5. Go on, and you will find on the next platform one Infested Ghoul in a large vase which you can ignore and another one which you should avoid this time. Instead, take the ladder down, in one direction you will see the bonfire. Go there and rest.
  6. From the bonfire go collect various items. You can go on the other direction where you will find down a ladder: 2 more Infested Ghouls and then 2 Flaming Attack Dogs - you will find 1 Humanity and 3 Blooming Purple Moss Clump, so it's worth the walk. If you go back up the ladder where you came from and this time dispose of the Infested Ghoul you ignored the time before, you can roll over to another platform. There you find the Shadow Armor Set, which has the high Poison Resistance; there is also the Soul of a Proud Knight.
  7. If you want the Iaito, then go back and do the tricky jump we discussed in Step 4. If you look around from there, you will be able to see a platform leading back to the bonfire directly underneath you. It is recommended here to kindle the bonfire as it is a long way down and chances are you will be toxified once or twice before the end of this area.
  8. After collecting all of the treasure listed above, instead of climbing up the ladder you climbed down to get to the bonfire, take the path behind it. On the left, you will find another ghoul waiting for you along with 2 Flaming Attack Dogs. (These dogs may have fallen to their deaths while you were jumping around for treasure, so you may not encounter them.) After you cross this stone walkway, you will encounter two more ghouls. Be careful as you advance on the scaffolds as there is another Blowdart Sniper.
  9. You will work your way down a series of ladders, killing ghouls as you go, until you eventually reach a crossroads. Directly in front of you, you will see a Parasitic Wall Hugger, and to the right, you will see a ladder and a path beside it leading to a tunnel. The far left path will wind its way down and around and will eventually lead you to a pylon that has the Eagle Shield with an Infested Ghoul guarding it. Just beyond the wall hugger is the Power Within pyromancy spell. To kill it you can either attack it with pyromancy or climb the ladder mentioned above which will lead you into a tunnel behind the wall hugger to safely kill it with melee.
  10. Once that is taken care of, take the path beside the ladder into the tunnel. Be careful as you enter as there is another barbarian with a ghoul behind him. If you accidentally aggro them both at the same time, you can run back and climb a ladder. The ghoul will follow you, but the barbarian will turn back to the tunnel. After you have dealt with them, you can follow the path to a fog door. Before entering the door, you can carefully walk off the left side of the path for a Whip. If you choose to drop down, you will have to follow a path back into the previous room with the scaffolding and the wall hugger.
  11. After you pass through the fog door, you will be in the swamp area of Blighttown. As you follow the path left, you will encounter a new enemy, the Cragspider. These enemies use a fire attack that is relatively easy to avoid but can cause lots of damage if it connects. Work your way down the scaffolding, killing more cragspiders, and you will run into another blowdart sniper. After dealing with all of them and reaching the bottom, you will be in the swamp. Expect to see another Blowdart sniper before you enter the swamp.
  12. In this step, you are going to want your Rusted Iron Ring equipped. The water in the swamp will quickly poison you, so you will need to move fast. If you follow the cave wall on your right, you will come to a tunnel with another bonfire in it. I suggest that you work your way from pillar to pillar (they have some dry land around them, allowing your poison meter to empty), but if you feel brave and have the vitality, you can run straight for the bonfire. Be careful as you progress through the swamp; you will encounter Giant Mosquitos. They are more annoying than they are difficult. A stabbing weapon is suggested so that you can keep your shield up, or you can try to pick them off at a distance with a bow/spells. You should always keep an eye out for them as you advance. Note: it is more than likely, if not guaranteed, that you will be poisoned as you progress through the swamp. Instead of wasting a Purple Moss Clump every time you hit a patch of dry land, don't worry about the poison until you're sure you won't be going back in the swamp. The poison does such little damage that it's not worth panicking over.
  13. Regardless of the route you took, you should now be at the bonfire. If you follow the tunnel that the bonfire is in, you will enter a highly suspicious, yet harmless room with a lone chest containing a Dragon Scale. Now, back to the bonfire. As you exit the tunnel, head to the right. You will encounter another cragspider and, if you're in human form, Maneater Mildred will invade and appear on the other side of the pillar to your left. If you stay on the piece of land that you fought the cragspider on, she will come to you. After you defeat her, you can summon her for the boss fight, where she will prove herself to be invaluable (you must still be in human form to summon her).
  14. Continue to work your way to the right of the bonfire, and you will see a wooden ramp with torches (ignore it for now) and a hill with a few more barbarians. These barbarians fight with giant boulders, which cannot be blocked and cause massive damage. These guys are slow, however, so you can easily dodge and backstab them for lots of damage. Once you have defeated them, continue up the hill into a tunnel, which leads right into Quelaag's Domain.

The Great Hollow

Connecting to The Great Hollow is done via a tree path reached from the bottom swamp area of Blighttown.

  1. As you descend into this area, or right after you exit the tunnel with the second bonfire, take a left.
  2. As you run along the wall, you should reach an area with a few Giant Leeches and a large tree branch leading upwards.
  3. In a little room is a body with the Plank Shield. The wall behind it is an illusion, which can be attacked to reveal a room with a treasure chest containing Twin Humanities. Another illusory wall is straight ahead, which shows the entrance to The Great Hollow.
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