Bloathead Sorcerer

Bloathead Sorcerer


Also known as Abyss Guards in the Prepare to Die Edition artbook. Like the regular Bloatheads, Bloathead Sorcerers were once people from the land of Oolacile, corrupted by Manus' influence. However, whereas Bloatheads were once regular citizens, the sorcerers were once practitioners of sorcery.

Like regular Bloatheads, there are two kinds of Bloathead Sorcerers, normal ones and frenzied ones. The latter being more aggressive and dealing more magic damage. The difference is that frenzied Bloathead Sorcerers have glowing red eyes and drop more souls.


Oolacile Township & Chasm of the Abyss

Normal Bloathead Sorcerer
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 300 700
NG+ 471 1,400
NG+6 588 1,750
Frenzied Bloathead Sorcerer
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 300 900
NG+ 471 1,800
NG+6 588 2,250


Item Chance* Notes
Bloated Sorcerer Head 1%
Oolacile Catalyst 0.5%
Green Titanite Shard x1 5%
Green Titanite Shard x2 1%
I'm Sorry Carving 100% Dropped by Sorcerer near the chest containing the Dark Orb

*Item drop rates can be improved by increasing Item Discovery


  • Will cast any of these three Dark Sorceries:
  • At melee range they may attack you with their catalysts, causing Poison buildup if it hits or give you a degrading shove in the face with the palm of their large hand (staggers character).


Striking them with a weapon that has fire damage can stagger them due to their low poise (Example:Chaos Great Scythe).
Melee: If fighting them one-on-one, move in close and stagger them quickly to prevent their casting. They may manage to teleport/dodge a short distance away from you, with a weapon that has good reach you can continue striking them even after they have teleported. Do not underestimate their melee attacks, be sure to block with a shield or dodge when necessary. If you see them using a fog spell, steer clear, and maintain distance. If you find yourself against two at once, lure one closer to you if you can, otherwise, try ranged.
Ranged: A decent bow and a number of arrows can stagger them to stop them from casting while dealing enough damage to take them down. Dodge their ranged attacks or use the silver pendant, then begin staggering them. As with melee, it's best to take them one at a time, but fighting at range can give you the advantage of placing yourself in a position where only one is capable of attacking you.

Tip: If you have no means of ranged attacks and must fight a group of sorcerers and regular bloatheads at the same time, running past the regular bloatheads and going for the sorcerers first is recommended. The magic attacks will kill you faster than a few punches from the regulars will.

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