Blowdart Sniper
Blowdart Sniper


A non-respawning, long range enemy that quietly fires toxic darts in your direction. They can be difficult to see from a distance and provide a significant threat if you are without Blooming Purple Moss Clumps or decent poison resistance, although they have low HP and are easy to kill once you've encountered them. Interestingly, they use the same death vocalizations as the Dreglings from Demon's Souls.


Placed at strategic locations throughout the area. Does not respawn.
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 93 500
NG+ 179 1,500
NG+6 224 1,875


Item Chance*
Purple Moss Clump x1 100%
Purple Moss Clump x2 30%
Blooming Purple Moss Clump 10%

*Item drop rates can be improved by increasing Item Discovery


  • Toxic Blowdarts - the blowdart projectiles are small and don't leave a noticeable trail in the air. It won't stagger you when you're hit, but will stop you for several moments when blocked with a shield. Have high Toxic buildup and equally high Toxic damage over time (at 14 HP per 0.6 seconds)
  • Has a rare melee push attack. It stuns the player like a kick and also causes Toxic buildup.


  • Equip high Poison-resistant gear. Read the Toxic page for more information.
  • Always keep your shield up, and immediately scan your surroundings if your Toxic bar suddenly raises and/or your character suddenly blocked "something" when there's no apparent enemy in front of you. Identify where the Blowdart Sniper is and then rush him. If he has company, try to keep a wall or terrain between the two of you while you deal with the other enemies.
  • If desperate, suicidally killing the Sniper at any cost will solve the problem forever, even if you die, as they don't respawn.
  • You won't find Blowdart Snipers placed next to each other or on the other's immediate vision range, so you don't need to worry about pincer attack by snipers when you are looking for a sniper. The only exception is in the room surrounding the Fire Keeper Soul, where there are several snipers accompanied by Flaming Attack Dogs.
  • If you have no Blooming Purple Moss Clumps ready, and your toxic bar is near full, you can force yourself to Toxic status by throwing a Dung Pie. Status effect doesn't care about what builds up the bar, but only what attack makes the bar full (thus triggering the status effect). So, even if your bar gets near full by getting shot by the snipers, the toxic HP damage-over-time is more manageable because Dung Pie toxin does roughly half the damage of blowdart toxin.
    • In places where you can't predict where/when you will get shot by toxic darts (i.e. the aforementioned room surrounding the Fire Keeper Soul), then you may want to throw Dung Pies until you're toxic before entering the Snipers' line of sight. If you're already inflicted with toxin, the toxic darts will have no effect on you.
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