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Bonfires act as checkpoints in Dark Souls, scattered strategically across Lordran. Most bonfires are unlit when you first find them. You need to light it first to be able to rest at it and access its features. "Resting" occurs when golden smoke obscures the screen.

Resting at a bonfire has several effects:


These are also applied when you respawn at a bonfire.

When resting, you can access the bonfire menu. Initially, you can only attune spells, change to human form, and kindle the bonfire once. After obtaining certain items, you may perform other activities such as managing or repairing your equipment.


By offering accumulated Humanity, you may regain human form (reverse hollowing) or kindle the bonfire.1 Kindling increases the maximum number of Estus Flask charges by 5 and up to a max of 20. To kindle a bonfire more than once you need to have the Rite of Kindling. The bonfire's flame grows each time it gets kindled. Appearance and level of kindling stay upgraded, even after proceeding to New Game+.

Kindling your bonfire when online will also give a free single Estus charge to other players who previously rested at the same bonfire. If this happens, the receiving player will see a "soul-sucking" animation but colored orange.


  • Using Homeward Miracle, a Homeward Bone, or the Darksign will teleport you to the last bonfire rested at and applies the "resting" effect as if you just died.
  • You cannot use a bonfire when an enemy (hostile NPCs included) enters the bonfire area or you have another player online connected to your world (whether it's for co-op or PvP). The bonfire will shrink to its unlit state until the enemy is gone or the guest player(s) leave your world, where the bonfire will return to its previous state accompanied by the bonfire kindling sound effect.
    • Similar to multiplayer items, this can also be used for signalling invasions: the bonfire will shrink even before the invasion message comes out.
  • Warping to another bonfire does not count as resting at that bonfire, so you will respawn upon death on the last bonfire rested at, although some of the effects of having rested at one (like respawned enemies, life bar restored, etc.) will still occur when you warp. Your Estus Flask won't be refilled, though.
  • Resting at a bonfire to respawn enemies can be used to farm souls if necessary. Check the Soul Farming page for more details.
  • To fully upgrade all bonfires, 108 Humanity is needed, assuming you do not die and lose human form. With Additional Content, 120 is needed.
  • To make a bonfire available for warping, you have to rest on it. Simply light it will not be enough.

List of Bonfires

Lordvessel warpable bonfires in bold
Area Name Bonfire Name Landmark Notable For… Nearby Areas…
Undead Asylum Undead Asylum 1 courtyard Firelink Shrine
Undead Asylum 2 after boss room
Firelink Shrine Firelink Shrine central hub Fire Keeper Anastacia of Astora, Way of White Covenant Undead Burg, Undead Parish, Catacombs,
New Londo Ruins, Lower Undead Burg, Undead Asylum
Firelink Altar Lordvessel Cannot be kindled Firelink Shrine, Kiln of the First Flame
Undead Burg Undead Burg below Hellkite Dragon bridge Undead Parish, Lower Undead Burg
Sunlight Altar after Hellkite Dragon Warrior of Sunlight Covenant Undead Parish
Undead Parish Undead Parish (1.06/PtDE only) by Andre of Astora Blacksmith Sen's Fortress, Darkroot Garden
Darkroot Garden Darkroot Garden illusory wall by Crest of Artorias door Forest Hunter Covenant Undead Parish, Darkroot Basin
Darkroot Basin Darkroot Basin by Valley of Drakes elevator near Hydra Undead Burg, Valley of Drakes, Sanctuary Garden
Depths Depths (1.06/PtDE only) door after slimes and torch hollows need Sewer Chamber Key or Master Key Lower Undead Burg
Blighttown Blighttown Catwalk swaying catwalk The Depths
Blighttown Swamp drain pipe near elevator Queelag's Domain, The Great Hollow
Quelaag's Domain Daughter of Chaos illusory wall below bell Fire Keeper Quelaag's Sister, Chaos Servant Covenant Blighttown, Demon Ruins, Lost Izalith
The Great Hollow The Great Hollow before tree descent Blighttown
Ash Lake Ash Lake after tree descent near Hydra The Great Hollow
Stone Dragon end of Ash Lake Path of the Dragon Covenant
Demon Ruins Demon Ruins Entrance before Ceaseless Discharge Queelag's Domain
Demon Ruins Staircase before Demon Firesage guarded by rockworm Lost Izalith
Demon Ruins Catacombs before Centipede Demon below Daughter of Chaos elevator Queelag's Domain. Lost Izalith
Lost Izalith Lost Izalith Lava Pits after Centipede Demon Solaire of Astora Demon's Ruins
Lost Izalith 2 illusory wall in the dino pool Demon's Ruins
Heart of Chaos after defeating Bed of Chaos
Sen's Fortress Sen's Fortress upper path Anor Londo
Anor Londo Anor Londo downstairs from large open area Fire Keeper Lady of the Darkling Sen's Fortress, Duke's Archives
Darkmoon Tomb statue room near spiral staircase Blade of the Darkmoon Covenant Painted World
Anor Londo Residence fireplace room Solaire of Astora
Chamber of the Princess after defeating Smough & Ornstein Princess's Guard Covenant
Painted World of Ariamis Painted World of Ariamis (1.06/PtDE only) after entrance bridge close to Phalanx shortcut door
The Duke's Archives Duke's Archives 1 before fighting Seath first time Anor Londo
Duke's Archives 2 prison cell
Duke's Archives 3 (1.06/PtDE only) balcony near Crystal Caves Crystal Caves
Crystal Cave Crystal Cave after defeating Seath
Catacombs Catacombs 1 first necromancer Firelink Shrine
Catacombs 2 illusory wall
Catacombs 3 (Remastered only) by Vamos Blacksmith Tomb of Giants
Tomb of the Giants Tomb of Giants 1 (1.06/PtDE only) by Patches Catacombs
Tomb of Giants 2
Altar of the Gravelord after defeating Gravelord Nito Gravelord Servant Covenant
The Abyss The Abyss after defeating Four Kings Darkwraith Covenant New Londo Ruins
Sanctuary Garden Sanctuary Garden Oolacile Sanctuary
Oolacile Sanctuary Oolacile Sanctuary after defeating Sanctuary Guardian Sanctuary Garden, Royal Wood
Oolacile Township Oolacile Township after defeating Artorias Royal Wood, Battle of Stoicism Gazebo
Oolacile Township Dungeon past the Chained Prisoner Chasm of the Abyss
Chasm of the Abyss Chasm of the Abyss after defeating Manus Royal Wood, Oolacile Township
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