Book of the Guilty


In-Game Description

Online play item.
Check list of indicted players.

The Goddess of Sin Velka oversees this list
of the guilty, who have disrespected the Gods
or their covenants, and shall one day face
the wrath of the Blades of the Darkmoon.



  • View a list of players who have sinned by receiving indictments
  • View your own rank amongst sinners


  • Entries in the Book of the Guilty associate the player's PSN ID or Gamertag and the specific character. Therefore there may be multiple entries for the same PSN ID with different amounts of sins for each character. However, using the function to view your own rank will only find the ranking of your currently loaded character.
  • Players who are killed by Darkmoon invaders will lose 1 point of sin from their rank in the book.
  • It can sometimes take a few moments for the Book of the Guilty to update its ranking. Checking the book once, especially on a freshly-loaded character, may not inform the player of their accurate sin count.
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