Broken Pendant


In-Game Description

Half of a broken stone pendant.
The vine appears to originate from Oolacile.

A powerful magic can be sensed from this
ancient stone. Yet men of this time can
neither manipulate nor sense its power,
which has a distinct air consisting of
both reverence and nostalgia.


The Duke's Archives Crystal Golem drop

  1. Rescue Dusk of Oolacile from the Golden Crystal Golem behind the Darkroot Basin Hydra
  2. Obtain the Lordvessel at Anor Londo and place the Lordvessel in the Firelink Altar
  3. Warp to Anor Londo and take the path leading to The Duke's Archives. Take the first elevator up into the Archives
  4. You will find a Crystal Golem in the foyer area just before the library with a mob of Undead Crystal Soldiers. Kill the Crystal Golem for the Broken Pendant.


Allows a portal to Sanctuary Garden (thus accessing the Additional Content) to spawn in the Darkroot Basin, in the cove near Dusk's Golden Crystal Golem.


  • Remember that you have to purchase the Artorias of the Abyss unlock key first or be playing the Prepare to Die edition for the Golem to be able to drop the pendant.
  • If you kill the Duke's Archives Crystal Golem before rescuing Dusk, the Golem will not drop the broken pendant. Don't worry if you do this, the Golem respawns and will still drop the pendant when you return with the proper conditions met.
  • The portal is actually one way. To return to non-Additional Content areas, you can use the Lordvessel's bonfire warp feature.
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