Capra Demon
Capra Demon


A lesser demon resembling a humanoid with a goat's head, wielding two large machetes. He has two Undead Attack Dogs with him.


Lower Undead Burg
After the area with the Undead Attack Dogs and Undead Assassins.

Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 1,176 6,000
NG+ 2,940 30,000
NG+6 3,675 37,500



Attack Patterns

  • Basic horizontal swings, up to 4 hits in a combo (*two 2-hit combos consecutively*).
  • Two handed swing, has a long windup. Don't try to block it, move away from him when you see him wielding his blades together.
  • Jump attack, telegraphed by standing still and crouching a bit. Will cause knock down, high damage and break through shields. Often uses it when you climb the stairs. Note: On NG, this attack can be blocked completely using a Balder Shield upgraded to +5, with stamina level at 12 ENDURANCE. You will have about a sliver of stamina left, assuming your stamina was at full before blocking.


You fight this boss in a very small room, and there are two Undead Attack Dogs in there as well. Getting rid of the Attack Dogs is your first priority, as you will get combo'd to death otherwise. If you run up the stairs in the back of the room and get on the archway you should be able to kill the dogs up there. Be careful, however, as the Capra Demon can still reach you up there, albeit it sometimes takes a bit to get up the stairs.

After you kill the dogs, you can also use the jumping slash from up on the archway against the Demon to deal a fair amount of damage. It's not nearly as effective as it was against the previous boss, however.

The first 10 seconds of the battle generally will determine the outcome of this fight, since once you eliminate the Attack Dogs the boss becomes easier to handle. A shield can absorb the majority of the damage from the demon's standard swings. If you happen to notice it using a two handed overhead swing, do not try and block it, as it will almost always prove fatal.

The Capra Demon's path is fairly straightforward due to the small size of the room, leaving his movement very linear. At the start of the fight run for the stairs, the Demon's will try to jump attack you when it gets to the stairs making him fall below you. Alternatively, you can bait out the jump attack without running for the stairs by running towards the Demon immediately, and then moving backwards. This gives ample amount of time to start clearing out the dogs and making your way to the stairs.

Melee need to use a shield and be able to dodge the Demon. Circling is key, so you can more easily avoid his attacks. Counter attacking is recommended after it does two handed swings, as it recovers much more quickly from one-handed swings and will usually retaliate against anything you do.
(I find that you can get a counterattack anytime he attacks using his left hand.)

The Capra Demon has two movement animations: one where it walks around slowly, and another where it dashes. Keep an eye on the demon's current movement animation when attempting to flee up the stairs, because he may be hot on your tail without you realizing it.

In all honesty, the main issue when fighting this boss is your own camera. Combined with the tiny area and zoomed out view, most of the time while I fought with him I could hardly see a thing, just the foliage on the walls around us.

Apart from the attack dogs, another problem with this boss is that most of the time he starts with a double handed strike when one enters through the fog gate. This attack is not blockable by low level characters and causes serious damage. In order to counter this, one has to immediatly dodge when one enters through the gate. Jumping to the right is not a good option, because one will get cornered by one attack dog and the Demon most of the time hits you anyway. The best way of dodging this initial attack is not to lock on after getting through the gate. Then walk towards the stairs and once he's in the air dogde straight forward. Normally he should miss you, because you'll end up right next to him. Then run straight up the stairs and kill the dogs.
With this tactic their is a risk that you'll get cornered between the second attack dog and the Demon after dodging its initial attack. But since the Demon needs a while to recover, it is possible to immediatly hit the dog and kill it. (note that I used a weapon which could kill the dogs with one blow)

If you feel comfortable enough doing it, an effective way to deal with the Attack Dogs is to remain still for several seconds after entering the boss room. So long as you don't panic, you should be able to easily dodge whatever attack the Capra Demon uses and quickly kill the first dog. Remaining still is actually fairly effective as the second attack dog won't aggro onto you until you enter in further, and so long as you're patient here you should be able to easily eliminate the first one within the first few seconds of the fight.

Since the Capra Demon is a chaos demon, Black Knight weapons gain a damage bonus against him. In the first playthrough this bonus is quite substantial. It is possible, at this stage of the game (on NG, before Kiln of the First Flame), for the player to have acquired the Black Knight Sword, the Black Knight Greatsword, or the Black Knight Halberd (or all three). They are all good weapons but slow, therefore fairly tricky to use in this fight, considering the presence of two Undead Attack Dogs (the Halberd and the Greatsword are also very heavy). Not to mention in the first playthrough, without grinding and overleveling a character, it is not very likely that the player can properly wield either the Greatsword or the Halberd when facing the Capra Demon. As a result, despite their strong points, these weapons might not be the best choices for this fight. A thrusting weapon might prove more effective, since the player can keep his shield up and attack at the same time, which could make it much easier to deal with the dogs, given careful management of stamina reserve. Good choices include the Spear, the Rapier, the Winged Spear, the Partizan, and the Pike. You can equip a second weapon in the other weapon slot so you can switch to it if you want to.

The Wolf Ring provides 40 Poise, which is enough by itself to prevent being staggered by the Undead Attack Dogs, unless you take several hits in rapid succession. This makes dodging the Capra Demon's attacks much less stressful.

Melee - Lure him up the stairs

A useful tactic I applied against this boss was luring him up the stairs. Make sure he is almost at the foot of the stairs. Then when he starts walking up the stairs, walk up towards the end. When he's about half way jump off and walk past him, so when he jumps down you won't get cornered. After a few seconds he'll follow you and jumps off as well. He'll then need some time to recover from the fall. While he's recovering it is possible to hit him two or three times without being hit back. melee video

Applying some Charcoal Pine Resin to your weapon will make this go a bit faster because the Capra Demon is weak to fire. Throwing firebombs is also extremely effective. Wait for the Demon to slowly walk up the stairs (if he rushes you then jump off as normal), and heave a Firebomb or two while you wait for him. You could even forgo melee attacks and use firebombs exclusively to kill him by just throwing firebombs when he jumps off the stairs after you've successfully lured him.

Melee - Plunging Attack

Alternatively, you can utilize plunging attacks to kill him. After dispatching his dogs, you can freely run up the stairs and run across the ledge at the top of the stairs to the left. The Capra Demon will either follow you up the stairs or attack aimlessly below the ledge. When climbing the stairs, he will rarely use his leaping ground slam which can reach you on the ledge. It can be blocked with any 100% physical block shield but hurts quite a bit unblocked. In either case, he will end up below you. Quickly use a plunging attack, roll away and run back up the stairs before the Demon attacks you. As you are up on the ledge, it is also a "safe" place to kill his dogs. a spear is recommended so you don't hit the wall. they will jump and attack you, usually hitting you then falling off the ledge. If you see the Demon start walking away from you, this is a prime time to hit him with Pyromancies, magic or firebombs if you have them. He will then proceed to run off the stairs where a few possible outcomes can occur. More often than not, we will run up half way, jump off and try to attack you. this attack is easily blocked. Less frequently, he will go all the way up the stairs and try to attack you face to face. Almost every time he will take a step onto the archway you're on and slide off back down below. Lastly, and although it's rare, he can actually step onto the ledge without sliding off like he usually does. You can block all of his attacks, and hope he will slide off, or simply jump off the arch and he will follow, then run back up to the arch.

Melee - Hidden Body

Circumventing the dogs to reach the stairs being my biggest problem I tried to use Hidden Body before the fog. I was mildly surprised that it does not wear off as soon as you pass the fog. Being hidden did not prevent the demon from attacking me, but the dogs wouldn't attack me right away. I was able to reach the stairs, kill the dog on the stairs and then the second one after that. Without the dogs, the demon was just a game of patience. Hidden Body greatly helped in the first 15 seconds of the battle. (Ring of Fog also works surprisingly well.) You can also supplement this strategy by using the Aural Decoy Sorcery, which Capra will attack allowing you to deal with the dogs.

Melee - Bleed

The Capra Demon is susceptible to bleed build up / damage; this was confirmed by using only an un-upgraded bandit's knife and looking for tear damage / listening for the bleed sound. A fast striking, upgraded bleed weapon such as the Bandit's Knife, Iaito, or Uchigatana along with a 100% block shield (Knight Shield for example) should make the fight easier.

Cheap method - Toxic damage

You can toxify the Capra Demon from outside of the fog gate by manually aiming Dung Pies (available from the Undead Merchant Female) and throwing them over the wall at the correct angle. Video demonstration:

Help with Attack Dogs

I had a real problem evading the dogs -they staggered me every time - until I used Aural Decoy. You have to rescue Griggs of Vinheim, after that you can buy this spell from him. Get used to the spell because you have to hit a Surface with it to actually work.
After you walk in, run to the right and cast the spell on the ground - the Dogs AND Capra Demon will now focus on that - you can easily heal or retreat or kill the damn dogs.

Easy Ring of Fog

You can equip the Ring of Fog and the dogs will not go after you, allowing you to punish the Capra Demon undisturbed just don't roll into the middle of the room it will aggro the dogs. I found using sunlight very effective in killing him making him take about seven normal hits NG+.

Lightning Spear

IF you have the miracle Lightning Spear by this point, using it on the Capra Demon will easily chip away 1/10-2/10 of his health.
*Not quite. On a NG playthrough, with the Thorolund Talisman as medium, each Lightning Spear inflicts 391 points of damage to the Capra Demon, which is, in fact, almost exactly 1/3 of his health.*

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