Cat Covenant Ring

cat covenant ring

In Game Description

Ring granted to those bound by the
Forest Hunter covenant.
Answer Alvina's summoning.

The white cat Alvina speaks a human tongue
and has lived since the early Age of Fire.
Alvina was a trusted friend of Knight
Artorias and the Great Wolf Sif.


When wearing this ring Alvina may summon you anytime from almost any place in your world into the world of another player to help her fend off human invaders in the Darkroot Garden
The ring does not appear to work in areas where coop or invasions are impossible, such as the Valley of Drakes or Ash Lake.


Gift from Alvina on joining Forest Hunter Covenant


  • If you kill the invader you'll get souls (depending on your mark's Soul Level)
  • Killing the invading host will also gift you a reward from a set of randomized items, consisting mostly of upgrade materials1. When multiple phantoms invade, every surviving phantom will be rewarded, not only the one landing the killing blow.
  • You do not have to be human for the ring to work, you can still invade as a hollow
  • You may also remove the ring and replace it if you wish once the "Invading" message has popped up. You will still invade
  • This ring can be fed to Kingseeker Frampt for 1000 souls, and as it will appear in the chest behind him as it is a quest item, it can be repeatedly fed to him for 1000 souls (must reload between feedings)

Online Matchmaking

  • Original Version The Cat Covenant ring can invade other players within co-op range beneath them, and any level higher. This means a level 100 player can invade others who are between the levels of 80 - 713
  • Dark Souls Remastered Hosts can be invaded by players who are x - (20 + 0.2x) beneath them, and players who are x + 0.1x above them. This means a level 100 host can be invaded by levels 60 - 110
  • You must be a member of the Forest Hunter Covenant for the ring to function


Very rarely, there is a glitch that occurs that will spawn you in as a Red Phantom, and even more rarely, a White Phantom. You will have the properties of whatever you spawn in as, so if you are a white phantom, you will be able to Co-Op with the host. This is not unique to this item, and can potentially occur with any multiplayer item.

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