Icon Name Maximum Magic Adjustment (varies with Intelligence) Damage Durability Weight Stats Needed
Stat Bonuses
Availability Special Note
beatrice-s-catalyst.png Beatrice's Catalyst 240 40/0/0/0

90 2.0 6/0/10/0

Found in Valley of Drakes after killing The Four Kings. Stats are identical with Sorcerer's Catalyst.
demon-s-catalyst.png Demon's Catalyst 200 110/0/170/0

300 4.0 12/10/10/0

Dropped by Demon Firesage. Secondary attack has Fire damage.
izalith-catalyst.png Izalith Catalyst 240 40/0/0/0

300 2.0 6/0/14/0

Dropped by the Daughter of Chaos. Identical MagAdjust with Beatrice's Catalyst and Sorcerer's Catalyst while having higher durability.
logan-s-catalyst.png Logan's Catalyst 250 46/0/0/0

90 2.0 6/0/24/0

Found in The Duke's Archives after killing the insane Big Hat Logan. Highest MagAdjust after 40 INT, without halving spell usage.
manus-catalyst.png Manus Catalyst 295 190/0/0/0

200 5.0 14/0/13/0

Ascend any other catalyst with Soul of Manus. Halves spell usage.
Secondary attack is axe's overhead smash.
oolacile-catalyst.png Oolacile Catalyst 180 40/0/0/0

55 2.0 6/0/10/0

Dropped by Bloathead Sorcerer. Fixed MagAdjust, doesn't scale with any attributes.
Poison buildup with each melee hit.
oolacile-ivory-catalyst.png Oolacile Ivory Catalyst 180 24/0/0/0

30 0.5 3/0/12/0

Sold by Dusk of Oolacile for 1,000 souls.
Sold by Elizabeth for 1,000 souls.
Fixed MagAdjust, doesn't scale with any attributes.
sorcerer-s-catalyst.png Sorcerer's Catalyst 240 40/0/0/0

90 2.0 6/0/10/0

Sorcerer starting equipment.
Found in Lower Undead Burg.
Sold by Griggs of Vinheim for 500 souls.
Sold by Rickert of Vinheim for 500 souls.
Stats are identical to Beatrice's Catalyst.
tin-banishment-catalyst.png Tin Banishment Catalyst 220 145/0/0/0

160 3.0 10/10/12/0

Found in Blighttown. Secondary attack is spear's thrust.
tin-crystallization-catalyst.png Tin Crystallization Catalyst 315 240/0/0/0

90 2.5 7/0/32/0

Dropped by the insane Big Hat Logan in The Duke's Archives. Halves spell usage.
tin-darkmoon-catalyst.png Tin Darkmoon Catalyst 230 44/0/0/0

60 1.0 4/0/0/16

Ascend any other catalyst with Soul of Gwyndolin. Scales with Faith rather than Intelligence.
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