Ceaseless Discharge


The only son of the Witch of Izalith, now a gigantic lava-demon with fiery tentacles, distorted by the flame of Chaos. Born with sores inflamed with lava, his sisters made him the Orange Charred Ring to ease his pain, but he lost it not long after. He currently guards one of his sister's corpse, and will attack you if steal his sister's Gold Hemmed Black Set. The lava field below is being created by him and his death causes the lava to harden.


Demon Ruins
Just after the first bonfire of Demon Ruins. Cross the bridge to get to his boss fog.

Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 4,200 20,000
NG+ 6,720 40,000
NG+6 8,400 50,000



It's possible to run through the lava and skip the boss if the character has very high vitality and the Dark Wood Grain Ring. Using Flash Sweat and high Fire defense armor recommended. The Demon Ruins' second bonfire won't appear, but you can kill Demon Firesage to make it appear.


  • Magical Weapons
  • Lightning-based attacks

Attack Patterns

His attack patterns change depending on his distance to the player. You can easily see it by his color. If he "cools" down to a darker red he is in close range and won't do his fire breath anymore, but rather his tentacle hits.

  • Slams down on the ground with his tentacles, leaving them there before pulling them back.
  • Frontal cone of fire - Only done when far away, deals a lot of damage and also does a knock-back.
  • Stabs ground multiple times with tentacles directly in front of it.
  • Swipes tentacle across arena.
  • Double swipe then smashes arena with tentacles.


There are two main strategies to deal with him: Killing him like a normal boss battle; or making him fall to the pit below, instantly killing him.

Instant Kill (Video)

  1. a) Make him hostile by stealing the Gold Hemmed Black Set, he'll take out his big limb, creating a gaping fiery hole in his chest. If you make him hostile by attacking him, he won't take out the limb.

    b) If you failed the first time and you already got the Gold Hemmed Black Set, you must return to the altar where you loot the corpse to make him take out his limb again. Be wary that he will attack you on your way to the altar from the fog door.
  2. Run all the way back to the fog door.
  3. If done correctly, he will leap to your position and throw his big limb on the cliff. This attack hurts so make sure you avoid it.
  4. Attack either arm until you see his entire life bar spontaneously turn yellow. He will release the ledge and fall to his death.

Normal Boss Battle

It is important to note that you do not need to claim the Gold Hemmed Black Set in order to make Ceaseless Discharge hostile. While he will not attack you until you claim the set, you can force him to attack by attacking him first. From just outside the L-shaped corridor let loose a single arrow. If you are close enough for it to hit, he will awaken and engage. This is especially important for anyone choosing to use the Non-Confrontational Melee Strategy below as getting back to the corridor can spell death quite quickly.

New Stair Melee Method (Video)

Once you have caused the Ceaseless Discharge to become hostile, you will want to run back around the L shaped hallway and down the stairs to wait for the boss. When the boss starts walking past the stairs you will want to run back up the stairs and wait for him to preform his attack animation. When he starts to attack you want to run down the stairs and wait for the smoke to clear from his arm and then run up and land a few attacks. You will then rinse and repeat this method of baiting and running until he is dead. NOTE: His horizontal sweeping attack will always go over your head if you run down the stairs.

Standard Melee (Video)

If you don't feel up to using an exploit or other "cheap" strategy to kill him, here's how a classic melee build can deal with him. Basically, you want to be on the narrowest part of the cliff, between the L-shaped corridor and the inlet with the Gold-Hemmed Black Set. In this area, Ceaseless Discharge will only use two attack patterns: his single vertical slam, and his double vertical slam. The single one is easy to avoid. I had more luck when I went one way when he was charging back and roaring, then quickly rolling the other way as the tentacle came down. Once he's slammed, unlock your targeting reticule and lay into him two-handed (put your shield away for this one, it'll do you no good).

His double slam is a bit trickier. I didn't have much luck avoiding the first one, but if you have the vitality to survive the first slam (around 20 or so for me) then you always have enough time to roll out of the second one if you just mash roll while you're getting up. Once you're done attacking and he's withdrawn his tentacle, quickly swig an Estus flask, you should have plenty enough time before he attacks again.

Ceaseless Discharge doesn't have a lot of hit points, so when you get used to his attack patterns it's a quick fight.

Non-Confrontational Melee (Video)

At the bend of this boss arena there is a small area that is mostly out of reach from the boss. Go to this area and face the side which overlooks the campsite (the way you came in). Stay all the way in the back, the boss will approach then pause to look at you, roll to the right immediately and you will avoid his attack. At this point move back to where the boss's arm is now temporarily lodged and get off 3-4 hits. You may hit the wall in front of you but will still do damage to the boss. It's possible, and not entirely difficult to defeat him without getting hit using this strategy. (however with recent update's this tactic will not work or glitch and may result in actually fighting Ceaseless Discharge)

Safe Melee

A much safer means of taking on Ceaseless Discharge lies in the L-shaped corridor that connects the main walkway with the altar section. Once you grab the Armor and make him hostile, run to the little corridor and back to the main walkway area. Draw him to the walkway but do not leave the corridor. Once he is there run back through the little corridor to the corner, make sure he sees you but make sure you are around the corner for the first attack as he can kill you with one hit if you have a low vitality score. You will see him charge up by raising his many 'limbs' and giving a sort of roar. At this distance his 'limb' will come just to the corner, but back away around the corner with your shield up just to be safe. He can sometimes get you through the corner if you are too close to it. There will be no blast of fire at this range. Simply run around the corner, hack the limb till he pulls it away, stay exposed so he sees you again and charges up his limb attack, back around the corner till attacks and attack again. With the Drake Sword +2 he can be taken down in about 5 to 7 minutes in NG.

Safe Alternative Melee/Slightly Ranged Strategy

Contrary to what the Official Strategy Guide book says, the safest way to fight him without hiding from him is against the attack in which he dips his hand in the lava and does the slam in which shoots fire out. Against the regular slam and sweep attacks with a character that had 8 Vitality, 20 Stamina, and a Eagle Shield +14 at SL67 (this is a Mage Build, so I can't vouch for something with 40 Stamina or more Vitality) will kill you in one hit regardless of blocking or not. Getting hit by the fire attack (not the tentacle included) with the Gold-Hemmed (fire resistant) armor (I also might of gotten hit with a naked character before) I survived the flame attack. So you can heal.

The main idea is not to get hit, though. With a fairly light Equip Weight and the Dark Wood Grain Ring (Ninja Flip… You might be able to do it with a very light Equip Load and no ring) being in the large center stage next to where the Gold-Hemmed clothes are you can stay around the middle range of the area (right past where his tentacle will reach to slam down for the fire slam) and bait out the fire slam. When he starts the the wind up (this is the only attack he will do at this range) I started strafing left WHILE LOCKED-ON (probably easier not locked on and just sprinting left) and right as the attack comes out flip to the left and the fire slam will miss you completely and his tentacle will be exposed so you can whack it 3-4 times before he draws it back. If you do get hit (like I did once) then just get up and smack the exposed tentacle until he starts drawing it back and then you will still have enough time to heal and then repeat. Do so until he is dead. The main thing to take away is that it seems the tracking from the slam when strafing to the left is very weak which makes it easy to avoid the killer blow.

Great-shield Melee Strategy (requires stamina and stability on the shield)

If you rush into the arena and stand slightly forward from the exit from the L shaped corridor, he will almost continuously spam his fire tentacle cone attack (If on the off chance he uses his huge explosion from his body attack, just block it. It should do rather minimal damage compared to the fire tentacle). So stand just within his range and when he begins to perform the attack, back up out of the range and raise your shield (great shield with like 75 stability and about 100 or so max stamina should be able to block it) to block the the flames. Then run in and attack the tentacle two handed about 2-3 times. Then repeat. Heal when you become too low. Combining this strategy with the Gold-Hemmed Black Set, Flash Sweat Spell, and the fire resistance ring makes you easily able to block about 2 or 3 fires before needing to heal (depending on vitality of course). I have yet to try this strategy in New game +.

Safe Zone - Ranged

In the L shaped corridor, there is a safe zone where his attacks can not hit you, making him easily killed with arrows. Marked in the images above, if standing behind the purple line, you will be untouched by CD's attacks. To be extra safe: if you stand with your back against the wall, you will never take damage. Provided you don't leave his line-of-sight, he won't move. Be warned that if killing the Ceaseless Discharge with the Dragonslayer Greatbow, you will take a step back and eventually have to readjust your position.

Tank Caster

If you remain in the dead end where you can find the Gold Hemmed Black Set, you are a sitting duck for its strikes. However, provided you have enough HP, defense and/or fire resistance, you should be able to survive the hit (I've only seen it use one strike at a time when I tried this). As soon as you get on your feet, cast your spells ON THE TENTACLES, the lock targets the body but you are too far for the spells to hit. You can also strike madly at the tentacles. As soon as it withdraws the tentacles, heal yourself to the max and repeat. Works well with Crystal Soul Spear since it means that you have enough INT to make your spells dangerous. Worked for me in NG+ with 62 INT, Beatrice's Catalyst, Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring and Crown of the Dark Sun: I fired six or seven crystal spears and about eight normal spears and I wasted between a third and a half of them by targeting the body uselessly.

Alternate Melee with Power Within

Another Melee strategy is to simply cast Power Within and then shoot him with an arrow. If he only slams his tentacle down once, you can easily avoid this and then attack with a high damage weapon. (I was using a Black Knight Sword +5 and I did ~1400 damage every 3 hits.) This strategy, however, leaves you very vulnerable if you get caught in his tentacle's shockwave and if you do not heal, it can kill you easily.

Dark Bead Strategy

Use Dark Bead with Crown of Dusk and Tin Crystallization Catalyst with 50+ Intelligence when he comes forwards after a slam attack. Every orb will hit and he won't be able to survive 3 Dark Bead casts.

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