Ceaseless Discharge


The only son of the Witch of Izalith, Ceaseless Discharge was born with sores inflamed by lava. His sisters made him the Orange Charred Ring to ease his pain, but he lost it not long after. Now a gigantic lava demon with fiery tentacles distorted by the flame of Chaos, he is currently guardian to one of his sister's corpses. He will attack you if you steal his sister's Gold Hemmed Black Set. The lava field below is being created by him; only his death causes the lava to harden.


Demon Ruins
Just after the first bonfire of Demon Ruins. Cross the bridge to get to his boss fog.

Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 4,200 20,000
NG+ 6,720 40,000
NG+6 8,400 50,000



It is possible to run through the lava and skip the boss if the character has very high vitality and the Dark Wood Grain Ring. Using Flash Sweat and high Fire defense armor is recommended. The second bonfire in the Demon Ruins won't appear but you can kill Demon Firesage to make it appear.


  • Magical weapons
  • Lightning-based attacks

Flash Sweat and Iron Flesh are effective pyromancies at reducing the damage taken.

Attack Patterns

His attack patterns change depending on his distance to the player. You can easily see it by his color. If he "cools" down to a darker red he is in close range and won't do his fire breath anymore, but rather his tentacle hits.

  • Slams down on the ground with his tentacles, leaving them there before pulling them back
  • Frontal cone of fire — only done when far away — which deals a lot of damage and also does a knock-back
  • Stabs ground multiple times with tentacles directly in front of it
  • Swipes tentacle across arena
  • Double swipe then smashes arena with tentacles


Fall to Death

The perhaps easiest way to defeat this boss is to make him fall to death (video). No particular preparations are required for this.

  1. Make him hostile by stealing the Gold Hemmed Black Set from the corpse at the altar or, if already done so, by running back to the altar.
  2. Immediately afterwards run all the way back to the fog gate.
  3. If done correctly, he will leap to your position and throw his big limb on the cliff. This attack does huge damage so be sure to dodge it.
  4. Attack either arm until you see his entire life bar drain away. He will release the ledge and fall to his death which will cause the lava to harden.

Up and Close Using the Stairs

The stairs can be used fairly well to dodge his close-range attacks (video).

  1. Wait at the bottom of the stairwell until he starts walking past.
  2. Then run to the top of the stairs to bait out an attack and immediately run back down again.
  3. If done correctly, he should miss, allowing you to run back up and attack.

Using the Small Crevice

There is a small crevice between the stairs and where the boss sleeps. If you stand in the central bend he will pace outside the left side opening. If you step out from the back wall and wait his melted face will appear & he will move & slam his 'arm' on you. This can do about 500 HP damage & is hard to avoid,(You can sometimes run against a sloped part of the wall on your left and avoid the attack) but he leaves his arm lying on the ground for a quick assault. When the arm withdraws step behind the rock & drink an Estus Flask. Depending on your weapon strength you may slay him in 5 repetitions. He will fall in to his own lava lake.


One of his upper tentacle-limbs can be shot from the back corner of the crevice. If you sit in the spot that is safe from his melee attack, he will walk back and face his original resting placet. From there, only two of his limbs will be visible. Zooming in with a longbow, you can time your shot on the upper appendage, just as the lower one cycles towards its lowest point, and does not cause him to aggro. At around 27 points of damage per shot, it should take under 200 arrows.

A Sorcerer can very quickly take him down with a few Soul Spears (attuned twice) either by hitting his limb or walking right to the edge and hitting his body. This can be a tricky strategy due to that his smash attacks will likely kill you in one hit, just get a hit or two in to aggro him, dodge his attack, and with 40 int you should be able to take him down before he can attack again. It is preferable to hit his body rather than his limb so that you are guaranteed the hit but do what is easiest for you.

Dark Bead is a good alternative as it does high damage and is very easy to hit all the beads, either on his tentacle or when he leans forward.

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