Chained Prisoner

chained prisoner


An enemy completely covered in chains that uses a spike protruding from its back and a ball attached to a chain as weapons. The chains around him will make your weapon bounce back, thus exposing yourself to his attack.


Oolacile Township
Found guarding the elevator to the Chasm of the Abyss.
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 1,280 1,000
NG+ 2,009 2,000
NG+6 2,512 2,500


20% chance to drop any piece of the Chain Set. Multiple dropping at once is possible.


  • Swipe
  • Straight forward charging poke
  • 360 chain boulder swing
  • Overhead boulder slam



  • Try using a fast weapon if you don't have a lot of stamina
  • Try using a heavy weapon held with 2 hands and you won't suffer knockback.
  • Mind your stamina: you will need a lot to block some of his attacks.
  • He's vulnerable to strike type attacks, so hammers will work. A good choice is Dragon Bone Fist because it's both fast and has a strike attack.
  • Since you will encounter him in a great hall, there is plenty of room for you to roll around to avoid his devastating stone attacks.


  • For a chained prisoner, he moves very fast. Best magic to deal with him would be Great Combustion or Wrath of the Gods, if you have enough to kill him.
  • If you have Homing Crystal Soulmass and Crystal Soul Spear, charge up your soulmass first, then nuke him to death with your spears. The soulmass serves as a stun mechanism in case he gets too close to you, but also deals a fair bit of damage.

Cheap poison arrows

  • Stand close to the elevator
  • If you have a good bow and equip Hawk Ring, your poison arrows will hit him
  • It takes about five arrows to poison him
  • Let the poison do its job until it wear off
  • Hit him again with five more shots of poison arrows
  • Repeat until he dies. It will be a while. But it will be safe.

Non-confrontational Strategy

Required: Ring of Fog, Slumbering Dragoncrest ring, and fast roll (mid-roll acceptable).

  • Get close enough to the chained prisoner to aggro him and lure him a short distance outside room he is contained in.
  • Run back around him once he forgets about you towards the elevator shortcut but, do not activate it unless you want to deal with two enemies.
  • Stay hidden in the passage to the elevator until he goes back to his post, facing away.
  • Activate the shortcut and be glad he can't hear you.
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