Chaos Bug
Chaos Bug


Small hopping insects found on the pathway between the Demon Ruins and Lost Izalith. They have no means of inflicting damage. There is one with a unique, red glow to its eyes that does not respawn. The red-eyed Chaos Bug provides a useful item and is linked with Solaire of Astora's storyline.


Demon Ruins & Lost Izalith
At the shortcut between the two areas, where the gate unlockable with the Chaos Servant covenant is found. Turn right before the Demon Firesage boss fog to find a tunnel full of roots. Three of them are on the Demon Ruins side, and six of them (including the red-eyed Bug) are on the Lost Izalith side.

Regular Chaos Bugs
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 79 30
NG+ 126 60
NG+6 158 75
Red-eyed Chaos Bug
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 79 100
NG+ 126 200
NG+6 158 250


Item Chance*
Sunlight Medal 3%
Red Titanite Chunk 0.5%

*Item drop rates can be improved by increasing Item Discovery
Sunlight Medals and Red Titanite Chunk can not drop from the same kill.
The red-eyed bug instead is guaranteed to drop the Sunlight Maggot.


The red-eyed Chaos Bug is linked with Solaire of Astora's storyline. Check his page for more details and tips.

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