Chaos Servant
quelaag's sister
Quelaag's Sister


After the Bed of Chaos incident, the daughters of the Witch of Izalith are scattered. Quelaag and one of her sisters came to Blighttown and settled there. The natives who serve them are called the Chaos Servants. The natives were infected with the Blightpus, but Quelaag's Sister swallowed it all, making her sick in the process, even though Quelaag ordered her not to. Now, the Chaos Servants help their Fair Lady by feeding her humanity to alleviate her pain.


This covenant is mostly for PvE and role-playing purposes. For PvE, this is the only covenant that can open a shortcut to access a part of the game earlier and can save an NPC on his quest, making him available to aid you in the final boss fight. Joining this covenant and ranking up in it also makes some Chaos Pyromancies available, in addition to the shortcut between Demon Ruins and Lost Izalith. For role-playing purpose, giving Humanities to the Fair Lady makes her healthier (this is only cosmetic effect). The game even tracks the Humanity given to the Fair Lady as a kind of game score, available to see with the Servant Roster.


Quelaag's Sister is still alive.

How to Join

  1. Proceed to Quelaag's Domain, pass the Chaos Witch Quelaag boss area, and go down the stairs.
  2. Pass the lever for the second bell and proceed down another set of stairs.
  3. Once down those, walk almost directly across the room, over the green plate, and to an illusory wall. Hit the wall to reveal a hidden passage. You can also use Seek Guidance to show a developer message pointing at the wall.
  4. Go through the passage and either kill or talk to the Egg Carrier NPC called Eingyi who is blocking your path; your covenant membership will not be affected by his demise, but he can prove a useful vendor. Answer with "Yes" to his question, and he will move out of your way. If you accidentally answer "No", save your game and quit, then reload, and he will ask you again.
  5. Talk to Quelaag's Sister. You don't need the Old Witch's Ring to access the covenant, although she will only say "…?".


Covenant Level

Exchange Humanity (stat) to level up in the covenant.

Level Required humanities Reward
+0 0 Great Chaos Fireball
+1 10 None
+2 30 Chaos Storm and Shortcut from Demon Ruins to Lost Izalith
+3 80 none

Betrayal Penalties

  • Removal of half of your current offerings.


  • Like any other items given by a covenant, the pyromancies obtained through this covenant can only be obtained once per character.
  • The shortcut opened by this covenant is on the corridor right before Demon Firesage's boss room. You can find several Chaos Bugs in front of the shortcut barrier.
    • If you abandon the covenant, the shortcut will remain open.
    • The shortcut may also be opened from the Lost Izalith side without being in the Chaos Servant covenant.
    • If you achieve Covenant Level +2, but leave the covenant before actually opening the shortcut door, the door may remain locked until you re-join the Covenant and get your level back up to +2.
  • You can gain Eingyi's trainer service without ever joining the Chaos Servant, although he sells a Servant Roster, which will let you view all players who are members of the covenant and their contribution to the covenant (how much humanity they've given up kept as a score).
  • Regarding Chaos Servants' Humanity contribution:
    • Abandoning or betraying the Chaos Servant covenant will reduce your covenant rank by one when you rejoin, but will not affect your standing on the Servant Roster.
    • If you give over 100 humanity then abandon the covenant, when you rejoin your humanity contribution will be considered 50 for the purposes of regaining your lost rank. This does not reduce your listed contribution on the Servant Roster.
    • While other covenants have an offering cap of 100, the Chaos Servant covenant can be continued up until a maximum of 60,000 humanity, far beyond any reasonable player's limit. This means that so long as you remain in the covenant and continue to collect humanity, you can continue to give humanity to Quelaag's sister up to that point.
  • If you do not wish to join the Chaos Servant covenant, it is still recommended to visit and rest at the bonfire to obtain a warp-able bonfire location.
  • Some player reports that the maggot attack of the Parasite Egg can infect other player in PvP if the attacker is in the Chaos Servant covenant. This is not true. It can not infect other players in PvP, regardless of membership or rank in the Chaos Servant covenant.


  • There is a bug that keeps the shortcut to Lost Izalith sealed after giving the 30 humanities required to open it. Killing a boss will clear it and open the shortcut. The easiest way is to run down to the Demon Ruins and kill Ceaseless Discharge or the Demon Firesage if you haven't done this yet.
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