Chaos Witch Quelaag


Quelaag once lived with her mother, the Witch of Izalith, and her siblings in the ancient city of Izalith. After the Flame of Chaos incident, all but her sister Quelana were transformed into nefarious demons. She and one of her sisters escaped the worst of it, having their lower torsos bound to giant spiders. Fleeing their deranged, demonic kin, they climbed to the base of Blighttown and Quelaag fashioned themselves a home.


Quelaag's Domain
More accurately, at the end of Blighttown. Quelaag's Domain's entrance is behind the three boulder-throwing Infested Barbarians at the Blighttown swamp.

Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 3,139 20,000
NG+ 6,028 60,000
NG+6 7,535 75,000



Maneater Mildred
You must have defeated her Dark Spirit form earlier in the level, within the swamp, to be able to summon her as a white phantom. Her Soul Sign is in front of the fog gate.



  • Lightning
  • Magic


  • Immune to Fire

Attack Patterns

  • Spider
    • Lava stream. Slow buildup, long-lasting. Quelaag's spider-mouth spews a solid stream of lava left to right. Telegraphed by the witch pushing the spiders head down for a while.
    • Lava glob. Quick attack. The spider-mouth lowers and spews out a small blob of lava right under it. Telegraphed by the witch dipping the spiders head quickly.
    • Lava spit. Quick attack. Small blob of lava shot a distance away from the spider's mouth, followed by Quelaag leaping to the side. While up close, this attack will look similar to the longer lava-spewing attack, but differs in that the glob is not followed by a solid stream of lava, but rather thinner, seethrough lava that doesn't settle on the floor.
    • Side stomp. Long buildup. The spider raises its legs on one side of the body, and then stomps them all down on one side of Quelaag's body for high damage. Even if not hit by the stomp itself, small shockwaves erupt from the impact points, doing fire damage and making it hard to punish the attack if it misses. Telegraphed by the spider leaning back on its hind legs for a while.
    • Lava spray. Quick attack. Spider will light up and send fireballs in all directions.
    • Lava sideswipe. Attacks may be followed up by a quick, solid stream of lava in a quartercircle to the side of Quelaag's body. Seems to be in response to the player being on Quelaag's side.
    • Lava pounce. Used when the player is at medium-long range. Without a doubt Quelaag's most dangerous attack. Spider lowers its body and then jumps quickly forward toward the player, spewing a quarter-circle of lava that lands in front of where it lands. If the spider lands on you, it does high damage.
    • Roar. The Spider will occasionally roar. It will do the attack much like the stomp except without the legs lifting into the air. This move is very damaging and sometimes will be chained together with the spider's lava spew or a strike from Quelaag's sword.
  • Quelaag
    • Flame Aura - Slow buildup. Slumps forward over the spider's head, charging up a high damage AoE attack. Usually follows a Lava stream attack. This is often the time when the player is attacking because the spider is spewing fire, so it is worthwhile to save a bit of energy for blocking the AoE blast or rolling away.
    • Firesword swipe. Quick buildup. Raises her sword, striking horizontally in a circular pattern. Can easy be avoided by circle strafing or walking backwards, thus saving energy for a shield block.
    • Firesword stab. Medium buildup. Quelaag raises her sword, stabbing straight ahead with huge fire damage, can be avoided by circle strafing or rolling backwards.
    • Sword combo (3 moves). Performs two Firesword swipes followed by a Firesword stab. Similarly to other enemies Quelaag will stop the combo if the player is too far away.


  • Quelaag uses a combination of fire and physical attacks. Her sword attacks deal both fire and physical damage. Its attacks are surprisingly weak and can be blocked like the attacks of most normal foes. Black Knight Shield and Dragon Crest Shield works well.
  • The spider-mouth in the front can and will spew out a variety of lava attacks. All of these leave a varying (depending on the attack) amount of lava globs on the floor. These do a lot of damage if stepped into, as well as stunning you for a moment. The globs disappear after a while, fading out as they do so.
  • For headshots, Quelaag's still-human body is considered a "head". Every arrow will stagger her movements, which can result in a safe and easy kill.
  • Keep an eye on your surroundings. If you're strafing, don't just focus on Quelaag herself, but keep an eye on what's going on further into the screen. In particular, be on the lookout for blobs of lava, and try to get a sense of where they are in the room. A surefire way of getting killed is to get stunlocked by an attack while you're standing in lava, so accidentally backing right into a lava glob is a bigger hazard than it initially seems.
  • No matter which strategy you use (as long as it doesn't involve her getting stuck somewhere so you can snipe her at your leisure), keep in mind that the room is large. If you're feeling like there's too much lava around, lure Quelaag off to the other end of the room, where the globs are bound to have disappeared, and you've got a fresh and lava-free area to roam around in.
  • Getting backed off into a corner isn't very likely in that big room, but there are nooks where it can happen, and if it happens just as Quelaag is about to spew lava, you're in trouble. While Quelaag's legs don't do damage outside of her stomp attack, they are solid, and can't be rolled through.
  • As her lifebar decreases, Quelaag will attack more often, and if the majority of her attacks are of the lava-spewing type, you may quickly find yourself surrounded by lava. Which is a problem if she decides to do her explosion attack, which, even if blocked, may send you staggering back into lava.

Whiff punishing

As with most of the game, it's safest to attack Quelaag while an attack of hers is missing you.

  • Lava stream: Your largest attack window is while Quelaag is doing her solid side-to-side lava spewing. Look for a solid stream of lava coming out of its jaws to confirm that it's doing this, and you should have enough time for a decent combo. For instance, if you react quickly with a shield and longsword combination, you should have time for a double stab (hard attack) followed by another single stab and a regular swipe, if you have enough stamina for it. At this point you need to be getting behind Quelaag, in case she follows up the lava-spew with an attack where she spews lava in a quartercircle to her side.
  • Lava glob/Lava spit: If you're close enough to her to strike immediately, you should be able to react to two different attacks with at least one quick attack of your own: The lava glob attack (a glob of lava forms directly underneath the spider-mouth), and the long-distance lava spit attack (while close, look for a glob being shot out of the spider's mouth followed by thinner/see-through lava). Do not try any longer combos here: With the short-distance lava spew, Quelaag may immediately follow up with another attack; with the long-distance lava spit, Quelaag will jump away to the side before you have time to do anything more.
  • Sword combo/stab: Get as close as you can to her, staying on the left, and she will swing over your head, missing every swing. All of the swings seem to have a blind spot on the left side of Quelaag. You can take a free shot after every miss. Be very careful about attacking her after any one of her sword swipes, though, if you've got a slow weapon. Quelaag is pretty good at following you around when she's in a sword-swinging mood, and even if one of her sword swipes missed you, she may catch you with a followup stab if you're not far enough to the side. If her stab misses, however, it's definitely safe to get in a swing or two (depending on your weapon's speed).

Getting next to the spider-head

Just mind your footing and draw Quelaag forward and away from her lava sprays. Watch the woman for cues and not the spider.

One the fight begins, target Quelaag and head straight for her. She wields a flame sword that she will swing in a familiar right, left, thrust combo. Get as close as you can and she will swing over your head, missing every swing. All of the swings seem to have a blind spot on the left side of Quelaag. You can take a free shot after every miss. Once the combo is over she will usually hop back and retreat. From here she may begin any of the other attacks. Be on your guard for a pounce, as it is the most difficult to avoid. Once she's started another attack, approach from either side and get between the spider's head and foreleg again to get some strikes in. Occasionally after taking damage Quelaag will pass out and use Flame Aura to repel you. Keep your shield up and weather through it.

Keeping the spider at distance

The safest way of doing this fight is to stay away from her until her spider starts doing its left to right lava spewing attack, it takes quite a long time for it to do this so you should be able to get some solid hits in. Do not stay within range too long however because of the possibility of her AoE. Always keep your guard up when moving away from her if you do see that she's slumped over, the range on the AoE is very high and it deals enormous amounts of damage if unblocked.

Her sword attacks are fairly easy to avoid, just move backwards while shielding yourself and the horizontal slashes won't hit you. The stab may hit you however since the range on it is very long, but if you are guarding it should not do a whole lot of damage.

Arguably the most dangerous part of this fight is when the spider decides to leap towards you. Unless you are very far away from her you risk being hit by the lava spewed in front of the spider. Rolling underneath the spider is also an option, should you find yourself to be too close to her. Note that if you don't move too far away from her she won't jump at you. In the end, how to react to this ability requires your own judgment.

Wedged spider

As soon as the fight begins run to the door up the small bit of stairs in the back of the room, the right corner is just far enough to cause the boss to become stuck trying to run towards the player making the fight horribly easy. That is unless she decides to fill said corner with lava, then you will die.

Up close and personal

If you keep Quelaag very close and keep strafing around towards the back area of the spider, most of the attacks will miss you. The spider legs are very thin and will never crush or damage you unless it is doing the foot stomp which is slow and easy to spot (small circle of damage as well) The spider spewing is easy to avoid because it is slow and telegraphed and being very close, you can be around the back attacking before the spew is finished.

The room is big enough to turn the spider in a tight circle and avoid any lasting fire blobs. The spider jump attack does not happen because you are too close all of the time. However, you do need to keep an eye on nearby blobs of lava, especially towards the end of the fight.

The sword swipes are frontal damage only and the large fire thrust with the sword attack is quick but always in a straight line and easy to avoid because you are turning in a circle. The only problem is the AoE attack because it does high damage and if your shield is down or low on energy you can be killed. You can always recover from this by drinking the flask while the spider is spewing fire. It shouldn't take too many hits if you're two-handing your weapon and swinging every chance you got. Just remember to avoid the explosion attack and you will achieve victory.

Range/Melee/Repeat (Easy method)

This strategy makes this boss fight easy, although a little repetitive. Have a staff in your left hand and your chosen melee weapon in the other. Shoot Quelaag with a Great Soul Arrow (Soul Arrow, or even a strong arrow, may work too with high INT/DEX). She'll be stunned instantly (as long as your ranged attack is strong enough), and the spider will stop and spew lava. It's got other attacks , but as you'll be fairly close this is the one it always chooses. Get in close behind and slash away. Save some stamina, because the spider normally explodes after it's done spitting lava. The human part of Quelaag will wake up again and start slashing her sword at you. Run away, turn to face her, and when she pauses between slashes, shoot her again. Repeat until Quelaag is dead.

As most of this strategy is running away, you can lead Quelaag away from any unsafe lava, so the only danger here is getting greedy with your slashes and not moving fast enough before the spider explodes, or running of of ranged equipment. When running away, it helps to turn the camera behind you - the room is long enough for you to not run into anything accidentally, and you can watch out for Quelaag's pauses between slashes.

Stunlock (Requires phantom/s)

It is possible to stunlock Quelaag with the Gargoyle's Halberd. You need to two-hand the weapon and time your R-1 so that she is locked in place and cannot cast spells. You will want to go up in front of her and attack her human torso. Attacking Quelaag's human body also deals extra damage. While she is stunlocked have your phantoms just attack her nonstop till she dies. Very simple method as long as you have enough stamina regen. (Only tested in first play through). Also confirmed to work with the Great Scythe.

Easy ranged strategy (Requires phantom/s)

The easiest way to beat this boss is by summoning Maneater Mildred, letting her draw aggro away from you, and starting to shoot at the female torso of Quelaag from a safe distance. A Longbow +5 with the Pyromancer Armor Set works excellent. If you draw aggro, just start running/tumbling away from Quelaag until Mildred draws the aggro again. Rinse and repeat. This way, you can finish the fight without getting hit.

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