Chasm of the Abyss

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Bosses NPCs Notable Loot Enemies
Manus, Father of the Abyss Sif, the Great Grey Wolf
Dusk of Oolacile
Black Flame
Dark Bead
Help Me Carving
Cleansing Greatshield
White Titanite Slab
Humanity Phantoms
Bloathead Sorcerers




Chasm of the Abyss Map

  1. From the bonfire, go through the doorway and bear left.
  2. Prepare to kill the nearby Crystal Lizard.
  3. Straight ahead there are several Bloatheads and a Bloathead Sorcerer guarding Dark Bead.
  4. Bear right and head towards the prism stone marker. Just below the marker, a Bloathead is waiting in ambush. Deal with it first.
  5. Carry on down the walkway and approach the narrow ridge with many Humanity Phantoms below.
  6. Cross the ridge and turn left as soon as can; this is an illusion which will disappear when you step on it, but you should fall to safety (no fall damage). You'll see a ghostly cat - Alvina - who will disappear once you get close enough to her and reappear in the distance. Following her will lead you to an illusory wall and a shortcut.
  7. Proceed down the walkway into an open area with a few Humanity Phantoms.
  8. There is an elevator shortcut on the left that will return you to the Royal Wood near the Knight Artorias boss fog
  9. Take a left out of the elevator where you've last seen Alvina and to find an illusory wall. Hit it and kill the Humanity Phantoms that guard Sif. (Rescuing Sif here will enable you to summon him in the boss fight against Manus, Father of the Abyss. Uniquely, the summon sign will be available inside the boss room.)
  10. Make your way back out of the secret room and head right towards the prism stone marker.
  11. Reach a fork in the path marked by another prism stone. First, take the path going down. (The second prism stone is on the path going up.)
  12. Kill the Humanity Phantoms. Get the Black Flame pyromancy.
  13. Go back up. Take the path that leads upwards. Prepare to kill Bloathead Sorcerer at the top. There's also a corpse at the top with Humanity.
  14. Drop down. Don't cross the stone bridge yet. Instead, go to the area to the right where you saw the large group of Humanity Phantoms (which you didn't kill, but instead took the left turn to the illusory path if you followed this walkthrough). Kill them.
  15. Off to the side of the area with the Humanity Phantoms, there's a ledge you can drop down onto to get the Help Me Carving. (Go all the way to the back of that area to easily see the ledge. Don't drop off near the bridge itself.)
  16. Walk directly off the ledge where the carving was located to drop back down onto the area where the Black Flame pyromancy was. Retrace your steps.
  17. Cross the stone bridge in safety. Bear right at the end of the bridge, double-back under the bridge, and collect a Twin Humanities. Continue down the path.
  18. There is a tunnel to the right containing a White Titanite Slab guarded by Humanity Phantoms.
  19. Bear left to approach the Manus, Father of the Abyss boss fog
  20. Opposite the fog is a Soul of a Hero guarded by more Humanity Phantoms.
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