From the beginning of the game, Clerics can use Miracles to heal thanks to their high starting Faith stat and equipped Talisman. The Cleric can be a good character for players who find themselves running out of flasks to heal up between battles, as the Heal miracle is stronger than Estus and another copy is available upon reaching Firelink Shrine.

Low starting Dexterity does limit weapon choice for Clerics, but they can use weapons such as Maces and Hammers to get around this or simply put a few levels into Dexterity. Their other stats are fairly average, so can have plenty of freedom in weapon selection after a few levels. Joining the covenant Warrior of Sunlight, even temporarily, is especially beneficial to Clerics throughout the game to get access to Lightning Spear and Great Lightning Spear. These are the earliest available of the few offensive Miracles and are extremely useful to offset their otherwise low damage, particularly against bosses.

  • Light armor enables the player to fast roll
  • High faith

Starting Equipment

Starting Spells

Starting Stats

Level Vitality Attunement Endurance Strength Dexterity Resistance Intelligence Faith Humanity
2 11 11 9 12 8 11 8 14 0

Cleric max level is 710.


  • Since casting the Heal miracle is fairly slow, aim to use it outside battle, while using Estus Flask during battle.
  • There are only a few offensive miracles in the game. Early levels should be focused on either increasing melee capabilities, expand into Sorceries or Pyromancies, or join the Warrior of Sunlight Covenant for some powerful offensive and support miracles. Please note that joining this covenant requires either 25 Faith, although it can be lowered by 5 for each area boss cleared while helping other players in Online co-op as a white phantom. For example, defeating 4 bosses as a white phantom lowers the requirement by 4*5, so only 5 Faith will be required to join the Covenant.
  • Once the Divine Ember is obtained after defeating the Moonlight Butterfly, almost any +5 weapons can be ascended into the divine upgrade path that scales with the Faith stat.
  • In order to focus more on Sorceries, an investment in Intelligence is required. Velka's Talisman can be purchased from Oswald in the Belltower for 5,000 souls. This talisman not only scales with Intelligence instead of Faith, but also allows its user to use Intellect instead of Faith. Note, however, that in order to cast specific miracles the user still needs to meet the Faith requirement of the Miracle casted.
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