Basic Information

Covenants are factions within Dark Souls that players may align themselves with. Covenants can be joined by making an oath with an NPC, who is also often the covenant leader. Players are rewarded for following the rules of the covenant and punished if they break them.

Which covenant players choose to join can have an effect on their online experience. If a player breaks the rules of their covenant, they will become sinned.

The Nine Covenants

Check each covenant's page for more detailed information.

Image Covenant Focus Summary
covenant-blade-of-the-darkmoon.png Blade of the Darkmoon PvP Can Invade and punish players online who have Sinned
covenant-chaos-servant.png Chaos Servant PvE Can collect Humanity to unlock powerful Pyromancies and open a shortcut to Lost Izalith
covenant-darkwraith.png Darkwraith PvP Can Invade other players to steal their Humanity
covenant-forest-hunter.png Forest Hunter PvP Can defend the borders of the Darkroot Garden from intruding online players
covenant-gravelord-servant.png Gravelord Servant PvP Can infect other players with Gravelord Black Phantoms and lure them into your world for PvP battles
covenant-path-of-the-dragon.png Path of the Dragon PvP Can challenge other players online to gain Dragon Scales and turn into a dragonoid
covenant-princess-s-guard.png Princess's Guard Co-op Can gain access to unique defensive Miracles and have a higher chance to team up with other players for co-op play
covenant-warrior-of-sunlight.png Warrior of Sunlight Co-op Can gain access to unique offensive Miracles and have a higher chance to team up with other players for jolly co-operation!
covenant-way-of-white.png Way of White Co-op Can have a higher chance to find other players online for co-op play


  • To unlock a covenant-related trophy/achievement, select "Join Covenant" and wait for the box to appear that says "Join Covenant? (abandons former Covenant)." A few seconds later, the achievement will be unlocked automatically. Selecting "Yes" or "No" is not necessary.
  • Leaving a covenant will reduce its respective offering count by half, and will drop your character's rank accordingly
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