Covetous Gold Serpent Ring

covetous gold serpent ring

In Game Description

The serpent is an imperfect dragon and symbol
of the Undead. Its habit of devouring prey
even larger than itself has led to an
association with gluttony.

This gold ring, engraved with the serpent,
boosts its wearer's item discovery, so that
more items can be amassed.


Boosts wearer's item discovery by 200


Found in Sen's Fortress

  1. In the boulder redirection room, there's four possible boulder paths. Let's say the safest path (where the boulder is safely thrown to the cliff) is the "North", the "South" being the path with the sleeping Serpent Soldier.
    You need to redirect the boulder to the "West".
  2. Let several boulders roll down the path. Six will suffice.
  3. Redirect the boulder to other direction, so you can walk the path safely.
  4. The boulders should have stacked up in a hole and one should have broken the wall ahead. Behind the broken wall is a corpse containing the ring.
  5. Video to illustrate :


  • This does not increase the chance that a specific item will drop, only the probability that an item in general will drop. Rare items are still rare items, the enemy is still more likely to drop its common items, but there is a better chance per kill that it at least drops something. As such, it has no effect on enemies that have a 100% drop rate.
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