Covetous Silver Serpent Ring

covetous silver serpent ring

In Game Description

The serpent is an imperfect dragon and symbol
of the Undead. Its habit of devouring prey
even larger than itself has led to an
association with gluttony.

This silver ring, engraved with the serpent,
rewards its wearer with additional souls
for each kill.


Increases Souls from fallen enemies by 20%


Treasure in Tomb of the Giants

  1. Near the first bonfire, there is a Giant Skeleton Archer, and a Skeleton Beast. Behind the Giant Skeleton archer, you will see a corpse with an item (Soul of a Brave Warrior). This is exactly where you need to jump off to reach the secret area. Have a little faith and let yourself fall.
  2. You'll then proceed up along a short, narrow path to a clearing with the ring in the middle. Be wary that six Bone Towers will spawn all around you when you near the ring. You can kill them or just run.
  3. Leave by turning to your right, and you should see a very short drop to put you near the second Bonfire area of the level - (video)


  • The effect of this ring stacks with the soul increase of Symbol of Avarice. It will increase to 144%. (120% * 1.20 = 144%) Also stacks with 20% soul increases from overkill, increasing the amount of souls to 172.8%. (144% *1.20 = 172.8%)
  • There's a time gap between the death of a boss and its soul drop. You can equip this ring and/or Symbol of Avarice in this time frame, and you will still get extra souls. The time frame is quite long; you can fully view a boss' death animation and still have time to switch gears.
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