Crest Key


In-Game Description

Bent Crest Key.
The grooves of the crest are enchanted,
the door sealed with a powerful spell.


Open the locked door above the Knight Artorias arena that leads to Hawkeye Gough


Oolacile Township Mimic drop

Getting the key

  1. When you get into the area with many Bloatheads. If you climb down the stair case, you will find a door on the right. It is advised to kill the Bloatheads first, especially the two Bloathead Sorcerers.
  2. Climb up the stair case from door, and you will encounter another Bloathead.
  3. Afterward, you will find yourself in a room with a wooden plank on the left.
  4. Walk up to the plank and look left.
  5. You will find a room with a table, couple chairs, a fire place and a chest, that is the Mimic.
  6. Roll into that room from the plank.
  7. Kill the Mimic for the key.
  8. You will find a door to the far side of the room, and that will lead to a balcony with broken railing.
  9. If you drop down to the roof and walk around to the right, you will find twin Humanity. Walk back and drop down using the roof ledges to return to ground level without taking damage.

Getting the key - via shortcut

  1. Start at the Oolacile Township waypoint. Go straight forward, take the elevator down.
  2. Turn to the left when you exit it and go into the building with the multiple Bloatheads.
  3. If you go slightly to the right and look to the left, you'll see an open doorway with a stone staircase. Climb up the stairs, go out on the wood platform.
  4. You'll have to roll over the beam to get to a somewhat lower one.
  5. There's a Mimic Chest on the right of the fireplace. Kill the Mimic, collect the Key.
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