Crest of Artorias


In Game Description

This crest opens a door in the Darkroot Garden sealed by ancient magic.

This door leads to the grave of Sir Artorias the Abysswalker. Many adventurers have left for the grave, but none have returned for they make easy prey for local bandits,
With such dangers, the crest can do more harm than good in the hands of the uninitiated.



Opens the large sealed, glowing door in the Darkroot Garden


  • At the very location of the door that requires the Crest of Artorias, there is an illusory wall to the left, beside the locked door, hiding a secret Bonfire.
  • The easiest method to buy this key is to kill the bell-gargoyles and the Moonlight Butterfly. Both will give you 10,000 souls when defeated, resulting in quick 20,000 souls.
  • If you want to open the door without killing the gargoyles, you can farm souls with the Hellkite Dragon method. If this technique is optimized, it will grant you 1100 souls ~minute. You only need to kick the ladder to the bonfire in the Undead Burg to do this. It would take around 18 - 20 runs to accumulate 20,000.
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