Crestfallen Merchant
Crestfallen Merchant


A knight of Berenike, he braves Sen's Fortress to get into Anor Londo, like any other knights before him. But the failures of legendary figures like Rendal of Balder, Black Iron Tarkus, and even Logan of Vinheim makes him skeptical about this whole "Fate of the Undead" business. Now he sells gears stripped from the corpses of the knights he found in the Fortress.


Sen's Fortress

At the very top of the fortress is a broken bridge which can be jumped across. It is not an easy jump, best to keep to the left hand side for extra foot space. If the player misses the jump, there is a large platform below with the Sniper Crossbow and some bolts, the fall is not fatal just frustrating. The broken bridge is beyond the point where the Giant (the one on the top roof space) is throwing large flaming metal balls onto the ground. If you have reached the Giant or Iron Golem Boss, then you have gone too far.
Video showing how to reach him.


Item Soul Cost Description
Black Firebomb 500 Explodes, Inflicts fire damage (best in the game) is a Gift at the beginning of the game
Green Blossom 1,000 Temporary boosts stamina recovery speed
Upgrade Materials
Titanite Shard 1,000 +5 reinforce: standard weapon
Large Titanite Shard 4,000 +10 reinforce: standard weapon, +5 reinforce: raw weapon.
Green Titanite Shard 5,000 +5 reinforce: magic / divine / fire weapon
Greatsword 8,000 One of the Gigantic straight greatswords
Greataxe 8,000 This greataxe is a veritable mass of iron
Balder Shield 4,000 Shield of the knights of the ancient kingdom of Balder
Tower Shield 8,000 Metal greatshield with req str of 30
Standard Arrow 10 Standard and cheap
Large Arrow 50 Expensive
Feather Arrow 100 Long range sniper arrows
Standard Bolt 30 Standard and cheap
Heavy Bolt 100 Expensive
Sniper Bolt 250 Long range sniper bolts
Catarina Helm 10,000 Distinctively shaped helm worn by the Knights of Catarina
Catarina Armor 10,000
Catarina Gauntlets 7,000
Catarina Leggings 7,000 -
Steel Helm 5,000 Helm of the Knights of Berenike, known for their heavy armaments and armor
Steel Armor 8,000
Steel Gauntlets 5,000
Steel Leggings 5,000 -
Balder Helm 5,000 Helm worn by the knights of the ancient kingdom of Balder, it is made from thick iron plates
Balder Armor 8,000
Balder Gauntlets 5,000
Balder Leggings 5,000
Thunder Stoneplate Ring x1 15,000 The yellow stoneplate symbolizes thunder, boosts defence against lightning
Spell Stoneplate Ring x1 15,000 The blue stoneplate symbolizes souls, boosts defence against magic


Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 878 1,000
NG+ 1,606 3,000
NG+6 2,008 3,750




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