Crestfallen Warrior
Crestfallen Warrior


A veteran Undead warrior. He's despairing over the fact the "Fate of the Undead" prophecy appears to be an impossible task and is very pessimistic because of that thought. Like his Demon's Souls counterpart, he's the first guide you have as soon as you arrive at Lordran. Talk to him often to get clues about what to do next and to learn interesting tid-bits about other NPCs in the game.


Firelink Shrine
Sitting facing the bonfire. You can't miss him; the cutscene even ends with the camera facing his general direction.

New Londo Ruins
Talk to him at the Firelink Shrine after ringing both Bells of Awakening until he exhausts his dialogue, and he'll then appear Hollowed near the first wooden bridge leading to the ruins. You'll be able to see him charging from a distance, so be ready with your shield.


Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 793 1,000
NG+ 1,451 3,000
NG+6 1,813 3,750


  • Killing him won't have any effect on the story or a covenant.
  • Be wary about accidentally making him hostile the first time you meet him, as he'll attack you as soon as you respawn at the bonfire.
  • Equipped with a unique version of the Chain Set which contains no item names or descriptions and cannot be equipped on female characters.
  • Making Kingseeker Frampt leave won't stop him from going hollow.


If you do make him hostile early on and you're having trouble killing him, you can just block all of his attacks and walk him over to the cliffs near the Firelink Shrine bonfire (whether the cliffs near the graveyard area or the cliffs near the path leading to the Undead Burg aqueduct). Here you can wait for him to jump off of the cliff or you can kick him off the cliff. As he doesn't drop any item nor does he have any effect on other NPC's story, you don't need to worry about killing him by kicking him off the cliff as his "full reward" is only his souls.

Be wary that he's one of the NPCs who can parry. He will usually attempt to parry you when he holds his shield up.


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