Crossbreed Priscilla


Priscilla is a crossbreed of a Dragon and some other Being, cast into the Painted World of Ariamis because of what she was. You discover her supposed doll in the Undead Asylum on your second visit which gives you the ability to enter the portal into the Painted World via the massive painting in Anor Londo. She stands in the tower at the edge of the ruins in the Painted World and watches over all who share the world with her. She acquired the power of Life-Hunt, an ability only she can wield. Said to be so powerful that even the Gods feared her.

She does not have to be defeated in order to leave the Painted World of Ariamis, but once aggroed, she will remain as such and leaving is only possible by killing her.


Painted World of Ariamis
At the end of the area, behind the Heavy Knight.

Playthrough HP Souls
First 2,300 30,000
NG+ ? 60,000
NG+2 64,201
NG+3 3,242 66,000
NG+6 ? 75,000



  • If you choose to attack her during your first visit to the area, you will be unable to leave until she has been killed. Make sure you're up to the task before attacking, or you will forever be stuck in the painting.
  • Attacking and killing Priscilla is counted as a sin, but it can be absolved.
  • Some players will keep her alive for the sole purpose of allowing invaders into their world.
  • If you want to obtain all rare weapons, you'll have to kill her, for her unique soul as well as for the dagger dropped when cutting her tail off.
    • It is possible to attack her and obtain her dagger without killing her, though. Entering through the painting in Anor Londo traps you in the Painted World, but warping into the Painted World once you've obtained the lordvessel does not. Avoid resting at the bonfire after warping in, and you can use homeward to warp out after cutting off her tail. (this doesn't work for anyone as they only teleporte you back to the bridge)
    • Requesting absolution from Oswald will de-aggro her for subsequent visits as well.
  • Very rarely, when you kill her with only one hit, the game will enter a softlock, where Crossbreed Priscilla will endlessly repeat her last lines of dialog "Ahh… But, why… What seeketh thee?", preventing the cutscene that plays when you leave the Painted World from playing, making your game literally unbeatable if your last bonfire was the Painted World bonfire, as you can never leave the painted world again.


  • Invisibility: Casts a blizzard attack in the beginning that turns her completely invisible.
  • Scythe swing: Swings her scythe and sometimes a follow-up swing or two, it has a decent range and causes heavy bleed buildup.
  • Blizzard: Blows a blizzard type attack, medium range, and is easily dodged by running to the side.


  • Straight Sword Hilt
  • Caestus


  • Equip light armour
  • If engaged, the first thing she will do is get into close range. She makes her present location known by leaving footprints when she walks. Her invisibility will be removed if she gets staggered.
  • For non-casters, do not use arrows or Throwing Knives to stagger her, use basic melee attacks.
  • By using Poison Mist or Toxic Mist, you will poison her, yet the fog will not stick to her when she turns invisible.

Fast Melee (without making her visible)

If you are using a weapon with a high damage per hit/fast attack speed such as the Bandit's Knife, it is possible to fight the entire battle without Priscilla becoming visible. If you have no easy way to make her visible, here are some tips for fighting her while she is invisible:

  • Do not kite her, get into melee range since it is a ranged attacker.
  • Every so often she will do a move involving several ranged attacks which can be hard to predict.
  • Priscilla's health bar disappears while she is invisible so you just have to keep at it until she goes down (or you find a way to make her visible).

Quick Melee/Pyro Strategy

If you've got a strong enough weapon, equip the Power Within pyromancy and the Red Tearstone Ring. Cast power within, let your health get down far enough to trigger the ring, and do a two-handed jump attack. You should take off a sizeable chunk of her health, if not outright kill her. If you're quick enough, you can get off a few more attacks and finish her before she even goes invisible. Just make sure to use a flask afterwards before the lifedrain from power within kills you.

Spear/Pyromancy Strategy

Bring a spear with Lightning damage, a shield with high stability, a set of armor with good bleed resistance, and fast pyromancies (Great Combustion, Fire Orb, Great Fireball, etc).

The critical time for this bossfight is when Priscilla is still invisible as it's difficult to block and more or less impossible to dodge her attacks, and the scythe causes heavy bleed damage that she usually won't give you time to recover from.

With your shield up and the spear equipped, circle around the arena and wait for an attack to bounce off your shield. Don't stand still, she'll circle around you and cut you down in two or three swings even with Stone Armor equipped. When the scythe bounces off your shield, it gives you a rough idea of where Priscilla is, so poke your spear in that direction. If you hit her, the lightning damage effect gives you a very good idea of exactly where she is, if you miss, at least you still have your shield up. As soon as you've located her, keep attacking with your shield up; a Demon's Spear +5 uncloaks her after 4-5 hits in NG, which you should be able to get in before she has a chance to retaliate.

As soon as she uncloaks, target her, switch to your Pyromancy Flame, and begin circling around her with your shield up, throwing your pyromancies after her attacks, preferably from behind her. In NG with a +12 Pyromancy Flame, she should go down before you've cast all your Fire Orbs and not cloak again. If not, switch back to your spear and finish the job.

Spear/Rolling Strategy

Same with the above, but without the Pyromancy Flame and keep your weight under 50% so you can mid-roll.

Stand on the outermost part of the snow as possible without being in danger of falling off the edge. Keep your shield up at all times unless you are attacking or rolling. Watch carefully for Priscilla's footprints in the snow, and once they are in attacking distance, use the powerful spear attack and quickly roll away twice. This will get you far enough away from her to regain stamina to prepare for your next attack. This strategy takes longer than some, but if done correctly you can get out of the fight without getting hit even once as long as you defend yourself and roll away quick enough. Flask when needed but make sure you're away from Priscilla.

Once she makes herself visible again and she is fairly low health and you think you can finish her, go all out on her and try to finish her off, but be smart about it and block when you need to.

Bow Strategy

If you're having difficulty locating her while she is under the invisibility spell, run to the door and hold your shield up, facing the plank at the end of the room. After she strikes your shield, run across the room near the plank at the end, pull out a bow, and start shooting arrows in the general direction of the door. If an arrow hits her, it will remain there for a good while (about 15sec or so) allowing you to see where she is. Also, If multiple arrows hit her consecutively (about three, though it may depend on the strength of the bow) she may become staggered and thus become visible again.

Pyromancy Strategy

Due to the large area of effect, Chaos Storm / Fire Tempest / Firestorm (in order of preference) are very effective at staggering Priscilla and making her visible when the player only has a general idea of where she is. And if you're lucky, a flame pillar might even spawn below her tail and cut it off. This is an especially useful strategy if you're entering her room when she's already aggressive - just wait to see footsteps approaching you and activate the storm. Once she's visible, just a couple Great Fireballs or similar with a well upgraded Pyromancy Flame will take her down very easy while you circle her to avoid her ice breath.

Sweeping Attack Melee

Use a weapon that have a sweeping strong attack (Great Scythe, Partizan, Halberd, etc) and high stability shield.

Back up against a pillar with your shield raised and wait until your shield is hit or until you see footprints. If you see footprints, first walk toward them with your shield raised, then wait until you get hit. When you get hit take a step forward and perform a strong attack. You will hit almost every time. No need to lock on so the invisibility is not a problem.

Repeat until done.

Tail Cut Strategy

This may take some practice though, as this is no dragon with a huge long tail that can be easily separated. It may take several tries to cut her small tail off, so if she's almost down and you want the weapon, get yourself killed or port away and try again. (You can also quit the game and you'll be at the fog wall).

  • First of all, start by attacking her tail with your strongest attack. For STR based characters, a Demon's Greataxe +15 can cut it in only one jumping attack (make sure you are far enough to not hit her if you fail doing it), or if your STR is high enough, a two-handed attack can cut it too (In NG+++).
  • Stand at the edge of the stairs and wait until you see her footprints approaching in the snow.
  • As soon as you see them, sprint and attack her with normal attacks two handed. She should appear after a few swipes. The more hits you can manage quickly the better versus using a heavy hit. Heavy hits may be too slow.
  • Once she is visible back away from her and try to get some distance. The goal is to get her to use her ice breath. If you attempt to cut off her tail while she is swinging her scythe, you run the risk of accidentally killing her since her tail is difficult to target.
  • Once you have baited her into using her ice breath, attack her tail. It should stay relatively still while she is still casting the spell. Take your time and focus on hitting it directly. If you don't manage to get it when her HP becomes low, quit the game and warp back at the entrance of the boss fight or roll off of the edge and re spawn at the bonfire, then make your way back and try again.

Tail Cut Video

Tail Cut Strategy (Pyromancy)


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