Crow Demon
Crow Demon


Tall enemies, half human and half crow. They can fly across short distances, quickly closing gaps and should be engaged with caution.


Painted World of Ariamis
Common enemy at rooftops and at the central building with the spiral staircase.
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 930 1,000
NG+ 1,460 2,000
NG+6 1,825 2,500


Souvenir of Reprisal - uncommon (6% Drop Rate)


  • Basic melee attack - They use their wings to do some swipes. Can be easily blocked.
  • Grapple jump - A very dangerous grab attack that deals a lot of damage (~1,000HP in NG+), but easily predicted. The Crow Demon will fold its wings, bend its knees and slowly start to jump up. Luring them into a building or hallway with a rooftop won't stop them from doing this attack. It just ignores the wall and still jumps high in the air, making it even harder to detect where it'll land.


  • While their regular attacks are predictable, they can take a good chunk of your Stamina even if blocked, if you don't have a good enough shield. The best way to deal with this is to keep your shield up and keep a small distance between you and the Crow Demon.
  • They can be staggered out of any of their attacks. When they crouch down and screech in preparation of their dive attack, run in and knock them out of it.
  • When they're using their grapple jump, the Crow Demon always jumps towards your position. All you have to do is circle/strafe to left or right, when it's preparing to take off, to avoid it.
  • You can actually use their diving attack to your advantage. In certain spots, if your back is against a bottomless pit, you can make the Crow Demon miss and fall to its death. Get your back as close as you can, and roll forward when they swoop in.

Farming Strategy

Items Needed

How To

  1. Start at the bonfire and run through the courtyard and up the stairs in the annex (these are the stairs in the right corner past where the broken benches are)
  2. Turn left, run up the stairs, and kill the fire-casting Engorged Zombie at the top
  3. First Crow Demon will come down from the top of the tower to meet you, kill before it tries to jump off
  4. Run up to the top and kill the second Crow Demon plus the next two Crow Demons that show up suddenly. Wrath of the Gods can make this easy, but a little kiting and some Great Combustions or quick wide AoE weapons will do just fine
  5. Now go back to the part with the big hole in it and go down the other stairs toward the circular tower. Run around until you get to the entrance on the other side
  6. Go just a little ways up the stairs inside and two more Crow Demons will come down to meet you. Kill them
  7. Teleport back to the bonfire, or jump/walk down to the bottom of the tower and back through the courtyard
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