Crystal Golem
Crystal Golem


A golem created from Seath's experimentation with the Primordial Crystal.


Darkroot Basin
Four can be found on the area between the Hydra and the Undead Burg watchtower (where Havel the Rock is).
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 408 200
NG+ 934 800
NG+6 1,167 1,000
The Duke's Archives & Crystal Cave
One can be found in the foyer area at the entrance of the Duke's Archives, this one is passive and doesn't respawn; Many of them are at the garden area near the entrance to the Crystal Cave, and some inside the Crystal Cave, before the Crystal Butterfly.
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 680 1,200
NG+ 1,067 2,400
NG+6 1,334 3,000



  • Normal Arm Swing
  • Strong Crystalized Arm Swing
  • Area of Effect Crystal Blast - before the Crystal Blast the Golem will raise both arms over its head. The attack is easy to dodge, but if it makes contact it will do substantial magic damage. This attack builds up very minor Curse status, but nothing to worry about, as it will never be enough to kill you.
  • Jumping (lunging) Smash Attack
  • Standing Uppercut


  • Magic damage
  • Non-Strike physical damage


  • Strike damage


  • They have long detection range. As such you could easily find yourself up against more than one at a time if you aren't careful.
  • Fast characters should have no trouble keeping behind the Golem, and should only have to worry about the Crystal Blast.
  • When in the Darkroot Basin, the Golems surrounding the Hydra can be taken out by its splash damage projectiles if you time/position it correctly.
  • When in Darkroot Basin, there is a glitch where all the Golems can be grouped in one spot to make killing them with splash damage easier. You can watch a video here.
  • A weapon with high stun (Zweihander for example) is best to two hand and stun.
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