Crystal Soul Spear
crystal soulspear cast


In-Game Description

Sorcery boosted by the knowledge,
Logan acquired at the Regal Archives.
Fire piercing crystal soul spear.

These pale magic spears, sharpened
through crystallization. are on par with
the armaments of the ancient lords.


General Information

Spell Type Uses Intelligence Duration Slot Cost NPC Trainer Training Cost
Ranged, Magic 4 44 n/a 1 Attunement Slot Big Hat Logan 50,000 Souls
  • Fires a large crystal spear projectile. Stronger version of Soul Spear. Magic damage is 3.6 * catalyst's MagAdjust.
  • The strongest single-hit Sorcery in the game, easily triggers overkill to most enemies. One of the most powerful Sorceries overall.
  • The most expensive thing in the game. Nothing else that can be purchased is more expensive than this.
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