Curse causes instant death once the Curse bar is full. After you respawn at the bonfire, your HP is cut in half and you can't use humanity to reverse hollow. Cursed status remains through death, signified by a skull icon that blocks your Humanity counter.



  • Speak to Ingward and sacrifice a humanity


  • Equip various Curse resistant armors
  • Equip Bloodshield (just equipping Bloodshield increases Curse resistance by 50)
  • Equip Rare Ring of Sacrifice (doesn't increase Curse resistance, but prevents you from getting Cursed if you died by Curse attacks)


  • Resist Curse despite the name only clears existing Curse buildup.
  • When you (or another player) are killed by curse, a stone statue will appear in that area in the worlds of other players.
  • Even though the Humanity counter in the HUD is blocked by a skull icon, humanity can still be obtained and accrued while the player is cursed. The humanity stat in the menu can be used to inform the player of how much humanity they have on them, and all the passive benefits of soft humanity will still be in effect.
  • The Max HP-halving effect can be used in conjunction with Blue/Red Tearstone Ring and Power Within. Curse effectively halves the HP drain effect of Power Within. With low enough Vitality, you can nullify the HP drain even with Sanctus. If you can get the perfect balance for HP Drain/HP Regen, you can keep your HP below 30%, thus activating the Tearstone Ring(s) while having Power Within active.
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