Dark Magic


Dark Magic is a subclass of spells added in the DLC. It consists of the the pyromancy Black Flame, and the sorceries Dark Bead, Dark Orb, Pursuers and Dark Fog. Except for Dark Fog, these spells are unique in their use of split physical and elemental damage.

Damage Calculation

Like all spells, the magic damage of a Dark spell is calculated with the caster's Magic Adjustment, multiplied by a modifier inherent to every spell in the game, and then reduced using an opponent's defense. The specific modifier for each spell is known as its "Motion Value".
In addition to that, Dark spells use an identical system for physical Damage, but does not display the Physical equivalent to Magic Adjustment. The system common to both is a simplified version of weapon-scaling. It also uses a separate Motion value, and is completely independent of Magic Adjustment, Intelligence and a spell tool's base physical damage. An obvious name for the corresponding value would be "Physical Adjustment".

\begin{align} \textrm{MotionValue} \cdot \textrm{PhysicalAdjustment} =\, \textrm{MotionValue} \cdot \left(1 + \textrm{ScalingValue}_{\textrm{Str}}\cdot \textrm{CorrectStrRate} + \textrm{ScalingValue}_{\textrm{Dex}}\cdot \textrm{CorrectDexRate} \right) \end{align}

The "scaling value" is determined by the player's stats and the scaling behavior of the spell tool, and is in concept identical to the "scaling" that occurs for Magic Adjustment or weapon damage. The "Correct[Stat]Rate" is a spell tool specific value, simply the scaling of the weapon in E-S Tier or more accurately with a percentile value.

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