Dark Sun Gwyndolin


Gwyndolin is Gwyn's youngest son, and is the only god who still remains in Anor Londo. Born with an affinity of the moon, he was raised as a daughter and has a feminine appearance as a result. He has an affinity for illusions, and has created ones of his sister Gwynevere and all the guardian sentinels in the city's palace to hide behind as he is uncomfortable with being seen as a male. His duty as a god is to execute sinners, and is helped by his followers with the covenant of the Blade of the Darkmoon. In the time of Dark Souls, he is guarding his father's honorary tomb. He maintains an illusory sunlight over all Anor Londo, and if the player destroys the illusion of Gwynevere he will dispel the sunlight illusion, leaving Anor Londo dark and gloomy.

You can join the Blade of the Darkmoon covenant by kneeling in the center of the candles near the fog door. If you enter the fog door (thus trespassing the tomb), his boss battle will commence.


Darkmoon Tomb
Behind the illusory wall near the second bonfire in Anor Londo (rotate the tower to its lowermost position). Equip the Darkmoon Seance Ring to make the statue disappears.

Alternately, the statue will automatically disappear if the illusion of Gwynevere is destroyed and Anor Londo goes dark.
Playthrough HP Souls
First 2,011 40,000
NG+ 3,520 120,000
NG+6 4,400 150,000


Soul of Gwyndolin


  • By entering the fog to fight him, you're making him hostile and therefore breaking the Blade of the Darkmoon covenant, although you can request absolution to revert his hostility. When he's hostile:
    • You will abandon the covenant if you are currently a member.
    • You can't kneel in front of the fog door to access the covenant.
    • The Lady of the Darkling becomes hostile too and attacks you on sight.


  • Melee attacks are more effective than on most bosses.
  • Fire is effective.
  • Bleed
  • Occult weapons

Attack patterns

Upon entering the fog, the corridor stretches far ahead of you, seemingly infinite owing to an illusion cast by Gwyndolin (in reality the corridor is not long at all). Gwyndolin constantly teleports backwards during the fight, but the hallway is not in fact infinite, and he can be boxed in if both he and the player survive long enough.

  • Stretches upwards and shoots a chain of arrows at you. Zigzagging easily avoids this, as does hiding behind the columns.
  • Summons many soul arrows/magic missiles to then home in on you. These curve toward the player in mid-flight. Hiding behind pillars will protect you from them.
  • Charges up a powerful energy ball and fires it in a straight direction. This ball doesn't curve while in flight and is avoidable, but it's fast and not blockable. When you see him move his catalyst and blue smoke appears, start zigzagging and get ready to roll. Columns will not protect you; the attack passes straight through them. The ball does a lot of damage.
  • Teleports away once you get close to him.


Gwyndolin will teleport away once you get too close, so your aim is to hit him while he's teleporting (preferably after he uses his darts since he has to descend first, giving you more time) or to not get too close.

Dodging and Blocking

Unlike other bosses this is a very simple matter of dodging or blocking purely ranged attacks from a single direction. A shield with 100% physical damage reduction and preferably high magic resist can block his projectiles (although recommend rolling aside from the giant energy ball) allowing you to run up to him with ease.

Dodging is easy enough, hide behind a pillar as he's using his tracking magic ball attacks, roll out for the big energy ball (there is a slightly longer delay as he casts this) and run to the next pillar on the other side of the room. Once he rises for his dart attacks, zigzag to avoid them.

If you keep running up and letting him teleport away you will eventually reach the end of the extended hall, allowing you to attack him at will. Note that he will still attack you so be prepared to dodge. You can watch a video here.


Equip your best weapon, a slow weapon is good with a jumping attack to deal a large amount in one hit, and a light weapon is good to continuously deal damage as long as he is targetable. Under 25% encumbrance is recommended.

Wait until he starts firing darts then run up and attack him. You can watch a video here.


You can use a Greatbow without him attacking you, upon entering the fog gate move forward to at closest 6 pillars away from him and fire away. The Hawk Ring will help deal more damage. For other Bows, Poison Arrows may be necessary. It will take 7-8 shots to poison him and he will require several rounds. Bring lots of arrows.

For any magic, you will need to get closer. You can either get close enough so that he teleports, giving you a few free attacks, or you can sit far back enough that he stays and dodge his attacks. Homing Soulmass is great for getting some extra damage in as you can cast it before you run up to him and he cannot dodge it. You can watch a video here.


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