Dark Sun Gwyndolin


Gwyndolin is Gwyn's youngest child and the only god who still remains in Anor Londo. Born with an affinity of the moon, he was raised as a daughter and has a feminine appearance as a result. He has created an illusion of his sister Gwynevere and all the guardian sentinels in the city's palace. His duty as a god is to execute sinners, and is helped by his followers with the covenant of the Blade of the Darkmoon. He's currently guarding his father's honorary tomb.

You can join the Blade of the Darkmoon covenant by kneeling in the center of the candles near the fog door. If you enter the fog door (trespassing the tomb), his boss battle will commence.


Darkmoon Tomb
Behind the illusory wall near the second bonfire in Anor Londo (rotate the tower to its lowermost position). Equip the Darkmoon Seance Ring to make the statue disappear.

Alternately, the statue will automatically disappear if the illusion of Gwynevere is destroyed and Anor Londo goes dark.

Playthrough HP Souls
First 2,012 40,000
NG+ 3,521 120,000
NG+6 4,401 150,000


Soul of Gwyndolin


  • By entering the fog to fight him, you're making him hostile and therefore breaking the Blade of the Darkmoon covenant, although you can request absolution to revert his hostility. When he's hostile:
    • You will abandon the covenant if you are currently a member.
    • You can't kneel in front of the fog door to access the covenant.
    • The Lady of the Darkling becomes hostile too and attacks you on sight.


  • Melee attacks are more effective than on most bosses.
  • Despite his title and appearance, fire is effective.
  • Bleed
  • Occult weapons

Attack patterns

Upon entering the fog, the corridor stretches far ahead of you. Gwyndolin teleports farther inside throughout the fight. You can actually corner him if he (or you) survive long enough.

  • stretches upwards and shoot many arrows at you. Zigzagging easily avoids the arrows, as does hiding behind the columns.
  • summons many soul arrows/magic missiles to then home in on you. These curve toward the player in mid-flight. Hiding behind pillars will protect you from them.
  • charges up a powerful energy ball and fire it in a straight direction. This ball doesn't curve while in flight and is avoidable, but it's fast. When you see him move his catalyst and blue smoke appears, start zigzagging and get ready to roll. Columns will not protect you. The ball does a lot of damage.
  • teleports away once you get close to him.



Run forward and zigzag when you see him stretch upwards. When he fires the homing soul arrows, be prepared to roll. Better yet, duck behind a pillar. The massive energy ball is going to be a problem. He can charge it up shortly after firing his soul arrows, meaning you need to stay focused on him. If you know he's charging an energy ball, wait till his catalyst is raised above his head, that's when he'll lower it quickly and fire the energy ball. When you get near him, he teleports away quickly: a fast weapon is best for this situation (e.g., spear). Wear light armor for this fight because you'll want to run as fast as possible. Equip a shield with 100 physical resistance like a Caduceus Kite Shield, Tower Kite Shield, or a Tower shield in order to block his arrows. The best time to attack him is just as he's made an attack with arrows. He won't teleport until he stops stretching upwards, giving you time (even with a slow weapon) to attack.

He teleports every time you get close, so get in as many attacks as possible, or at least one attack with a heavy weapon. When he raises himself to shoot arrows, he cannot teleport until he finishes his animation. You can get several hits in if you strike at this time.

If you are having trouble reaching him, get your equip burden under 25% of maximum. Always move forward with a zigzag pattern. You should only need your shield up during the homing attack. Get a couple of quick hits in, and heal after he teleports. Repeat until he dies.

Video: Melee

Easy melee

  • It is possible to get to the end of Gwyndolin's hallway. You just need to keep running and allowing him to teleport for ~5 mins. After reaching the end Gwyndolin will, obviously, stop teleporting where you can easly finish him off pretty fast. Remember that he keeps casting his spells so roll\dodge them

Video: Easy Melee


Poison arrows

  • When you enter the fog, after the cut scene, he will teleport the first time. Place yourself so that you can hit him with your arrows, but don't go so far that you trigger the battle (e.g., near the second pillar is ideal).
  • You don't need to damage him, just make sure you hit him (i.e., you should see blood). The poison will accumulate.
  • After seven to eight hits, you will start to see his HP drain; the poison takes approximately 25% of his life. This strategy is slow, but safe.
  • In NG+, this method takes about 14-15% of his life, and therefore requires at least seven poisonings.

Dragonslayer Greatbow

  • The DragonSlayer Greatbow found in Anor Londo makes this fight very easy. Enter the fog and move forward a bit so that he won't teleport away (maybe leave 5 or 6 pillar rows between him and you);
  • Fire away;
  • The bow has a high range, which you can improve further with the Hawk Ring. You can fire at him without him responding;
  • Since he has low health, you can quickly dispatch him with this strategy;
  • In NG++, it takes roughly 50 arrows.
  • I killed him with a Dragonslayer Greatbow+3 using only 21 arrows. 33 STR and 21 DEX.


  • Use any shield with 100% physical and decent magic block (the Crest Shield comes to mind);
  • When you first enter cast Homing Soulmass (or Homing Crystal Soulmass if you have it);
  • Weave towards him to avoid most of his attacks. When you get close enough, your homing spell will trigger for decent damage;
  • He will usually teleport away and you just repeat the above again. It goes even faster if you use the Bellowing Dragoncrest ring.

Mage Video Demonstration - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zg1mq94sX0Q


  • Same as the above strategy using any 100% physical shield with decent magical (Just in case) Both the Crest Shield and Havel's Greatsheild work as speed doesn't really matter.
  • Equip the Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring and if you have it and want to use it the Ring of Favor and Protection, Power Within also works but its risky.
  • Basically the Strategy goes like this: walk through the fog and diagonal run/roll between pillars until you are close enough to get a lock on but not close enough for him to teleport. From here wait until he uses his nail-arrow attack, block all the nails then as he's going back to the floor (because Gwyndolin needs to raise a little bit to use the attack) cast a fire spell, it should hit him before he can teleport.
  • Rinse/repeat until he's dead. on NG (with only the Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring i was doing about 576** damage with Great Fireball which killed him in 4 casts if you have Ring of Favor and Protection and Power Within he should be dead in 3 casts.


  • Equip either a good shield, or just use high magic resist armor which will let you Fast Roll(Painting Guardian set is good here).
  • Dodge Gwyndolin's arrows and magic blasts as much as possible, getting close enough to use Great Lightning Spear.
  • Gwyndolin should die after 7-8 spears, which means it's safe to miss one or two shots.
  • Equiping the Ring of the Sun's Firstborn will make your spears stronger, needing only 5 spears to kill him.
  • Casting Magic Barrier or the Greater equivalent will make it easy to recover from Gwyndolin's magic attacks should you slip up and get hit.


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