Demon Firesage


An ancient demon and the last master of the ancient fire arts. Looks like the Asylum Demon and the Stray Demon, except that its skin is on fire.


Demon Ruins
The second boss of the Demon Ruins, after the Ceaseless Discharge. His boss fog is right next to the shortcut tunnel leading to Lost Izalith, guarded by a Minor Taurus Demon and two Demonic Statues.


Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 5,448 20,000
NG+ 8,716 40,000
NG+2 9,529 (1,140*8+409) 42,801
NG+3 10,010 (910*11) 44,000
NG+6 11,216 50,000


Demon's Catalyst


  • Fire works fine despite his name and appearance
  • He is not immune to bleed, though he does take reduced damage from the bleed effect
  • Can be inflicted with poison and toxin

Attack Patterns

  • Swings his weapon horizontally, twice.
  • Raises his weapon above his head, then smashes down creating a large explosion (dealing Magic damage, in spite of the appearance) surrounding the area of impact.
  • Flies upwards to turn and face the player, then stomps back down on the ground.
  • Swings his weapon horizontally that does no damage, but creates a large explosion (also dealing Magic damage) in front of him.
  • Powerful vertical smash (usually after it runs towards you). Blockable, but requires a shield with Heavy deflection to do so. Up to two smashes consecutively.
  • Jumps towards player and smashes down vertically (when player is far away). This attack has great reach.


  • This boss is very similar to the Asylum and Stray demons you may have fought before. The only difference is that the Demon Firesage also has a projectile version of the explosion that his weapon can create. Do your best to stick close to him so that he doesn't use his projectile, and stay behind him. While you're behind him make sure to keep a safe distance still, as the explosion will hit you if you're too near to it.
  • Weapons that cause bleeding are very effective against the Demon Firesage (as well as the Asylum Demon and the Stray Demon), since it is fairly easy to hit him multiple times in rapid succession. The Lifehunt Scythe can bleed him every two hits (the second right after the first, two-handed), taking away a considerable chunk of his health bar. One thing to keep in mind when using the Lifehunt Scythe is to watch your own bleed build-up bar.

Simple close-range strategy

Dash directly at Firesage, blocking and dodging as necessary to get into close range. Once there, press up against his belly and stay there. As long as you are pressed directly against his front side, he will activate his flying drop attack 30% of the time. Being right up close to him vastly increases the chances of him using his flying attack. He will sometimes still use his explosion attacks, which can be very dangerous if he sets up an explosion behind you. Baiting his flying attacks is still the best strategy, but don't be lulled into a false sense of security.

Each time he flies into the air, step back a couple paces and block. As long as you are not directly under him when he drops you should block the attack with very minimal stamina loss. When he hits the ground, it will take him a few seconds to get back up and start moving. Take this opportunity to hit him with your weapon or spell of choice. Once he is standing again, move right back into position in front of him and he will do the attack again. Rinse and repeat until dead. With any 100% physical block shield, this strategy should ensure you win without ever taking damage.

Ranged Strategy

If you can get him lured toward you, you can get him stuck on a tree in one of the four corners. He will keep running at the tree non-stop. Simply pull out a ranged weapon and slowly eat away his health. This is a safe way to defeat this boss.
!WARNING! Sometimes it will appear when he is hooked onto the tree when he is not. So it is vital that you make sure he is hooked before firing away.

He can also get caught up trying to back away from you if you dodge his first attack. Walking around him while staying close after the initial attack prompted him to jump backwards, but he jumped directly into the corner and did not open up any distance. He kept trying to jump back, leaving him open to spells the entire time (and possibly increasing damage because he was hit during an evasion attempt?). He didn't attack until the very end after third or fourth failed jumps. This was NG+.

Melee Strategy

If you can get him stuck between the two middle branches with his back to the wall on the right hand side of the area, you can lock him into doing the floating drop attack over and over. Wait for him to land, do a jumping attack then step back, wash and repeat each time he floats and lands. This worked on NG+ with a Black Knight Greataxe

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