Demon Firesage


An ancient demon and the last master of the ancient fire arts. Looks like the Asylum Demon and the Stray Demon, except that its skin is on fire.


Demon Ruins
The second boss of the Demon Ruins, after the Ceaseless Discharge. His boss fog is right next to the shortcut tunnel leading to Lost Izalith, guarded by a Minor Taurus Demon and two Demonic Statues.


Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 5,448 20,000
NG+ 8,716 40,000
NG+2 9,529 (1,140*8+409) 42,801
NG+3 10,010 (910*11) 44,000
NG+6 11,216 50,000


Demon's Catalyst

Attack Patterns

  • Horizontal Swing - Swings his weapon horizontally, twice.
  • Vertical Smash - Powerful vertical smash (usually after it runs towards you). Blockable, but requires a shield with Heavy deflection to do so. Up to two smashes consecutively.
  • Leap Smash - Jumps towards player and smashes down vertically (when player is far away). This attack has great reach.
  • Magic Blast - Raises his weapon above his head, then smashes down creating a large explosion (dealing Magic damage, in spite of the appearance) surrounding the area of impact.
  • Ranged Magic Blast - Swings his weapon horizontally that does no damage, but creates a large explosion (also dealing Magic damage) in front of him.
  • Butt Slam - Flies upwards to turn and face the player, then stomps back down on the ground.


This boss is very similar to the Asylum Demon and practically identical to the Stray Demon, the strategy is much the same.

Dodging and Blocking

The safest place to be is almost directly behind him, his attacks will all miss apart from the magic blast. If you see him winding up this or the butt slam, run back a little way, wait for the danger to pass and resume attacking.

For a slightly riskier play, run right up against his front. He will nearly always use his butt slam attack allowing for large windows to attack, but beware if he uses anything else.

Note that Firesage starts at the other side of the room and is likely to use the leap slam attack as you approach. This attack is difficult to avoid as it lands slightly later than expected and tracks very well, so be sure not to roll too early.

If blocking, note that his magic blast attacks do not originate from Firesage but from the centre of the sphere, meaning you need to face that direction to successfully block it. This is mostly evident when he uses his ranged magic blast while you are in front of him as you will have to turn your back to block.


Any weapon type is capable of taking down Firesage, although all Black Knight weapons are particularly effective against demons so use one if you can.

His attacks are slow but heavy so ensure you do not get locked into a lengthy attack, leave enough time to run out of range or raise your shield.

If not blocking, two-hand your weapon for extra damage. If not using a heavy shield, blocking is entirely pointless so equip the Grass Crest Shield and have it on your back for the stamina regen.


Due to the nature of the map, a ranged battle is very dangerous. His leap and magic blast attacks are lethal to light builds and can cover most of the arena.

Use ranged attacks behind him at close range to reduce risk, he is slow enough to allow most attacks to land with time to dodge his next attack.


The arena is narrow and while it looks long, the range of Firesage doesn't leave much room for kiting. The branches littered about can also inhibit your movement, catching you while you try to run from an attack.

Firesage is also subject to this impairment, if you can lure him you can get him stuck on a tree in one of the four corners allowing you to take him down easily with ranged attacks.

Also, often after dodging an attack he will jump back attempting to put some distance between you, if he is already backed up against a wall he will repeatedly attempt to jump back and be vulnerable to ranged attacks. Note he may break out of this loop and attack.

Status Effects and Items

Bleed has a significant effect although not as strong as on other bosses. It is still a good tool for staggering him and allowing you to get additional hits in.

Toxic and Poison are possible to inflict but as the map is so enclosed there is no way to safely kite him around. Use only as additional damage.

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