Demon Ruins

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Bosses NPCs Notable Loot Enemies
Ceaseless Discharge
Demon Firesage
Centipede Demon
Solaire of Astora Chaos Flame Ember
Large Flame Ember
Gold-Hemmed Black Set
Orange Charred Ring
Egg carrier
Minor Capra Demon
Minor Taurus Demon
Burrowing Rockworm
Demonic Statue
Chaos Bug
Black Phantom Kirk Knight of Thorns1


The Demon Ruins lie beneath Lordran, beyond Quelaag's Domain. Writhing bodies and terrifying harbingers of death scatter the landscape of this lava-soaked hell.


Important Tips

  • Poison Arrows are very useful against nearly all the enemies inside, and will reduce Rockworms in particular to near death. Count on two or three arrows per enemy before the poison takes effect. Dung Pies will also work even better, causing a much stronger toxic effect.


Demon Ruins map

  1. Head over to the fog gate and towards Ceaseless Discharge who will ignore you at first. See his page for strategies.
  2. The magma will then harden, allowing you to cross it. On the newly-formed path there are two soul consumables to find, and the Chaos Flame Ember behind seven non-respawning Minor Taurus Demons in the middle of the furthest left pool of lava. See its page for obtaining, or you can come back later with the Orange Charred Ring.
  3. Taking a right from the lava field leads to a partially eroded stone stairway guarded by a single Minor Capra Demon. Dispatch him while being wary of his double-handed, overhead chop and being pushed off the edge.
  4. Proceed along the path. If you are in Human form (reverse hollowing) and have placed the Lordvessel on the Firelink Altar, you will be invaded by Black Phantom Kirk Knight of Thorns here.
  5. The stone ruin houses six Minor Capra Demons, be careful to only attract their attention one at a time. Alternatively, drop down the side towards the lower level with the bonfire (and skip the next step).
  6. Having cleared out the top level of Minor Capra Demons, proceed down the stairs and dispatch the first Demonic Statue. You can find two Green Titanite Shards below the left side of this stairway.
  7. The Burrowing Rockworm at the end of the balcony conceals a bonfire, so make sure to kill it (The bonfire will not appear unless you have killed Ceaseless Discharge); this is the last bonfire before the next boss. Ranged attacks are recommended, note it has a close-range attack that erodes your equipment.
  8. Proceed back along the balcony from the bonfire (kill the Demonic Statue again) and proceed down the giant staircase. There are four more Demonic Statues on the way down and a Minor Taurus Demon at the bottom, kill them all.
  9. A Burrowing Rockworm will emerge to your right; you can dispatch or ignore it. A plunging attack from the cliff above the worm will most likely kill it in one strike with a potent melee weapon. Make your way to the left, along the narrow precipice, eliminating the two Minor Taurus Demons.
  10. Take a left turn and proceed carefully; a single Burrowing Rockworm will ambush you from above. A little further along, four more will cage you in; eliminate them carefully preferably with a ranged attack (none of them can hit you if you stand next to the ornament between the two pillars on the left), and proceed to collect the Large Flame Ember. After receiving the Ember, you may fight the worms to get back or use a homeward bone to return to your last rested bonfire.
  11. Return to the bottom of the giant staircase and head up towards the doorway. Take a right just before it to pick up a Soul of a Brave Warrior behind a Minor Capra Demon, then proceed to Lost Izalith (if it is blocked by orange fog you need to place the Lordvessel). The white fog gate leads to the Demon Firesage boss, but if you are following Solaire of Astora's quest proceed right through the tunnel (see Solaire's page for instructions) and come back when done.
  12. Beyond the Demon Firesage is a staircase. At the top is an elevator that connects to Quelaag's Domain. At the bottom are another bonfire and the fog gate leading to the Centipede Demon which will drop the Orange Charred Ring.
  13. You might wish to backtrack to obtain the Chaos Flame Ember if you didn't pick it up earlier.
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