Dragon Eye


In Game Description

Online play item.
Find a player who has acquired a Dragon Scale
and invade that player's world to pillage it.
(Only Covenanter can use the item).

An art of the transcendent apostles who pray
to the ancient dragons. To be alive is to be
vulnerable, and the fiery Gods are no
exception. The apostles seek another plane
of existence, which transcends life.


Allows members of the Path of the Dragon covenant to lay a Dragon Soul Sign, in order to be summoned as a hostile Dragon Spirit in another player's world for PvP. The winner is awarded one Dragon Scale and Souls.

To create a summon sign with the Dragon Eye:

  • The player must be in the Path of the Dragon covenant (it doesn't matter if they are in human form or not)

To see a summon sign created by others using a Dragon Eye:

  • The host player needs to be in human form (reverse-hollowed)
  • The host's area boss must still be alive
  • The host player may not have another invader or summoned phantoms already active in the world. Even if another player is attempting to invade, the Dragon Soul Sign will disappear. As such, using the Dragon Eye in a high-traffic area may be detrimental to actually being summoned.


Join the Path of the Dragon covenant by talking to the Stone Dragon in Ash Lake

Online Matchmaking

  • The Dragon Soul Sign appears to other players within co-op range.
  • Co-op range calculation: Your Level, +/- (10 + 10% of Your Level). This means a level 100 player using a Dragon Eye can have their sign found by others who are between the levels of 80 to 120.


When a player uses the Dragon Eye, the resulting message says that you are searching for someone who has a Dragon Scale. However, this is not actually a requirement. The targeted players will be able to see the summon sign if the listed requirements above are met.

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