Dragon Scale


In Game Description

Dragon scale for reinforcing dragon weapons.
Peeled from an ancient dragon.

A dragon is inseparable from its scales,
and the transcendent apostles, who seek
the perpetuity of the ancient dragons,
have crossed the very end of the earth
to seek this invaluable treasure.




It is a common misconception that having at least one in the inventory is required to enable duels between Path of the Dragon covenanters using Dragon Eye. Whether a player possesses a Dragon Scale or not makes no difference.

Drakes seem to have a 5% chance of dropping a dragon scale. This means that with maximum item discovery (410), one can expect to get 80 dragon scales after killing 390±39 drakes. Therefore, expect to kill anywhere from 351 to 429 drakes if you want to get rank 3 in the Path of the Dragon Covenant offline.

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