Dragon Slayer Ornstein & Executioner Smough


Ornstein is the captain of the Four Knights of Gwyn, and presumably, the leader of Gwyn's knights. To slay the dragons, he wields lightning power and imbues his Dragonslayer Spear with it. Even though he's larger than a human, he's agile, able to zip around the arena easily, skewering you with his spear.

Smough is the royal executioner of Anor Londo. He longs to be ranked with the Four Knights, but his cruelty, including using his victim's bone as his food's seasoning, forever denied the position.

This boss fight has two stages, depending on whom you defeat first.

If you defeated Smough first, Ornstein will pray and absorbs Smough's power, becoming twice his size while retaining his lightning power and speed. If you defeated Ornstein first, Smough will simply kill the dragonslayer himself with his hammer and imbues it with Ornstein's lightning power.


Anor Londo
In the room next to the hall where the Royal Sentinels are.

Playthrough Ornstein HP Smough HP Super Ornstein HP Super Smough HP Souls
New Game 1,642 2,646 2,981 4,094 50,000
NG+ 2,871 4,630 ~5,200 ~5,900 150,000
NG+6 3,588 5,787 - - 187,500



Solaire of Astora
At the room with the Royal Sentinels, on the top of the first set of stairs near where the Silver Knight archer is.


Bug Notes

  • Possible PS3/Xbox 360 glitch - there appears to be a bug on the PS3 version. If you summon Solaire of Astora and run through the fog wall (he has materialized in the world, and is following you in the previous room but hasn't caught up with you yet) then sprint further into the room (say you were trying to recover souls from a previous attempt) Solaire will not follow you into the boss area. The bosses will both focus on you making the fight much harder. Solaire may never appeared in the room, but during the fight the message "The phantom Solaire of Astora has been vanquished" appears. Even though the previous room had been cleared out of all enemies.
  • Be aware of fighting Ornstein in Phase 2 near any of the Fog Walls in the room. If he performs a jumping attack, he may clip through the wall.

*If super ornstein uses his lightning stab attack on 2 players it will negate all damage done

Weakness & Resistance

Weakness Resistance
Ornstein Fire, Occult Lightning
Smough Lightning Fire

Attack Patterns


  • Homing Lightning bolt - He will charge the bolt over his head and shoot a bolt that moves very slowly and homes in very well. Do a lateral roll just before impact or hide behind pillar. The damage happens roughly when the middle of the bolt hits you and not the spear's tip.
  • Lightning Bolt - He will charge the bolt at waist level and shoot a bolt that moves straight, does less damage, and is much quicker. Dodge similarly to any other projectile attack arrow or hide behind pillar.
  • Lightning Lunge - This move looks nearly identical to the aforementioned quick lightning bolt move when he is preparing to use it, at waist level. When he lunges and stabs you with his lightning spear, dodge laterally.
  • Charging Stab - Very similar to the lightning lunge, however this goes much farther and homes in. It is best to block this hit with your shield and counter-attack (situation allowing of course). Alternatively, you can simply dodge laterally. With this move Ornstein will move across the room very quickly, and can cause your lock-on to be lost.
  • Lunge - Basically a short range version of the above attack which he uses when you are mid-close range away.
  • Various spear attacks - Ornstein also has various spear attacks, which are similar to an enemy wielding a large two-handed weapon: big left to right and thrusting attacks. He is vulnerable at this time, assuming you can dodge/block his attacks, and Smough isn't harassing you.

Additional second phase attacks:

  • Lightning Stab Attack - At close range, Ornstein will charge his spear with lightning and stab you with it. If hit, he will skewer you, lift you up, and shock you with lightning.
  • Butt Slam - Similar to Smough's, this lightning-charged butt slam has high damage and AoE range.


  • Left to right Hammer Swing - He will only use this while you are very close. This attack will miss you while you are very close to him as he will smash right past you.
  • Vertical Hammer Smash - Smough generally uses this move when you are mid-range away from him. Simply take a couple steps backwards or sideways. Alternatively you can hug up to him to avoid the attack much like his double swing.
  • Charge Attack - He will run at you with his hammer prone, and swing upward sending you flying if you are caught. Sometimes for unknown reasons he will chase you much farther than usual. Backpedaling and then dodging backwards as he begins his swing can reliably avoid this at most ranges. It may also be blocked by the surrounding pillars.
  • Butt Slam - Similar with the Asylum Demon's butt slam. The biggest difference is the increased range. The damage is vast but quickly diminishes with distance. A few steps back nullifies the damage completely. In the second phase of the fight, this butt slam will be charged with lightning, adding massive damage and AoE range, similar to super Ornstein's.


  • Both boss starts the second phase fully healed so you either kill Ornstein first, or you kill Smough first. Even if you manage to kill Ornstein and Smough simultaneously in the first phase, the second phase will start regardless. The second boss will be the one you kill microseconds earlier, so it may seemed random.
  • Pillars are your best friend. Ornstein cannot dash through the pillars effectively, nor can he shoot lightning bolts through them, and Smough will run into them and get stuck. The absolute best time to use your Estus Flask is with a pillar between you and them. Pillars are hardly effective against phase 2 Ornstein though. As, if you're nearby the pillar, often Ornstein's spear will go straight through the pillar and hit you. Ornstein can also occasionally dash straight over the pillars.
  • If you get overwhelmed and your guard is getting crushed, the best thing to do is to simply roll away from them and sprint very far away with your camera facing them. Ornstein will likely do his homing lunge attack when you flee like this, but a trick that will help with that is to hold your shield up as your running and lock on to him; your character will instantly turn around and block, and you may be able to get a hit or two off.
  • Summon Solaire of Astora, and if you can another online buddy. It splits up the pair of them, meaning you can just focus on the one you want to kill first. With a good weapon the first part is over in minutes, and the NPC should then be able to help you out with the second. You can either employ ranged combat or the pillar strategy outlined below if you are having trouble with the second stage. Thought this should be added somewhere because no-one really mentions the benefits of having the NPC phantom (plus on-line people if you can). Solaire is actually fairly tough, and strong enough to solo Ornstein. In a one-on-one he will most likely kill Ornstein, with a good amount of health left for spare (confirmed in NG+), when your hands are still full with Smough. Solaire usually gets fixated on Ornstein because Ornstein is fast and always gets close to the player before Smough could even make a 360-degree roll on the ground, which, for some reason, seems to make Solaire so annoyed that he just has to make sure that Ornstein keeps a distance from the player. As a result, if you are determined to kill Ornstein last, make sure you can kill Smough before Solaire does Ornstein. If you are lucky enough, Solaire might change target to Smough if he is nearby, and that makes killing Smough very easy (unless you want to just stand by and watch the bosses ganging upon your Solaire).
  • Also, if Solaire is helping with the fight, and you can safely fight Smough in a solo, a weapon that causes bleed is fairly effective against him. At close range and in a one-on-one fight, it becomes much easier to hit Smough multiple times in a short period of time, therefore triggering multiple bleedings. A well-upgraded katana (+10 Normal or +5 Enchanted) will make a decent choice, although it might not be as effective against Ornstein (normal mode or super mode).

Strategies for killing Ornstein First (Easier)


Whenever Ornstein is far away from Smough (generally after his lance charge), you can get a couple of shots in. Don't get too bold!

Smough is no longer fragile once you have defeated Ornstein. His defenses go up and his HP seems to just about double. Simply stay mid-range from him and he will do his charging uppercut attack. Simply shoot him in the face. Dodge his two-handed overhead smash, dodging forward and to the side and then to punish him before he recovers. A directly sideways dodge may take some lightning damage. His horizontal attacks are more dangerous, since they can be single swipes or part of a chain.

Gravelord Sword Melee

Used a Gravelord Sword +5 , a Knight Shield +5 and only the Mask of the Child. Wear no armor because you need some maximum speed.
Run towards Smough and wait for his vertical hammer smash, dodge roll towards Ornstein and block immediately. Ornstein will do just one or none attack, hit him once with the Gravelord Sword and dodge roll backwards twice opposite of Smough and run to other side of the room. Just repeat this as Smough won't use his charge attack if you're running towards him.
When Ornstein defeated, Smough wouldn't be so hard. Without any armor (except for mask) dodging and outrunning his attacks wouldn't be a problem, also his butt smash could be evaded by two or three dodge rolls. Remember, being agile and fast is a very good counter against these bosses.


At least 4 attunement slots. Remember you can use the Darkmoon Seance Ring.

You'll also want a high damage weapon and the heaviest physical (specifically strike) mitigation you can carry below 50% low (remember Havel's Ring!). A large Fire Club +10 is ideal

  1. When you first enter the mist dash to the left or right behind a pillar and immediately cast Iron Flesh
  2. Switch to your weapon, hold it two handed, lock on to Ornstein (who should have charged you by now) and start to beat him in relentlessly. The idea is that if you can keep him engaged in close combat, he won't attempt a lightning lance, which is the only thing at this stage which will deal significant damage through your iron flesh. Remember that R2 jump attacks are still possible in Iron flesh if you need to close the distance to him.
  3. If you need to, pop a flask or two. You should be able to get him down within the length of one Iron Flesh. If not, roll away as soon as it expires, find a pillar and recast it.
  4. Once Ornstein is dead, Smough just takes patience. Switch to your fire spells and position yourself in front of him in a medium range. He has two vertical swipes, both of which you should be able to roll to the side of and immediately cast off a fireball. You can also time a fireball while moving backwards when he attempts a charging swipe, though this is more dangerous.
  5. If you get hit and need to heal, hide behind a pillar to do so.
  6. With patience, (carefully selecting to cast fireballs only after vertical attacks) Smough should give you minimal trouble even in his ascended form.

Simple Circle Strategy

Recommended gear:

None of this is vital, but the lightning attacks are generally your biggest problem, and you want to use weapons that exploit Ornstein and Smough's respective weaknesses. Keep in mind that if you run out of Pyromancies, you'll have to finish Ornstein off with whatever lightning weapon you brought for Smough.

Kill Ornstein
While both are alive, you need to keep them close together so that you can always see what they are both doing. Never try to separate Ornstein completely to spam attacks on him - Smough will smash you from off screen. The best way to do this, once you've gotten out of the way of Ornstein's initial dash attack, is to circle backwards around the four pillars in the far end of the room (i.e. closer to the two small fog gates.) They will walk after you, with Ornstein launching attacks at intervals. Use the openings as he recovers from those to counter - he's vulnerable to fire, so fire weapons and pyromancies work best. Great Chaos Fireball does massive damage to him. Only counter if you're out of Smough's range and you can strike immediately - if you've been knocked back too far and have to run or roll forward first, chances are by the time you get to Ornstein, he'll have recovered and can counter or prevent your attack altogether. If you stick to the four pillars next to the small fog gates, there should always be enough space behind you so you can't get cornered and stun-locked, and you can use the pillars to get Smough caught and separate him from Ornstein without running the risk of being attacked from off camera. Keep repeating this until Ornstein's dead - it's slow, but it's simple and relatively safe. If you use Pyromancy, just make sure you actually hit him so you don't run out before he's dead.

Kill Smough
This is the easy part. Smough will typically try to walk straight towards you, so just get one of the pillars between you and him. He'll launch all his usual attacks, and they can hurt you through the pillar, so stay out of range and/or keep your shield up. The pillar will stop his charge attack, so you're safe. He'll also circle around the pillar, just circle in the same direction and keep it locked on him. After his leaping vertical strike, there's ample time to hit him; he's vulnerable to lightning, so lightning spears or the Demon Spear work best because of their long reach. Double-hand, strike once, immediately roll away. You can also roll up to him as he executes the standing vertical hammer smash - if you're right in front of him, slightly to his left (your right), the horizontal swing he sometimes follows it up with won't hit you. This will take some patience, but it's easy and practically impossible to make mistakes.

Strategies for killing Smough first - (Harder)

The advantage of killing Smough first is that it is very easy and quick. Physically, he takes about 50% more damage than Ornstein and is much easier to hit. As long as you keep an eye on Ornstein, Smough will make himself available to attack. It should not take much practice to take this beast down, but that is not the hard phase of the fight, so I will get right down to business.


Recommended Equipment:

Kill Smough
Equip the Lightning Spear and keep your shield up as you pass through the gate. 90% of the time, Ornstein will start the fight by doing either his standard dash attack, or his super jump-and-smash attack. Either way, make sure you lock onto him as he approaches and block whatever he does.

As a general rule, you should be able to defeat Smough easily even in a head-on fight so long as you keep the following two things in mind:

  1. Even though you're attacking Smough, keep your lock on Ornstein. His dash and jump attacks have the potential to hit you even when he's far away and sometimes, if he dashes into an obstruction (or Smough), his dash will shoot wildly off to the side and he will fly around the stage at super speed tracking you until he finally hits you. This is extremely random and hard to block if he's not already locked on. By contrast, Smough's attacks are predictable, easily avoided, and most importantly, easy to see even if you're not locked on.
  2. Only attack when Smough is between you and Ornstein. Ornstein's range is bigger than it looks, even if he appears to be far away he can still tag you and if he happens to be behind you or to the side, he may slip past your guard. This especially sucks because if Smough hits you while Ornstein has you staggered, you will probably die instantly. This can be avoided if you just stay locked on to Ornstein. At any rate, to hit Smough while locked on to Ornstein he needs to be between the two of you anyway. Also, Smough will body block some of Ornstein's attacks, such as his stab combos and his jumping stab.

This part of the fight is easy so long as you constantly maneuver to keep Smough between you and Ornstein for the reasons stated above. When Smough's health is low, though, he will start hopping around, so you'll have to be a little proactive. There are two ways to go about keeping positioning:

With Ornstein in front of you and Smough to the side, move towards Smough and bait his attack. If he does anything other than his charge-and-lift attack, roll through it towards him. 90% of the time this will put him between you and Ornstein and give you plenty of time to attack. Easy and fast, albeit a bit riskier.

If the two are close together and both in front of you, keep backpedaling until they both collide into one of the pillars. If the pillar is directly between you and the two of them, usually they will split up and each will go to one side of the pillar. While they're still on the other side, however, just move towards whichever side Smough is on and Ornstein will attempt to follow, but end up being body blocked by Smough.

Once Smough is between you and Ornstein, you can pretty much forget about Ornstein unless he does his lightning spear toss attack. If you see him charging it up, avoid it and wait for your next chance. Otherwise, move towards Smough to bait his attack, and then roll backwards. If you do this, he cannot hit you no matter what move he does, so after he whiffs, sprint forward, put your shield up (this is important because you will likely get hit by Ornstein while doing this), then do 1-2 while-guarding spear attacks. Since Ornstein probably hit your guard while you were doing this (he can reach you even through Smough), roll backwards and regen your stamina, then repeat until you lose your positioning (either Smough jumped away, or Ornstein did an attack that moved him past). With the Lightning Spear, you should be hitting for about 150 per attack, so Smough should be dead in 5-6 repetitions. If you need to heal, just back up until there's a pillar between you and the duo, and use a flask. That was the easy part anyway

Kill Giant Ornstein

This is the fun part that everyone loves. It helps if, right after you kill Smough, you roll backwards and chug an Estus Flask (assuming you're injured at all) before the cut scene starts. The important thing is to make sure you're always at 100% health while fighting giant Ornstein, even if the damage is only a small chunk of your health bar. Once the cut scene is over, Ornstein will end up back where he and Smough were at the beginning of the fight, regardless of where he was when you killed Smough.

Unless you are far from him, 90% of the time he will start with either his lightning spear toss or a jumping attack. Roll through whatever he does and sprint towards him. Despite being huge, most of his attacks are still blockable (except for the lightning impale, butt drop, and jumping smash), so you can keep your shield up to be safe if you want, although you should probably be rolling his attacks instead. Once you are right underneath him, switch to your sword (you can go 2h for more damage if you want, you don't need to block while under him) and start attacking conservatively if you think you have enough time to fit a slash in.

Reasonably safe melee (No rolling) Ornstein's attacks don't appear to track the player very well if the player hugs up to him and strafes around to the side a lot. Ornstein will not hit you very often if you keeping circling him. The attacks that you will need to be the most worried about are the buttslam, the lightning spear grab (shouldn't hit you if you're close enough), and the attack where Ornstein spins around with his spear and leaps back to gain distance from the player.

Safe bow strategy Another strategy is to have Ornstein far away from you enough so that he can throw his lightning spear attacks. While he does that, get behind a pillar to block the spear. When you are safe, take out your bow. Find a nice safe spot to aim and fire. You may need a lot of arrows for this to work and Smough may help by destroying the pillars and give you a clearer view of Ornstein. Keep an eye on Ornstein as he will slowly get closer to you with each spear throw. If he gets close he will try to attack you and it may harm you if you don't dodge in time. If he gets close just dodge around the pillar till it is safe to go to the other side. Then rinse and repeat till he dies.

Playing safe

Just play safe. Wear the heaviest armor you can equip (below 50%) and a strong stable shield like an upgraded Eagle Shield. Keep your shield up and once you're certain he stopped attacking, hit him once or twice, but no more. You still need to give yourself time to dodge his unblockable lightning stab. When you see him doing that, just walk back and roll away. Increased stamina regen (Cloranthy Ring, Green Blossom, but not Grass Crest Shield) will also help greatly. Having lots of stamina in general also helps.

Give Ornstein plenty of space, and try not to make him back against a wall. Circling him will eventually cause his slower attacks to miss, which equals to 2-3, maybe even 4 free hits. Just make sure you have enough stamina to roll away.

Always have enough health to survive one attack. If you need to heal, make sure he's not already trying to attack you, or you'll end up wasting a flask, or even die. Block whatever he's throwing at you, take cover behind a pillar, and heal up.

Toxic method

Make sure you have about 15+ Dung Pies on hand. Keep a good distance and hit them with about 4-5 to put them in toxic. Be warned that Ornstein can easily dodge this so ensure you time each throw so you don't waste any. The toxic will kill them without you even having to attack once. After one of them dies and you move on to the super form, just repeat the strategy. This strategy works regardless of whom you kill first.

Mage Strategy NG+


  • Soul spear/Crystal Soul Spear
  • Homing Soulmass/Crystal Homing Soulmass
  • Best catalyst besides Tin crystallization catalyst

Ornstein and Smough tend to dodge magic attacks, especially Ornstein, but this strategy will help you kill them with spells only. First, you'll need to know how long it takes after casting for Homing Soulmass to fire. Once you do, you can use these tips. Cast Soulmass and wait for the moment that it is just about to fire and cast soul spear. If you time it right, the soul spear should be BEHIND soulmass, so that if Ornstein dodges the soulmass, he will still get hit by Soul Spear. Remember, you have to cast soul spear just before or during the time the Soulmasses fire after Ornstein. Logan's catalyst is preferable over Tin Crystallization Catalyst because this could take several attempts to master. If you still hopefully have leftover spells, any of the four spells will make short work of Smough.

Pure Dodging

Video: Dodging Ornstein & Smough

  • It is possible to dodge everything these two guys throw at you without lock-on, by rolling and running around, baiting their attacks. Using lock-on occasionally is fine, but it is best just to go without it, since sprinting and rolling are much easier and more effective when you are not locking on anyone. The advantage of this "strategy", is that you will not have to worry about blocking anything, when to raise or when to drop your shield, or where to face your character when blocking, etc. You will also have more freedom of movement, and experience a more fast-paced fight. Most importantly, with this approach you can two-hand your weapon, increasing its damage output as well as its poise-breaking score, which is a very important factor since it becomes easier to stagger the bosses. Also, after spending enough time with this approach, when you get back to the classic "sword and shield" style, you will likely find the fight much, much easier.
  • Recommended Equipment:
  1. Weapons: any fast weapon which gives a good damage against this duo. Occult straight swords or katanas are good choices, as well as many weapons mentioned in above strategies (Quelaag's Furysword and the spears). Slow weapons are not entirely inadvisable; they are just trickier to use, and they also increase the risk of taking hits. The Lifehunt Scythe turns out to work fairly well, despite its slow standard attacks, because its running attack is very fast and also makes you jump forward a bit, which helps greatly with gap-closing, or, if used well, even distancing yourself from the bosses after you score a hit. Considering you have to remain almost static when performing a running attack with most other weapons, this is actually an advantage. The horizontal swing also creates a very wide arc, which almost guarantees a hit even without aiming a lot. Additionally, the Scythe can trigger bleeding on the bosses, dealing great damage. Quelaag's Furysword works wonders with these guys - very fast, very damaging (a +5 Quelaag's Furysword still wrecks havoc with these guys on NG++, without any Humanity). On NG, a +10 Balder Side Sword (with STR and DEX around 16-ish) is good enough for this fight. Some other choices: Black Knight Sword, Gravelord Sword, Velka's Rapier, Titanite Catch Pole, Silver Knight Straight Sword, Silver Knight Spear, Gargoyle Tail Axe. On NG, the Drake Sword works just fine, especially if your STR and DEX are not high, although Smough may laugh at you and say "Hey look Orny, that guy is still using the Drake Sword!" Just ignore him and show them who's the real boss in the room.
  2. Armor: since our goal is to dodge everything, which means we are not thinking about getting hit, any armor is just about as good as no armor at all. Keep in mind, however, you have to keep your encumbrance at 25% or lower, or it will become very hard (probably more like near impossible) for this plan to work. You are not going to dodge these guys when you are fat-rolling! Secondly, you still need your pants, because you have to show these guys some respect! The Mask of the Child is very helpful if you have it.
  3. Rings: best choices for rings are Havel's Ring and the Cloranthy Ring. If you can already fast roll without Havel's Ring, the Dark Wood Grain Ring is a good replacement, although this ring could be considered a minor "cheat". This ring, however, makes the fight a whole lot more amazing. You will become the ultimate ninja who cartwheel flips all over the place, dodging everything the two guys throw at you, hitting them back at the same time before backflipping away again, and all the while their huge weapons just keep swinging around you, missing your head by inches. In short, the fight will feel more like an action movie, provided you don't go down too early. The Calamity Ring is also an option to consider, if you feel confident enough!
  4. Shields: since you are not blocking anything anyway, a shield might seem redundant. However, if you have the Grass Crest Shield, you should still have it on your back to get a great stamina recovery boost, which is invaluable. If you do not have it, just empty your shield slots entirely to keep your encumbrance down.
  • Generally speaking, it is safest never to attempt an attack on a boss if you don't see the other boss and don't know what he's doing. If you do take the risk, sometimes you will be fine and will walk away from it since the other boss happens to be taking a stroll when you are beating his buddy and ignoring your crime for a few seconds, but other times you will have to pay for it. If you don't invest a whole lot in your health and are in NG+ and beyond, taking the risk of getting hit becomes a very bad idea since these bosses can send you back to your last rested bonfire (most likely the one next to Solaire) very quickly, or even instantly with one single strike.
  • Never stay close to Ornstein. While this seems obvious, "close" means within his spear range, which is actually pretty long. If you see him simply walking, then it is a chance to attempt an attack on Smough by running toward him (but still watch out if you are getting close to Ornstein). If you see Ornstein running toward you, then he is trying to initiate an attack. Let him get close, or move toward him, so that he will start his attack. Immediately run (or roll) away when he does. If it is his 3- or 4-swing combo, it means he will be busy swinging his weapon and you have a chance to attack Smough. If it is a jumping strike, roll away. Since you are maintaining a distance, it should not be too hard to dodge it. The trick is to notice when Ornstein stops his chains of swings (because you are already out of his range).
  • Staying far away from Ornstein might also cause him to use his lightning shots. This is a chance to attempt an attack on Smough. The thing with Smough is, if you just run straight at him, most of his attacks will easily miss without you doing much. Unless it is his charge attack (where he presses his hammer on the ground and charge at you), it is very easy to dodge his swings or his jumping smash with one simple roll (or even just by sprinting). Keep hugging him and he will eventually use his butt-slam attack. When he does, turn to Ornstein, bait him doing some attack, then turn back to Smough and strike away. Sometimes you can bait Smough's butt-slam several times consecutively.
  • Take advantage of the pillars just like outlined in the above strategies when you need to heal or to plan your next move.
  • Ornstein has a charge attack which seems to actually have two variations. One is where he only dashes forward for a very short distance, and there is no tracking. This one will most likely miss. The second variation is the one where he rotates the spear in his hand while crouching. Unlike the first variation, this one has a very long range (pretty much across the entire room), and it tracks your position. The tracking seems to cause him to move in a rather weird way whenever you are not in his line of sight (either Smough or a pillar is blocking his view). You will notice him dashing forward a bit, then he just continues walking, and then dashes again. This might repeat until he has a clearer sight of you, and then he charges straight at you. This move is fairly hard to predict, and sometimes even quite random. Your best bet is to keep close watch on this move, stay behind a pilar, and be ready to dodge it. It is only hard to tell in what direction his charge will be when he is still in his "stuck" state. Once the charge is set, however, it becomes a fairly straight line and therefore not too hard to dodge. Do not try to attack Smough when Ornstein has not finished his charge.
  • Depending on which boss you want to take out first, you will have to position yourself differently. Generally, the steps mentioned in above strategies apply, e.g. keeping Smough between you and Ornstein if you want to kill Smough first, etc. The difference is instead of blocking something, you will have to roll and dodge it instead. Which direction to roll or where to stand to avoid which attack is not much different from that mentioned in above strategies.
  • This approach will most likely take a lot of patience and a lot of retries, since you will have to understand the behaviors of both bosses very well. You will need to figure out all of their attacks as well as how to dodge each of them, and also be able to predict their next attack. Baiting their attacks and occasionally being able to manipulate their positioning can help a lot. The important things are to keep control all the time and to be patient; never get "greedy" and try to get in more hits than you should (Dark Souls has its way of punishing you for that).
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